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What Allergies Do You Have?

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I am curious as to what allergies most of us have. I have read in several places that people with POTS tend to have allergies...common, unusual (mostly to foods), drugs, etc.

I personally am allergic to peanuts (very common in general pop, not pots related), bee stings (again I think general pop), and codeine. I haven't taken very many drugs to know other sensitivities to those.

I do know I have a dairy intolerance to certain dairy. Skim milk is fine. Some cheese is fine. Other cheeses, certain yogurts, some ice creams, etc make me very mucusy and have me clearing my throat for hours (much to my fiance's delight lol :blink:).

So...what are you allergic to?

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I have hayfever so react to pollens - grass, tree, nettle and weed I think (I've not been tested but I have symptoms from April to October so from the pollen calendar it must be all of them). I also think that I must be allergic to mould or house dust mite as even in the middle of winter I still need antihistamines daily.

Food wise I have self diagnosed "oral allergy syndrome" as I get tingly swollen tongue and lips after eating kiwis, melon, apple, peach, nectarine and fresh pineapple!

Also if I get insect bites I usually get huge angry wheals (5cm across) despite already being on antihistamines.

Not exactly an allergy but I have a form of urticaria called dermographism (literally "skin writing") - if you scratch my skin it comes up in red wheals that itch. When I was a kid I used to play naughts and crosses by drawing the board on my leg!

I do react a bit to dairy products, ie I seem more mucousy and have worse asthma when I have them. I did go totally dairy free for 2 years but decided that the hassle wasn't worth the benefits so I just put up with the congestion now.

I've probably forgotten a few but I think that's enough to list for now.


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I seem to become allergic or sensitive to something else every few weeks. This is my current list.

Asthma, eczema. hayfever, allergic rhinitis.



Hair dyes (mainly ammonia and hydrogen peroxide).

Penicillin (and lots of other antibiotics too)

Can not take anti depressants nor beta blockers (that's more of an intolerance rather than allergy though)

Lactose intolerant.

Some perfumes.

Spray on deodorants/anti-antiperspirant.

Bleach and other strong chemical cleaners.


Some air fresheners/plug in air fresheners.

Some scented candles.

Fake tan.

Hair removing cream.

Fabric conditioner.

Some adhesive plasters/tapes.

(Probably forgotten a few things!)

Oh and a few weeks ago, my latest allergy became printing inks! I now have to sit in bed, looking like an idiot while reading anything because I have to wear gloves! Otherwise my palms swell up, get intensely itchy, red, burning, blisters and veins stick out looking like they'll burst out of the skin. What makes it twice as bad is I already have pustular psoriasis on hands (auto-immune thing) so it's very, very sore.

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Oh man! I have the usual pollen, mold, and dust allergies. Pollen is BAD. I'm also allergic to most non-human mammals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses). Too many fruits and vegetables to list, peanuts, oysters, a middle-eastern spice called sumac (sp?), adhesives(surgical tape, ekg pads), iodine contrast, gadolinium, some 30 odd drugs.

I also have dermatographism, oral allergy syndrome, and even break out in hives when there's too much vibration, or when it's cold and I walk my legs get itchy and hivey.

I am on regular antihistamines, and carry benadryl for as-needed use. I have two epipens in my purse, as I"ve had some anaphylaxis--fortunately never needed.

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I'm allergic to erithromycin and codeine. I have environmental allergies like certain grasses and trees, pollens, mold and mildew, pet dander, dust, and Tide laundry detergent, lavender, biotone herbal massage cream (was a massage student and they used this). No food allergies discovered that I know of, though my sister and mom are both allergic to cucumbers, kiwi, and latex.

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Just to clarify from another's post: Gluten and casein are rarely allergies, rather it's more common to be intolerant of them--i.e. causes GI distress. That's different from allergy, where one would swell up, get hives and/or respiratory problems. I am dx'd with celiac, which is an intolerance to gluten (wheat, rye and barley in all forms including malt, beer, flours, pastas, breads, etc.). Repetitive exposure to these things in a person with celiac/sprue causes long term inflamation of the GI system and a high incidence of GI cancers.

My allergies are to:

most antibiotics








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I'm have seasonal allergies. For food I am allergic to chicken and turkey! Is that abnormal enough?!?! hahaha

other then that i am lactose intolerant, but seem to be able to digest processed dairy like yogurt cottage cheeses and cream cheese


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I definately fall into the abnormal category!!! I am officially allergic to nothing per skin testing. However, I get idiopathic hives frequently- to the point of anaphylaxisis several times. Pistachios, skin pricks from holly, sulfa drugs, various antibiotics, and stress (can you imagine?) are known triggers for me. I am currently being treated for mast cell activation disorder. Since starting treatment, my chronic nausea, headaches, fatigue, HR and BP variability are much better. My BP is still too low and I'm frequently lightheaded, but overall much improved.


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