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Exercsing Helping Heart Rates!


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for the past week and a half i have been forcing myself to do 2-3 mi walks a day and muscle exersing....before my heart rates were horrible 70 sitting 115 standing without pills with it would be about 70 sitting 85 standing....now i am not on any pills at all and my heart rates are like 80 sitting 90 standing and it even goes down while standing! i am so phyced about this...i still feel wierd when im laying down still but overall i think im improving and i know its from the exercise,....has anyone else seen imporovements liek this after working out?

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Good for you, Niki! Yes, definately. I notice a huge improvement in my HR's when I exercise. I try to walk 3-4 miles every other day and on the off days, I do pilates. My son's and my PT has taught us that with good range of motion, an autonomic dysfunction will improve. Dr. Rowe at Hopkins backs up this idea.

I try to think of exercise as something I HAVE to do to maintain my health, not my figure. But, somethimes it's hard to squeeze it in and keep my motivation up.

I'm proud of you. Keep it up!


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exercise - within reason given the an individual's situation - is definitely a good thing. what that means for each person is different, but it's great that you're pursuing it. even though my situation has been/ is progressive, i firmly believe (and many doctors, nurses, OTs & PTs have agreed with me) that the fact i was a conditioned athlete and continued to work out as much as was possible at any given time likely kept me a lot healthier for a lot longer than i would have been otherwise. currently i can only manage "exercises" while lying flat - on a good day - but if i hadn't been in shape and continued to stay active many years back i'd much likely be in even worse shape now.

so...congrats on the exercise. please be careful though about med changes without a doctor's okay.

:( melissa

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im telling you the exercise is helping the pots tremendously... id advise anyone who is capable of trying this to do it ... at least for a week or so to see if it helps....i am not on any med either and im watching the rates and symptoms closer to see if thats a good idea to continue so far i feel more energised and the heart rates are more even....they arent as low as with the beta but there in the normal range still....70s 80s 90s....thank u for your encouragement

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Guest tearose

This is great news niki!!

I think it is good you feel well afterwards too. Keep on the plan.

Are you giving yourself any positive reinforcement? I know you are happy to see and feel the results but in my book, you also have earned a new pair of sneakers!! or at least new shoelaces! :)

keep up the good moves!


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Yes!! I too feel much better after exercise. I started by walking for about a half hour every other day to once a week kickboxing and pilates twice a week. It is hard to get going when you are feeling lousy but the results are quick and have helped me a ton. I think just getting the blood circulating is going to help.


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I exercise at least 4 times a week. I really feel it has helped me a great deal. I was told that exercise would improve fatigue, heart rate, blood pressure, and overall well being. I sometimes slack off and feel really guilty when I do so i make evry effort I can to make exercise a part of my life. I must admit it sometimes knocks me out and leaves me feeling exausted but I don't stop working at it.

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Well after years of this stuff (over 15) exericse does NOT help my HR when upright at all, or even lying down.

It's very rare to see results so quickly.

Also, there is an article that fatigue is often NOT HELPED one bit but we are all different, with similar symptoms but different unknown causes.

I often feel worse hours after exercise and if I over due it (I use three machines for lower body and treadmill on the flat) I crash, get flu like symptoms and fall asleep. My falling asleep on MY OWN is so rare, I am truly bone tired when this happens.

That said I exercise FOR MY BONES to make them stronger as I have bone loss.

I exercise for my MUSCLES as I lie around most ALL MY WAKING HOURS.

I exercise to help with circulation.

I exercise to help with mental sanity.

I have to be careful and take meds to keep HR at 130 or under and check frequently. My entire workout on some days may only be 10 minutes...on good days 20 minutes...I have just been doing this about 5 months but took two off after major surgery. When I lived in my apt, I exercise FAITHFULLY three times a week...and well, not enough as the bones are needing more building.

My point is do NOT EXPECT to FEEL BETTER but we STILL NEED to USE IT or lose it..especially if you have osteopenia.

I don't know if it's this site or some links I lost where POTS articles said the fatigue that is similar to congestive heart failure is NOT helped by exercise in many. But that is no excuse not to do it.

Also I do NOT faint so I can push some days where if you are a fainter, you gotta be careful about exercise.


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