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  1. thanks for answering my question....but i am not paralised when this happened....and what about the tv coincidence....? theres no explanation for that...im worried theres more to it than just a sleep disorder because why would that tv thing happen i was awake when that occured
  2. i am really freaked out today as last night i was having horrible nightmares about an evil presence in my house that was after me...i woke up gasping and felt somthing like air going into my mouth...because i was so scared i turned on the tv (it was like 3:45 am) it went to some wierd channel like 205 and their was a movie just starting called "nightmare"...then i hit info to see what it was about and lo and behold it was about a girl who was having dreams of an evil presence and having sleep paralisis and it seemed all to real...! thAts that the info button said! i think theres somthing bad a
  3. i was wondering if anyone who has tried zoloft for pots help, knows how long it takes to see a change and if anyone had sucess...ive been on zoloft for a little over a month but my heart rate is still awful
  4. i have a question, i have been taking 50 mg of zoloft for anxiety and im wondering of its making my pots worse......what are people's experiences with zoloft and pots inhere? it sure as **** isnt helping the pots i know that lol.... i want to go out dancing tonight with all my friends but pots scares me so bad my life has stopped for 2 yrs....will i pass out if i dance alot? ive never passed out so far but dancing i dont know...i dont even know why i have pots still....if i drink one drink will i be screwed?
  5. then i wonder what these burst in my head are from and the feelign liek im going unconscious when my bp is ok....very odd indeed ......im not crazy lol i swear....maybe it has somthing to do with my pituitary gland being alittle off
  6. thank you all for the replys.....i needed it ....the only thing was i dont think my bp was low at all yesterday i took it right after this episode occured... if anything it was on the high side....and this was almost right after the heavy leg feeling and passing out feeling.....all day today the same feelings as yesterday and my bp is not low.....my hr is normal sitting standing somewhat high but not that bad...my head just feels odd all the time all da long it has......i usually suffer through the day at college and dont feel this bad,,,ughhhh
  7. i think i have been having some type of partial seziure i feel like im going to have one anytime...i have a wierd aura i feel......yesterday i went to the hospital to visit a friend who was actaually admitted for having a seizure (ironic) anyway as i was leaving my legs felt like wieght and i felt like i was gonna go down anytime...when i got home my head felt extremly odd.....my bp was sky high and i felt sick i kept getting waves of anxiety through my body...i feel the same way today.....the back of my head feels wierd my throat is very tight i feel nasusa...very shaky.....i got that interna
  8. i have a problem here (lucky charms) my endocrinologist left and thats why i am going to see a new one next month in boston before she left i asked her if i should take some dhea suplliments and she said i could take one 25mg a day.....i did for a few days and felt very anxious but who knows becasue i feel anxious alot,,,i stopped taking it when she left becasue who will montior it?! what should i do
  9. the only thing the endocrinoligist came up with so far is i had a elevated prolactin level bu that is normalized....i had a pituitary mri to check for tumors none were found...but the gland was slightly enlarged,,,,the pills i took to lower the prolactin shrunk it i guess....and the only other hormone that was off was DHEA...mine is very very low and im only 24 yrs old ...it is suppose to be high at that age....the explaination was its a precursor to somthing else,,,,possibly adrenal problem or from abnormal pituitary function but all those hormones have come out normal so far.....so i get no
  10. i have been struggleing with pots for about 2 yrs now and my symptoms have always been hard to explain ...no one seems to understnad what im talking about even in here....please if anyone has felt this or knows what this is please tell me,,,,,i feel like im loosing it... almost every single night i have these odd symptoms always when im tryign to fall asleep.....my breathing changes like i end up gsaping for air to get it normal again but it isnt apnea,,,this is while im still awake falling into sleep....during this time i feel somewhat dizzy and i get bizzare pressure feelings in my head and
  11. lol me again last night iwas horrible...im having these odd symptoms that are hard to explain....wierd feeling in the head middle to back near the base...almost like slowly loosing consciousness....folled by a woozy dizzy feeling in the head.....feeling like my breathing is ceasing then it starts again while im awake still! extreme tachy upon waking / at night it slows down the tachy....low body temp 97.1 fluctuates through that range somtime 96.9! wierdneness...i think i had an out of body experience last night omg scary it was after those wierd head feelings i finally fell asleep or did i
  12. ok im starting to wonder somthing....remember how i said i always have uti infecctions well for years before the pots i had this and took ample anti biotics can antibiotics cause dysautomia? i mean it seems plausible right? and if so can it be reversed......and what about immune dyfsensy? i never use to eat right for like 2 years straight and thats when i had utis all the time
  13. hey everyone:) i have a question about body temp...ever since i realised i had pots my body temp has be wierd...at ist it was on the high side all the time....99.0 that went away after a few months...now its kind of low 97.2 goes up and down throughout the day....but my normal body temp has always been 97.7...its been oddly low as of late....my thyroid has been tested and was normal ....is this past of pots?
