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IVIG Treatment Update


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howdy gang. and hello to those i haven't been able to welcome during my last month or so of crazier than normal craziness :D

the good news: i'm getting back to my "baseline" after the line infection, clots, med reactions, etc. it's not anything most would generally aspire to, but it's better than being in the hospital for now so i'll take what i can get. i'll be moving to my parents' (in toledo) toward the end of next week so most of my limited energy has been going into directing some of the packing. since the early august hospital stay someone (mom, dad, or aunt) have been at my place so it's definitely time to take the two hour drive and camping out at my place off of all of them.

the not so good news: nothing of note yet from the IVIG (after two 5-day treatments).

and then the kicker: we have to stop the IVIG b/c my liver enzymes have gone through the roof. they've been high for awhile (b/c of the TPN) but they skyrocketed after last week's IVIG to the point where we have to stop the trial for at least several months to see if the numbers will come down on their own. one of my enzymes is almost 30 times the reference range. geesh. if they stay super high it will be a liver biopsy which would be quite the complicated ordeal since i have to still be on coumadin after the recent blood clots. ah yes. i LOVE being so complicated (insert major hint of sarcasm here).

if the numbers come down and there is some benefit from the IVIG in the next few weeks (as it can have a delayed effect) then we'll strongly consider giving the IVIG another go. if there's no noticable benefit it will be a tougher decision about whether to proceed b/c obviously we don't want to leave my liver in ruins. so that will be a bridge to cross when/if we get there.

for now i'm just really hoping to avoid the biopsy. i had to have bloodwork done to make sure i didn't contract any sort of viral hepatitis from the IVIG as well ((as it's a blood product) but that is VERY unlikely so no one is too concerned about that. it's more like my body "just" reacted to the IVIG as if it were a toxin.

that's it for now...hopefully i'll be "around" a bit more after the move happens. (or rather i'll be posting a bit more...i'm always reading :D )

:D melissa

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Oh Melissa! You're a mess girl :D

I'm so sorry to hear your liver's been acting up, but I'll be praying it gets back to normal and you start seeing some good changes from the IVIG treatments. As always, your attitude is so admirable...I just know that with all that positive energy you'll do fine :D

Feel better and keep updating us as you're able.



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Hi Melissa, so good to see your post! You are in for a busy time with the big move this week. That must be a difficult move for you to make, but I hope it will help things get better for you in alot of ways. I will be thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts out that your liver enzymes drop back down and the IVIG starts working!! Take good care. Laura

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thanks all :P

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i hope your enzymes will drop down soon. you need to feel somewhat better when you're moving. glad that you have such sweet parents who are always there for you. we can't do without them, can we?!

hope your moving will go smoothly and that you will start feeling better soon!!!

corina :)

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Hello! Thanks for keeping us updated. Wow, you've been through so much over the past year. You are such a trooper!

Please continue to let us know how things are going,


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i hope you feel better soon, melissa! :)

down enzymes! bad enzymes! DOWN DOWN! (hey it works with my dog? lol)

hang in there through all this and keep us posted. we're all rooting for ya!

bright blessings,

lulu :)

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