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Meds Question


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Hi all!

I picked my meds up today, and with the beta blocker was the insert again on if you take beta blockers you may want to take CoQ10 and Melatonin. So, I guess the beta blocker depletes them? Melatonin supplements we are supposed to avoid right? How about CoQ10? Any bad side effects or reasons not to take it? I need to ask my pharmacist. I have wanted to ask drs. but they are always so rushed and just want to discuss what they want to. Anyways, should I look into it?

Thanks for any help!

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Me again!

Okay, I forgot I had a couple of other questions I am currently taking a new multi-vitamin (which is easier on my stomach) and has more B-vitamins etc (is why I tried it).

Anyways, question is it has ginseng and gingko in it. Are both of those okay for people w/ POTS etc.????I should probably check on it with the meds too, but so far no issues, or really any changes.

Also, has anyone tried vitamin water?? I have recently started drinking it, I think it does help to a point. Since it doesn't have salt, I should probably start dumping a salt packet in it. I like the fact that there is no artificial sugar which is nice!

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Well, if you are female, ginseng is NOT a good thing.

It can stimulate estrogen production and long term use is NOT suggested in women, by any savvy Integrative thinking doc. Soy supplements can be terrible as well.

More stimulants under hidden names, or estrogen like properties in supplements NEEDS to be read and gone over in a fine toothed comb.

As fas as melatonin, it is safe for short term use in low doses. Longer term is not yet determined but it can affect the pituitary in some individuals. Do your homework if you do not trust your doctor or pharmacist. I have never heard of it interferring with beta blockers.

It can help reset circadium rhythms in some people but worse vivid dreaming or cause nightmares.

Opinions and mileage may vary from doctors as well all know, sadly. ;)

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That's interesting. I've noticed my sleep improves a LOT whenever I cut back on my beta blocker dose. I always thought it was the slight increase in blood pressure which helped me. I didn't realize about the melatonin. I did a search re: CoQ10 and there are a few preliminary studies that it helps with heart rhythm and angina...but I'm surprised that a pharmacy would actually recommend that you take it based upon that. I wouldn't mind trying it. but don't have the foggiest idea about which brand to buy and what dose to take.

I have always been afraid to drink vitamin water, since I take pretty strong multivites and don't want to accidentally OD. The same company makes smartwater and fruit water, which just have electrolytes.

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I've never heard about needing CoQ10 or Melatonin supplements while on a beta blocker. I'd check with your pharmacist and doctor. Maybe some people need them, but others don't.

I take 3mg of Melatonin each night. It is the only way I can get a halfways decent night sleep. I can't use most sleep medications due to side effects, but Melatonin has been great. I've read that it can increase orthostatic intolerance in some individulals, but it has not had this effect on me. If anything, it has improved my oi because I'm now getting better rest. I go to a sleep specialist who monitors all of this. She said that it would be fine for me to take Melatonin for years if that is what helps me. She has other patients who have done the same thing.

I don't know anything about ginseng and gingko. I'd ask your doc what he thinks.

I've never tried vitamin water. I take a multi vitamin every day, so I don't want to take in too many vitamins. I drink a glass of Gatorade every morning, and I keep Propel packets in my purse incase I need them while I'm out.


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My hubs has narcolepsy and if he takes gingko, it hypes him up so much, he can barely stand it. He hates the way it makes him feel. This is a guy who's been on high dose ritalin for many years! I would never take it for that reason....but that's all I know about it.

I don't take any supplements, as I have never found anything that doesn't make me throw up. My son does the Flinestones gummy bears and I can't even get those to stay down.

I only want to say one other thing. When working in a hospital many years ago, we lost two patients to acute onset kidney failure (they had sudden cardiac death from potassium imbalances) from "natural supplements" I only caution people to be very careful, as non regulated meds can be as lethal as some of the regulated ones. I wouldn't advise taking anything you don't know about, whether prescription or over the counter, without discussing it with your PCP first. They aren't all as traditional as many of us think and many do know quite a bit about homeopathic or supplementation type things. And many "traditional" doctors are not as opposed to these things as people think. Good luck....morgan

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I've never heard beta blockers requiring supplementation with melatonin or coenzyme Q - a supplement which, by the way, is very expensive. Regarding, ginseng and ginko, I would exercise caution with these as these are stimulants that can increase heart rate and blood pressure and cause palpitations in SOME people. This may not be the case for you, but still worth thinking about. Ginko is also a natural blood thinner and is not recommended for people on aspirin or those with a tendency to bleed.