  14. ugghhh i have frequent bladder infections...every time i have sex i get one...anyway this has been going on for years before i had pots.....my body is immune to all the sulfer drugs now when it wasnt before ....i found that out the hard way when i broke out in hives the other day...anyway cipro never worked for me for some reason but im alergic to amoxicilin and i cant any of the CILINS from that family....so the doctor tryed leviquin since i never had that one....the bladder infection feels better than it did but omg the side effects are hellish.....the ist day i threw up my whole dinner and
  15. i am so atressed out with this whole pots thing along with all the symptoms. ive had pots for almost 2 years now..i go to an endocrinologist due to an elevated prolactin level ...which is now normal and my mri showed no more enlarged pituitary gland BUT and theres always a but,,,, i have consistently low DHEA levels and im only 23...i know my level is suppose to be high at my age and its rather low....all my other hormone test are always coming back normal.....so i have to keep being retested (cortisol aTHC) all that junk....nothing so far......why does this happen in young women? my moods a
  16. does anyone have this happen where some days standing there heart rates are normal like say 4 days in a row then one day it will be pots symptoms then back to normal ( im saying without taking meds for pots at all) im not on any meds at all right now for pots and for days i have had a normal heart rate sitting standing...but today im horrible ...somtimes you wouldnt know i had pots and others its awful i am very anxious all the time i have a constant tightness in my throat and i have these wierd feeling in my head like im gonna fall asleep but in a bad way...almost like im dreaming but im awa
  17. i sleep becasue it doesnt happen all the time but i notice it enough to worry me/its usually as im falling asleep or just waking up...and no i havent yet had a sleep study but im pretty sure thatll be next on t he list.....im not obess or even chubby so it cant be becasue of that,,,,, oh the misery! i also get a feeling of internal trembling at times as im laying there
  18. ok im really freaked out now this has been going on awile almost everytime i am trying to fall asleep just as im drifting off it feels as though my breathing ceases and then my heart starts pumping away and as soon as i am fully awake again it goes back to normal/// rember i am not sleeping yet when this happens but starting to drift off//////my interpretation is that im not breathing enough and my heart has to beat harder and faster to get oxygen to the brain.....now i know i dont snore....my dad has sleep apnea but the kind where u snore and it only happens once hes asleep and he says he d
  19. hey i was wondering if anyone has most or alot of these symptoms i have .....here goes tiredness all the time/somtimes weakness tightning of the throat internal trembling feeling when dosing off to sleepaka shakyness waking up with racing heart the obviuos pots when standing rembers mostly all of dreams anxiousness becasue of your wierd feelings wierd symptoms when trying to sleep and when dosing off like the shaking feeling feeling like your gonna stop breathing pressure in the head especially during the dosing off stage followed by a feeling the your eyes may roll back into your head feeli
  20. la la lisa, what do thye do for you once it reactivates? is there any medicine for this or anything at all? i had mono and phnemonia at the same time when i was 14! i rember being horribly ill i took some pills probably for the phnemonia?
  21. hi i had mono when i was 14 pretty bad i see on the causes of pots list thats one of the options after somone has had mono.....i was wondering if anyone knows how long it would take after having mono to get pots...does anyone know if it happens right after mono or can it happen years later? also if youve had mono once can you get it again? i have a horrible sore throat and i went to the doctor today and i dont have strep but my throat is killing me..... maybe im getting mono again
  22. when sitting down mmy bp is almost perfect along with heart rate...when i stand my bp drops alittle bit then goes back up ...but say sitting its 118/75 when i stand itll be like 108/80 whats bp suppose to do when you stand from sitting i know its not suppose to drop too low but whats considered normal
  23. hi i am sorry to hear about your troubles my hr and bp does very similar things as yours they all said i had anciety too until i had the ttt....i have a question for you....when you were diagnosed with ms was it from a lesion on your brain or just your spine? i think i have ms but my brain mri was normal i never had a spinal mri... i am dead tired all the time now i could sleep all day long of course i wake up every few hours but i feel liek im dying
  24. the doctor that told me i have low dhea is the endocrinologist and she said it usually means there somthihng off with your other hormones but mine are ok....
  25. does anyone know why the heck i have a low dhea level at 23 my hormones haven been tested and that the one that comes back low...the other hormones that would cause a low dhea level always come back normal....the doctor doesnt know why i have it i think thats why im always tired and feel like ****
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