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Happy Birthday Willows!!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Perphaps you will have some wonderful bday story to share with us--- :)

I have missed many bday wishes this past couple months--- not keeping up as much as I have in the past.

So happy bday to all of you who celebrated this winter!

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Thank you SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much guys for your kind word and silly pictures.

Well I've had a strange day and a half to say the least :)

Hubby was supposed to take me into town to have a 'spend up' then lunch by the water and home for tea with Mike and his mate ( Jake ) and a birthday cake for tea.

NOPE..............didn't go like that at all! :(

I got up to find hubby pale and white 'dying on the settee' another night of his head pain and unable to walk at this time :( so undeterred by this I opened my card and pressies .........OHHHHH a yogurt maker from the son and a 10 packs of mix , very nice thank you , more jewellery from hubby and a load of cash ,

ahhhh, now I know what this 'spend up 'was .....so off I set on my own to spend, spend, and jolly well spend................. :D it was a case of being in the right place at the right time in the end ................'9 'yes :o ................ 9 huge bags of stuff for the spring /summer what a morning I had .......................BUT as we all know ..........what comes around , goes around ............and by 11 am I was staring to feel .............how can I put it .................order my coffin now guys !!!! :) I managed to get home and by then my sight was 'iffy' :) so it was a case of shoes off, and fall into bed , I wanted to watch by new DVD about the fashion house by couldnt see the bedclothes let alone the telly.

I'm awake ( obviously :) ) now and feeling better , I was this huge pile of shoes, boots, coats, trousers, t shirts , jumpers , jewellery and bags to find a home for OMG were I just dont know ..............This I think calls for a 'good old clear out ' needed and to sifted though all my clothes in the wardrobes and all the stuff I dont wear 'will soon be ' out to the charity shops .

So whats this seasons colour for me ????? mint green , cream and bright red ........ NO not all together thank you .

So its tea now ( missed the wonderful lunch by the water ) hubby's alive again and a red rose birthday cake arrived on the table from son ............such a nice boy ! Yogurt should be made by 8 pm tonight ( vanilla one ) so that a late dessert ...................... all in all not a bad day for an old dear like me ...............soon be drawing the pension :lol::lol: and walking with a stick .................re-phase that .......walking with a stick and soon be drawing the pension .

Kisses , hugs and waves to all ( feeling very generous today guys ) AMI .............or willows if you must !

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Tomorrow for your delight and amusement my official photographer ( me hubby) will post the official birthday photo for you to all laugh at :lol:

Note sons standy-uppy hair and his readiness to jump out and save mother from all 5 candles as me here :) couldnt blow them out all at once :lol: in fact it took 3 attempts , which when all my laughter subsides just proves how bad my old lungs are getting , also note the vast array of fairies in the wall unit ( I'm a sad collector of this type of thing ) .

So hopefully tomorrow ( if I haven't already emailed one to all who's address I've got on file ) you to can log onto this post and see what its like to be in your 50's ,old , decrepit , but not yet senile ..............but there's hope !!!! :):)

Love AMI

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Ami~~ willows~~~ Happy birthday dear!! I always love to read your stories.. you have quite the sense of humor!



love dizzygirl

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Hello Ami,

apologies i'm late in posting,

Feliz Cumpleanos my dear!

It's my daddy's birthday on sunday so i'm off to chester today for the weekend.

Have fun with your yogurt maker, we got one for my dad a couple of years ago, it has six glass jars in it and its all in a box that plugs in, i assume it heats up. Dad loves it, he eats a big pot of bio-yogurt a day, you know the stuff with all of the bits of fruit and wheat, yuck!

hope you had a fabulous day darling,

love becks x x x

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I'm back ..............had to go to another little pretty smallish town /village to get my new wand , only problem is it doesn't shoot blue sparks like it should at this time so hubby's playing around with it and a large knife, assorted glues and a welding torch OMG hope he doesn't set light to the place .

I was given the wand by a little fairy shop in Totnes and its for my October event .

OMG, OMG OMG SSSSSSSSSO excited I've got an owl !!!!!!!he's far from pretty at the minute as the art work is really 'naff' but he's 21 inches tall and at his widest 28 inches round , he's got huge yellow eyes and black sharp beak and I'm going to call him ' Topaz' because his eye's are a bight yellow colour. I've been searching and searching the net /shops/ charity shops for ages and ages longing to find one .............then , your never going to believe this , went to out local garden centre for coffee yesterday and hubby suddenly 'sprung up' like some sort of jack -in -a -box from picking something off the floor shouting ' AMI, OWL, OWL' holding the thing above his head :( the other people in the centre must have thought we were both stark staring of our trolleys :lol::lol: when we both got so excited about finding a large plastic owl :huh: the best thing of it was as they know me ( for my sins) at the centre I get discount for my children's charity , so in all 'Topaz' cost me just ?13....................wait until you see her when I've finish painting and peered her .

Well as promised the silly birthday photo .............laugh while ye may all of you who are of younger years , it will be you one day :lol::lol:


I;m off to paint Topaz now Bye , bye all AMI.

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This old dear ( :) ) thanks you for your kind words Corina :lol::lol::lol:

Had a bit of a bad night so was up painting Topaz .................he or is it she ???? now has nice black claws and beak and the bit of plastic which was supposed to look like a green patch of turf 'it' ( thats better) was sitting on is now a wonderful piece of gold encrusted with jewels . well after all Topaz is the owl of a mystic so what else would he ( yep , its got to be a he ) would sit on and guard !

Off to garden centre now to get some white/beige and cream paint to sort out the rest of my baby .

Have a nice week end guys and rest well.


P.S. my wand now shoots bright blue sparks out of the end ...............roll on October .

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