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been increasinly irritable, tired, tearful. Thought it was menopause. I think it may be deppression now. I can't take anti deppressents and sleep- they keep me up. I may refuse to take them. Doc wants to see me in 6 weeks, agreed to put me on St. Johns wort. If I have to take a sleep med to counter the anti- its just not good.

I have liver damage. I did experiance major deppression once from anti-viral meds. I took the procaz for that- since, a, I was not working and could afford to toss and turn, and b, I knew it would lift when the anti viral treatment was over. ANYWAY, I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN!

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Oh Pat, I'm sorry to hear this... I wanted to give you a big hug when I read it.

So it's not menopause? It sounds like you've had that checked... but it could be perimenopause... our doctors seem to just wait until the hormones have stopped. However, the period before that they fluctuate so much it can be just as hard - sometimes harder for people. You might read up on perimenopause... there are some things to know and understand and even some helpful - non prescrption things to do. If you want... you can send me a PM and I give you a couple of ides.

But maybe that's not it at all... I will hope and pray the St. John's Wort gives you a little relief... do you have a spiritual life? If so, you can PM me and I'll share a little with you about how I deal with times of depression in those ways too.

I hate anti-depressants too.... they either make me sleep all day or make me feel totally numb.

I will keep you in my prayers Pat... please let us know how you get along!


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I am so sorry that you are feeling so sad and down.

Try to remember positive things and change some of your habits.

Allow you some "things" you would not do (eating chocolate, etc.)

Ask for help: friends, relatives, doctors. Do not be shy, if you need help, you have to look for it.

It is for your wellbeing.


And remember, that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

You have friends here waiting for your recovery.

Take care,


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melanie, i would love to hear your ideas on how you deal with depression! i know i have a hard time sometimes coping with the depression being so sick all the time and not having any idea when or if things will get better, any help would be appreciated, thanks


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thankyou guys, :)

menopause has not been ruled out . I've been peri- seems like forever, but at least 5 years. Only time will tell if my last period was indeed my last. The doc did not- yet -run the FSH (?) soon I suppose.

Everything is ok except for visiting my mother in a nurseing home, and I have huge guilt over that. But I don't go because I think I need to tend to the home front. Been about a month since I was there.

I love church but have not been going about a year- not enough energy for everything.

Irritable and tearfull was ok, I did not take it seriously and found my sentimental emotionalism humorous. I was aware of, but bearing ,the guilt over my mother, but recently- like yesterday- I felt taken a hold of. Its like being hopelessly ensnared.

I have only felt that once before and it was deppression.

I will PM you roselover.

thanks again

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Some antidepressants are relatively activating, which could explain why you had trouble sleeping. Some are relatively sedating and might improve the quality of your sleep. So maybe they can find one that will work for you. The liver damage may limit your options, however.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Pat,

I am so sorry you are feeling down. It is comforting to have friends like on DINET, but friendship is not the whole thing.

Dr. Sherry Rogers has lots of ideas in her tome, Depression - Cured At Last. I know many people who have found help there because she helps you figure out the nutritional and other factors which belong to your case.


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thanks lthomas,

the doc did mention that about the antis, the trouble with the sedating ones is that I generally lack energy to begin with. And I was thinking if this becomes a serious depression I will have to take the meds.

Most likely there will be no problem re the liver. But the less meds, the better is always a guideline. We (the dr and I) are trying to avoid it.

I was telling Pat S I was crying in my dreams over a realistic situation (at school) with my 11 year old. Not something that did happen but not wild dream material either. Anyway I take that as sympton of depression too. Well -if it gets bad there will be no question.

Have to write melanie and see what I can learn about menopause. I am 50 years old, BTW.

I appreciate the concern :)

and thankyou OLL I plan to check that out. I work at McDonald's! That al'do it. (made me smile- yeah that's a good sign!)

I went looking for that book (which is due to arrive on the 4th), OLL, and came across this.



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