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My 2nd Tilt Table Test...


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the other day was my second tilt table test in 2 months. I hung in there 16 mins. with my heart rate above 140 the whole 16 mins. I was calm except the extreme weakness all over my body if i wasn't strapped i would have hit the floor... She kept asking what i was feeling and I couldn't hardly answer her because i couldn't think and too tired to talk.. my legs hurt so bad and then she said let me know if you can't go on and i said lets keep going to get all the results and 2 minutes later my body went into a crisis............i got so sick to my stomach..it felt like the flu hit me all at once.... i screamed i have to lay down and as soon as the bed went down my heart went to 65bpm...

here is what is so baffeling to the docs. my hr stays high the whole time without any meds....but my bp stays in the normal range....what does this mean????????????

any advice?? hugs to all>lisa

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30 BPM after standing----------------that's the criteria for POTS----------your BP doesn't necessarily have to change that much to have POTS.

I think more then a TT test needs to be done to properly treat POTS---or ANS dysfunction. Other ANS testing allows the doctor to identify if the POTS might primary, or secondary to something else.

It definately sounds like you have POTS. A lot of physicians have very little knowledge on what POTS is, or their ideas are skewed. It's difficult, because even physicians who specialize in ANS dysfunction are treated with disrespect from their peers in regards to their work/research on ANS dysfunction which makes it even more difficult for patients to be taken seriously.

There was a long road of confusion in my case, and it looks like some of this might be coming together------------I HOPE.


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thank you very much doctor and maxine.... I appreciate your replies.....


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hey girl,

you described how i feel during Tilt almost to a T -- legs hurting, weak, then bam - feels like you got hit with the flu all of a sudden. good job for hanging in there through 16+ minutes on the tilt....it's tough eh? i think i got to 22 minutes and was just about ready to ask for the puke bucket! no fun.

yep, like doctorguest and maxine said, that is DEFINITE criteria for a POTS diagnoses.

Take care.


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Hi Guys,

Can any of you point me in the direction (web linked if poss) of the clinical criteria for POTS? Two of my kids had much the same experiance as mentioned here, but paediatric cardiologist said tt was inconclusive as bp did not drop! Their heart rate did go up from 50 to 60 bpm to 100 to 110 when upright, son was sick and daughter had pre-faint.


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Lisa and Anna,

Here are a couple of links that include the definition of POTS in the article:

http://www.dinet.org/pots_an_overview.htm (The definition is in the third paragraph)


If you want more info you can go to www.dinet.org and click on research under the POTS category. That will give even more options for articles. The NDRF site also has good info.

Some people do have a drop in blood pressure during a tilt, but that is not caused by POTS. It is caused by Nerurcardiogenic Syncope, also known as Neurally Mediated Hypotension.

I'm so sorry that you've both had doctors that didn't understand the clinical definition of POTS. How frustrating. Perhaps you can print up some articles and bring them to the doctor to help clarify things.

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The cardilogist I was seeing at the time said my TTT was negative because I didn't faint, although I had increased rate and bp, but my primary said it was definitely positive.

It shows how baffled so many are. That EPS guy is still convinced if you don't pass out all the way, it's not POTS>>>pathetic....

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