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Starting To Slowly Get Better!


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I went to the doctor today. Things are slowing getting better. I am now able to get up and do things about 4-5 hours a day. My doctor believes it?s due to the Doxycycline, (treatment med for lyme?s.) So we are going to try it for another 30 days and see what happens. Also he said the reason my heart is racing again is SVT. SO we will have to wait and see.

So I am hoping things are still going to keep getting better. He did say today all the damage done, to heart and ect, I will not get back, but I could hopefully have a better life if the treatment keeps working. I may never work again, but it I can do something?s, and be able to be up walking that?s all I need! So finally, some good news. I go back in two weeks; I hope thing keep getting better! :(

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i am so glad for you. and there is so much from the Lyme front that it makes me thinking that maybe i should try and investigate. i so much want a life back!!!!!!! your post made me feel that there still might be a chance. like you said: maybe not being able to work but doing better would be great. i am really happy for you!

corina :D

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