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Hi! Thanks for ya'lls help!

I wanted to add a couple of things. Yeah, I had never been told by my drs about the beta blocker depleting CoQ10 and Melatonin, but I think every time I pick up my prescription from Kroger the insert has this thing explaining that if you take beta blockers these may be depleted and consider supplementation. I had just started to even ponder the idea, an had only planned to do it if it was highly recommended. I will try to remember to ask the pharmacist next time I am there.

As far as the multi-vitamin, like many I was just trying to find one that is easier on my stomach and has a lot (enough) of the B vitamins, because I know I tend to be depleted. So, I am trying this Centrum Energy one. I figured it should be cool, the only things I questioned were the ginsing and gingko. So, I really didn't figure there was even that much in there, it isn't like taking a whole pill of them. (So, maybe not the smartest, but it is a multi-vitamin). So, I figured I would give it a shot. So, yeah I am currently not sure on that whole topic.

But, yeah I agree to be very careful with supplements, I actually yell at my dad all the time on this! So, I do plan to try to talk with dr. and pharm. I was just wondering what you guys' experience had been. The only supplement I take is the multivitamin, before starting anything else I do plan to talk with pharmacist.

For the vitamin water, I actually tend to be bad at taking my vitamins (due to stomach upset). So, it was my way of trying to find a different form of supplementation. Also, they do not have a lot of many vitamins in there. The ones that are I think are the water soluble kind that if you take more than your body can use, you end up excreting it. So, I hadn't been particulary worried in ODing. Plus, all in all I really have only had like two bottles so far. :) Plus, they have electrolytes in them so I thought that would be useful. I don't always know the best thing and just kind of dabble in different things to see what may work/help.

Thanks for your help! If you have any other help, please keep it coming! :P

Happy Weekend! B)

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Most ALL commercial vitamins you see advertised including most aimed at Children and (One A Day, Centrum) have YEAST in the vitamins, This can cause nausea or burping up of the pill. Kids with digestive issues need to get Nature's Brand or whatever it is at Kroger. Just READ the labels.

I always get YEAST free vitamins and no problem. There are bargain brands at Kroger and other stores that come with no additives, no gluten, no soy (also can cause stomach UPSET) no yeast. Walmart vitamins CARRY yeast, soy and other additives. At least the ones here. The vitamins fit for autistic kids are a good choice and again, do NOT need to be over priced stuff.

You do not have to pay BIG BUCKS for additive FREE good vitamins. Many decades ago I could never do 'most' vitamins as they all made me sick. I also never get the ones coated with a hard shell.

YEAST and soy free can often fix the problem. Yeast is usually used in the B complex part I think.

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I get twinlab supplements. They are hypoallergenic and come in capsules, which are easier to digest. They are yeast, dairy, gluten, etc. free.

I started taking coq-10 a little while back to help prevent migraines. I can't tell you if it helps migraines. BUT, I have noticed I have significantly more energy. If I overdo it, I bounce back a lot faster and do not crash and burn anymore. Am I sure it's the coq-10? No, but I do feel different enough that I'll keep taking it, since I don't know that anything else is different. It is expensive. I take 60mgs 2x a day. And I'm not on a beta-blocker or any med that would "deplete" coq-10.

Other than that I take:





vit D

vit C


glucosamine (both for my joints)


allegra, singulair daily; as needed: ibuprofen, pepcid, tigan, darvocet, benadryl

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Wow! More great info! Thanks!

Oh, yeah before I forgot to say yes I am female :P , and interesting on the whole estrogen thing.

Mkoven, so do you take a multi-vitamin and those, or take everything seperately?

The melatonin thing I got from POTS place things to avoid, and that sometimes it makes people feel worse. Now that I know more people take it, I may try asking my doc about it.

I also think I will end up stopping that other multi-vitamin, I will have to find someone to give all these things I try and dont work out to... :lol:

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I'm always sceptical about anything that is advertised in a pharmacy pamphlet (the proper drug information sheets are fine). After all running a pharmacy is running a business and selling expensive supplements like Co-enzyme Q10 probably makes a nice profit for them. I would always ask a pharmacist and a doctor for advice before starting any OTC meds or supplements other than a simple standard-dose multivitamin.

Just my thoughts,


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