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Results Are In!!

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That is great news, Amby! I mean, I am very sorry that you have POTS; it's certainly not fun, but what a relief it must be to finally have a diagnosis and know that you can move forward with treatment now! :lol:

Get lots of rest and take it easy on yourself. Those TTT can be really tough on our systems.

All my best,


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Ok...I know my highest heartrate was 179. I don't have the copy of the TTT so can't give many details. :lol: But as soon as I was tilted up my heartrate went to 148. The nitro made me feel heavy and tired but I didn't faint.

He's changing my meds...instead of Toprol I will be taking Norpace. He's also increasing the florinef.

Has anyone used Norpace?

I'm very happy I finally have a diagnoses!!!! Now I can adjust my life without confusion....knowing what I have can let me go on with my life. :P

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Amby I'm so happy that you're happy (you could make a song out of that)

I remember getting my diagnosis of POTS and being so happy that my cardiologist actually knew what was wrong with me. I was lucky that it didn't take too long for me to get diagnosed but that meant that I knew nothing about POTS. You are in the lucky position of alredy having found this resource - you will be one of the best informed newly diagnosed POTS patients out there.

Welcome to the club!

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amby, i said a prayer for you this morning, that all would go well and that you would get answers. looks like you got some answers!! please fill us in when you are feeling up to it! get some rest though while you're at it!

was your rate 179 with the nitro (did they give you nitro while you were upright) ?

so glad you got some answers, amby!

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Amby, I am so happy that you finally have the information you were looking for.

Getting a Dx is so important!!! :lol::P

I have been sending you some good vibs, thoughts and prayers this morning while going to the Cardiologist and hoped you were feeling fine...

And you did not faint! At least I hope you will not feel very exhausted.

Rest a lot. You deserve it.

take care,



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Hi Amby, That's exactly the way I felt :lol: It's not that we want to have POTS!! it the fact that all the symptoms are real and we start receiving the right treatment and try and move on with our lives to the best of our ability on a day to day basis. I am having a good day, hope your day is good as well.

Take care,


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thanks everyone.....the prayers must have done good, thank you for putting in a good word. :)

Cardiactec...I'm not sure if that 179 was with Nitro or not? He just mentioned that number and I asked him if it actually went that high. lol I'll have to get a copy of the TTT. :)

Tessa...I don't think I'm as bad as you were? The worst part was the headache which has passed now. I'm really tired and feel like I've been swimming all day (that's the only way I can describe it). My hand where they put the IV is sore and even typing is irritating.

Flop your right....I'm lucky to know and understand POTS. :)

Again big thanks!

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Knowing how frustrating it feels to live with a mystery illness, and how much more social and family support there is for a diagnosable, physical illness, I want to off my congrats. It's a long road, but knowledge makes it easier. I hope now you and your doctor can find the right treatment plan for your case. Hope you'll be feeling better soon!!!

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