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Bad Arrythmia's Or Something Tonight


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tonight i am dealing with some nasty arrythmia's... Im not exactly sure how to describe what they feel like.... all i know is it is not normal for me.. to have beats like this..

they make me feel so bad.. like you know that feeling that you get right before fainting?? that fuzz disconnected feeling before the light s go out?? alot with you heart feeling like it is or wants to break out into a bad tachycarida run?

and the arrythmia's.. right before they start acting up i have the urge to start caughing.. sometimes i makes it not get going into a full blwon epsiode..it makes me feel like cant breath.. and extremely dizzy and just not a good feeling

this particular flare started about 4 hours ago... and has gottne worse.. i tried laying down and that meks it worse.. and also once i took my night BB's that also made it worse...

SO now i am sitting up in my wheelcahir.. and im afraid to lay back down... b/c my hr feels like it wants to stop or something.. and like i said laying donw makes it worse..

I saw my cardio last friday.. and of course my hrb was nice and normal and regular... he is ging to put me on an event monitor for a month i ve got to call them tomorrow afternoon to schedule it...

i dont know what this is and it scares me.. b/c its so different from what im use to dealing with... and i dont normally get on hear and say im scared over strnge new symptoms.. but this time i am....

its like my HR gets into this irregular rythym.. where i can really really feel it.. it feels like its trying to jump start itself or something.. while at the same time.. trying to get going into tachycardia but cant.. does that make sense???

any one relate to what im talking about??

anyways to make it stop?

:):):(:( dizz

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I think I know how you are feeling. Over the years I have had episodes where my heart feels "disorganized" (that's the best way I can describe it). It seems to want to beat fast, and then seems to almost stop and jump about. In fact, I have been having these symptoms again for the past month. They seem particularly bad at night when I lay down. My doctor put me on a 24hour heart monitor, and, of course, I was fine that day. That was three weeks ago but the symptoms have not gone away.

When it is really bad, I tend to sleep sitting up, propped up on lots of pillows. I find that, later in the night, I am able to finally lay down (or find I have lay down) and can sleep better. This doesn't always work, but it does sometimes have an ameliorative effect and my heart seems to get back into a more regular rhythm by morning.

Like I say, this doesn't always work, but like you, I am at a loss for what else to try. Maybe your month long heart monitor may show something. My cardio has scheduled me for an Echo (another one!) and a stress test (another one!). I think she is really at a loss of what to do because she knows little about POTS or any forms of dysautonomia.

Hang in there!


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It could be any type of arrhythmia, from a string of pvcs to pac's. The best way is to get it documented. To bad you did not have the event monitor already. I've worn one, sometimes for months a time to catch those events that don't happen daily. It really can help to put your mind at ease once you know what it is.

Sometimes if my heartrate is slow to begin with (which is rare for me) taking a beta blocker that lowers it even more will cause me to have more arrhythmias.

The urge to cough is very common. I get that also. If you are still having this, you really should go in either to the e.r. or to your dr. and get on an ekg so they can see it.

Hope you have been drinking plenty of fluids, I was told drinking a lot of water at the time can help break the cycle.

Hope you are feeling better now.

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I agree with what the others are saying...def. go to the ER if you are still having the prob, that way it is at the very least documented...


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hey..all... those nutty beats stopped for the moment.. I did finally get to sleep around 8am.. and pretty much have slept since yesterday..

whatever was going on was quite scary... and i did considering going to er.. but... i waited it out.. my cardio allready knows they are happening.. so i gueess ill wait for the monitor...

i hope that they can figure it out tho.. b/c this bites!

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