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wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone real quick...

Ive been fighting some respitory crud for overa month now.. Im about to go on my 5th round of antibiotics.. and i just cant shake waht ever this is rummaging thru my chest....or system...It started as ear infections.. turned into a cold.. then bronchitus.. come turkey morning.. i couldnt breath.. my lung felt like it sizzled out.. oh my not being able to breath is not cool at all...i dont think its bronchitus any more.. holy cow.. no its not...

I satrted to feel a bit better.. and now its rearing it ugly head back to it former nastiness on turkey day..UGH..

as far as getting an aide is going.. it alked with the agency today.. and she said an aide should be able to start no later the the week of christmas.. Im was like thank god!...

fighting wahtever this i i have.. fatigue is worse then ever. toppled with insomnia again..grrr... my aprtmetn is in need of a good cleaning!

justwanted to say hi and hope that you all are ok



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Hi Linda,

You were also one of the posters I was wondering about!! Glad to see you are back....That stinks you haven't been feeling well. HOpefully the antibiotics work this time around...Christmas is only a few weeks away, so you'll have an aide in no time! Hang in there!! :)


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Hey Dizz,

I'm sorry you have to deal with yet another problem on top of your existing nightmare. Colds really mess with our POTS---not to mention an all out respiratory infection!

DRINK< DRINK< DRINK-------> the more you drink, the more you can flush this stuff out of you.

I hope you feel better soon dearie-------------------------------------Woodstock--Snoopy3.jpg

BIG HUGS to you------------------


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i hear tha ernie!.. like 5 years ago would have been great! LOL.. :)

the coordinator came and seen me today.. everything is ready on there end the only thing that they are waiting for now is for the asistance office to sign off on the paper work.. she said they've been waiting for an othe women for 7 weeks.. and the dude in charge wont get off his duff and just sign the piece of paper..

FORtunalty the state is involved now so she said if i dont get my thing in the mail by thursday to call franky boy and get his duff in gear!

im SOOOOOOOOOO greatful for this help.. holy cow...am i ever!

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