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Happy Birthday Nina!!!


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happy birthday nina!!!

i hope you'll have a fabulous day with all your loved ones!!!

so here's my birthday song for you:

happy birthday to youou

happy birthday to yououou

happy birthdy dear niiinaaaaaaaaaa

happy birthday to youououououououououououououou

hope my singing reaches you!

also, i like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for everything you're doing for us. although you are stuck with the pots and several other issues, not to mention that you live life at the utmost, you also make time for all of us. i really admire you for your spirit and very much like the way you always behold your humour. i wanted to say so today!!!


corina :)

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Guest tearose

Happy Birthday Nina!

I will eat something sweet to help you celebrate.

I hope you do something good for yourself today and have a new year filled with good things.

best regards,


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happy happy birthday to the coolest mouse there is!!! i hope your recent infection realizes that it is NOT a welcome birthday guest & thus that you're feeling at least a bit better than you have been. and if you couldn't squeeze it in during your busy middle-of-the week schedules i hope that you & teri have something special planned for the coming weekend to celebrate your special day. and perhaps some special gluten-free treats from mr. ritt's? or whatever your heart desires ;)

all the best wishes for your birthday & the year to come...

:) melissa & czar

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Thanks everyone, you make me feel so happy to be here.

Teri's away in South Beach (lucky lizard!). There were two cards for me this am, one from T and of course one from the kitties. Wilbur, the grand pooh bah of kittens, has been keeping me entertained today. Got lots of emails and a few phone calls. My mom's email made me cry.

As for how I'm doing--I'm tired but holding on. I called out sick yesterday and finally got through to my regular doc, not the one who I saw on Nov 6. She didn't even make me come in, but instantly called me in some prescription meds. I'm on a sulfa based antibiotic, and my stomach doesn't like it, but tonight is the first time I'm starting not to feel awful, just tired and achy, which is certainly a better place than yesterday morning. Part of me is a bit mad at the covering doc for not taking me seriously or reading about how many times I've been through this before, but i do kind of understand that whole idea of not giving antibiotics at the first sign of illness b/c of all the resistant ailments. So, I guess my b'day present was an Rx this year :)

I did get a REAL present from Teri--I gps thing for my car, which will be awesome b/c with my new assignments to new districts this year, I've gotten lost more times than I will admit to here. Yesterday I spent some time plugging in the addresses and it will help me immensely and probably save me some gas money too b/c i wont be driving in circles.


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Happy Birthday Nina!! I hope you had a great day celebrating!!

Lisa :)

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