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Xanax Makes Me Functional


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I know the topic of benzo is very touchy within this group but I need to ask a question to those of you who take them. If you want to PM me that's fine also.

Anyways I take .50 of xanax a few times a month and everytime I take it I become functional. I don't feel great but I'm up and doing things around the house and with the kids. Why would xanax make me functional? What is that drug doing to my body? Maybe it's a clue to the type of treatment I need.

Anyways my doc is recommending me take it everyday so I can be functional everyday and have a better quality of life but I'm scared because everyone has scared me about taking this drug.

Does anyone take a small amount of xanax on a daily basis? Does it also help you function?

I don't have panic attacks and this was prescribed because of my anxiety. So when I feel real anxious I take it and find it helps with ALL my symptoms and makes them more tolerable.

Thanks, I know this is a touchy subject but if I could have a better quality of life then why hesitate?

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I can tell oyu to be very careful on this type of benzo..I was on xanax before diagnosed with pots..for anxiety purposes I suppose :) ..just remember that you can build up tolerance on it and become chemically dependent on it..BUT if it helps u to function maybe you should try it for a week. Have you ever tried Klonopin(which is a longer acting benzo and easier to come off of if need be?) I would ask about it if this will be long term for you.

Good luck..Bee

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I use it. Not every day, but probably 2-3 times a week. Sometimes, though, I will use it twice a day for a week or so. When I go through a run of a HR of 180 and it won't slow down, it is the only thing that will give me back any semblance or normalcy - and I'm not talking about "normal" from before I got sick - I am talking about normal NOW.

Beta blockers we tried. Before the pacemaker they would drop my HR down to the 30's - once down to 28 while on a Holter monitor. But now, after the pacemaker they make me so lethargic I literally cannot move.

So, I use .25 Xanax.

If this is what it takes to add some quality to my life then so be it. If I get addicted or dependant then so be it. Without the tools - and Xanax is a tool to me - to live with a little quality to my life than it isn't worth going on anyway. And, somedays, even with the tools I find little enough to hold onto.

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xanax helps me many times.

I have .25 and take once a day and sometimes twice when neck pain kicks up.

I have had access to it for years with no build up and no addiction issues.

If IT MAKES YOU FUNCTION and your doc has ok'd it...do it.

I would rather be dependent on small doses and MORE FUNCTIONAL if that were possible.

Beta blockers can make the heart become dependent so docs shouldn't hand those out so casually either...especially the 24 hr one day dosing kind.

I just take 10 mg short term acting proprnalol lately due to orthostatic BP..but it lowes my BP when standing and makes me tired...so I just use it once a day...but need to slow things down and lower things, to exercise.

Xanax was helping but my adrenalin has kicked up so nmuch highter HR and BP, ow I need the propranolol for now.

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I currently take lexapro and that seems to be helping me. I take a very small dose. I also have taken off and on for years Klonopin, still do. Xanax was a little to strong for me. It is a personal decision. I'm sure all would like nothing more than to be med free and feel good, but if one can't then you can't.

Possibly it is because it calms the nervous system and can help to control the adrenaline in some people. I hope it continues to do this for you. Good luck. :)

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Okay let me clarify I am not by any means trying to discourage you just keep some of that in mind...again what works for some may not work for you vice versa...I hope that you can use this stuff and it helps you to become more functional :):) without any side effects.

I used it they upped my dose and I dropped about 38lbs in a month and started having rebound anxiety..which wasn't anxiety to begin with. It just really messed with my system in high quantities but if it is a smaller dosage once a day or so hopefully it works and u can tolerate it!!


P.s. Are the shingles gone??

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Thanks everyone.

I have tried SSRI's and could not tolerate them but think of retrying it sometime in the future.

I'm also afraid of having rebound anxiety that BEE was talking about but I'll just use it at small doses and if the functional effects wear off then they do, I won't up the med to a high dose no matter what happens.

BEE- the shingles are almost gone..........thanks for asking.


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this is a difficult decision you need to make. if it was me (but that goes just for me) i would choose quality of life (especially with the kids around). maybe you could retry the ssri's in the future. i found out that meds that i couldn't tolerate at first now go in without any problems (please don't ask me why, i don't have an answer :) ).

good luck dayna,

corina :)

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