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Skin Wrinkling


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Hi guys,

I forgot to ask this last week, but when I went to my new neuro he happened to ask if when I'm in the shower if my skin seems to wrinkle up faster than it used to before the autonomic neuropathy...Anyone know why he woudl ask this????

Thanks, ;)


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my finger tips are wrinkled very often. i've been wondering if this could have to do with (de)hydration. never asked a doctor though. also my skin can be very dry this was noticed before by doctors (without me telling them) but no one ever payed any attention to it.

corina <_<

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Interesting! I've never had a doctor ask me this, but I would be interested to find out how it's connected to dysautonomia. I have noticed that the skin on my fingers wrinkles up much more quickly now than in used to when I was little. The pads of my fingers also get wrinkled up sometimes even if my hands aren't wet. I just figured I was getting "old!" But maybe I have an excuse. :)


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