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I Cant Handle The Fatgiue No More Folks!!


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Ola my potsy pals...

For roughly about 6-7 wks.. I've been battling with fatigue that is unlike my fatigue on a usual basis.. even when it is at its absolute worst!

I do not know what is up with me.. but i am so unbelievably tired that i can not function even at a minute level. I wake up after sleeping anywhere from 11-13 hours.. quite soundly most of the time.. with out waking up.. (which is great!!-- for those of your who rember the horrnedous time i had last year at this time with insomnia- no sleep at all!!)

i shouldnt be complaining b/ i know alot of you are dealing with no sleep at all.. but it seems to be one extreme to the next.. and i wish that my body would elvel out so that i can function some what........

But i wake up and with in I'd say about 20-45 minutes later I'm having to lay back down to sleep again b/c i am straight up exhausted and i sleep an aditional 2-7 hours.. again its like i was knocked in a coma or something.. and i wake up feeling so not right in my body and head.. (serious brain fog going on)..

I've tried seriously forcing myself to stay awake and it just isnt happening. when i force myself.. i get even more sicker feeling.. and even more what ever this is going on with me..

I dont even know how to describe waht i'm feeling.. only that it is not like my normal fatigue.. that i was used to... and just dealt with.. and i woudlnt post about it.. if it was the norm.

but it isnt!!.. I have alot of freaky hormonal things ( i think) going on too --- to put it short and sweet...I contacted my obgy office and the got me in last week.. and i asked them to run some labs on my hormone levels.. specifiically my progesterone and estrogen levels... (b/c of whats going on.. I'll save this for another post.. as I'm still P'd off at the office visit!!).. well I wasnt taken very seriously.. I'm like something messed up is going..I'm so beyond fatigue... and i again asked them to check my hornmonal levels.. they tolds me that it was unnessecary to recheck my levels since i have allready been dx with pcos.... so to sum that crud up i've felt like i've been on full speed pms'ing(only its more then the typical feeling of pms does that make sense?) for about 6-7wks... and apparently that is OK!!!!!!!!!!!

:P:D:D:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: I was like I'm not even talking of the pcos.. i want you to check this stuff! i was told no...they only checked my blood count and did a pg test..

i'm wondering if hormonal inbalances are causing this unrelenting..crudd ...

thanks for listening to me vent... i'm just very frustrated.. and tired of feeling 100000% beyond exhausted and sick!!!!!!!!!!

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oh my.....so sorry with regard to crap w/docs :D:D:angry:

...and what you are feeling like,hun :angry::angry::angry:

just a thought----->that much fatique can be , to my knowledge---can be related to low thyroid....>>>>>hypothyroidism.......

just my 2 cents worth...... :P

any chance from your hx/blood work done-not done==that it it could be?



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Guest dionna

i am sorry you are feeling so bad. i know what is like to sleep all the time and to not be able to sleep at all. the pms... not so much. i hope they figure something better out or you and that you get taken seriously next time. good luck with the medical field--- hope you can score something good. take care of yourself.

dionna :)

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Hi.. nope it is not my thyroid they have tested that booger many many times...

I dont know what is causing it.. I only know that it is profound and is kicking my butt.. ontop of the potsy stuff..

I'm actually wondering if it is a seperate issue all together from the pots.

I am going to go see the actual OBGyn doc next thursday... and I'm going to give him the low down (i saw the pa last week.. :) adn her nurse was a witch!!!!!!!!)

But thank you gals for the support.. I'll let you know if i find anything out..

I'm off to bed!

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Guest CyberPixie

I know this may sound weird, but you may be getting too much sleep! Too much can make you feel whacked. When I get an hour or two less sleep a night I can actually feel better. The laying down all the time can increase fatigue too. I hardly ever sleep in the day unless I've had less than 5hrs a night. I sit propped up in bed apart from one or two 1/2hr laying downs (but not sleeping).

Also make sure you're getting enough potassium, that can cause fatigue(I know I keep banging on about the virtues of potassium but when you're low in it, it can make you feel very rough and it's amazing something so simple can make such a difference when you get enough).

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When you are describing your need to lay down again, is it sleepiness or profound weakness (can't move), or profound tiredness(standing up is too much for me to handle)? Have you taken your blood pressure when you are feeling like this? Is it hot outside (with bad air quality)? Has this ever happened to you in the past for any reason?

I know I respond very poorly to heat because my adrenal glands do not respond well to stress.

I hope you get answers soon.

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I'm so sorry you are having to deal with feeling so sleepy. I know what you mean by feeling sick if you don't lay down. It's not easy to stay awake if your feeling sick. I have taken a cool shower or just washing my face in cool water has helped.

As for Doctors......gggrrrr, another issue all together. We know when something is not right, they really need to LISTEN to the paitients.

Tace care hun......I hope you feel better soon,

Amber :)

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I probably do need more potassium.. i've been chowing down on bannana's and green veggies.. like a mad women....

future hope--- its kind of a combonation of all of that..

it starts with getting an incredible feeling of being very tired/sleepy.. where my eyelids actually start to get heavy.. you know like youi get when you are about to drift off to sleep.. only (for example) my boyfriend has diarrhea of the mouth and he can ramble on and on about stupid stuff... and its keeping you some what awake.... well then i start to feel like u just can not hold my body up any more.. it begins to fel very weird..i mean very weird! like all fuzzy and tingly from te inside out.. and my neck and head will feel like they weigh about 20 ton.. and i jus cant hold my head up anymore. it is like my head and neck is made of silly putty or something..

then i try to fight this feeling and stay awake.. but when i fight i get more tired.. and more sick feeling (nausea-bad bad vision things.. the walls start looking pink and purlep and black..they are white.. :);):P:( . but ym vision gets squirelly..and on and on i couldngo)

so i laty down and I feel my body turn to mush.. and fall sleep with in minutes of laying down.. then i usually start paralysiing left and right during the day time sleepyness... and that makes me even more whipped out then i was before so its like a double whammy!

yes the same kind of thing happened to me this past march...i thought that i was pregnant back in march b/c of canges going on with in my body.. tha can not be summed up to pots.. i never heard of pots causes changes in your breast! and things.. well the same kind of thing is ahppening now.. only more profound and its not going away! they did a pg test last week and it was negative.. but i tell you what something is going.. and since the pgregnancy test(last week) was negative.. i asked them to check the estrogen and progesterone levels..b/c i uderstand that if those levels are inbalanced that they can cause some of the breast pain and changes of the breast. among other things!.. SORRY if i gave to much info.. this is part of what i was going to post about under chit chat of hormonla things but i'm sure you can get the jists of waht i'm talking about..

but I'm tired (punt un intentded) of feeling this way.. ontop of my pots things that i'm dealing with.. and i certainly hope that i get better results next week with the doc then i did last week i'll let ya folks know what i find out,,

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i had a sleep study done in 2004. they said it was normal.. and i've actually am not sure if i've been testd for MG..

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hey dizzy-

long time no write, on my part. i am *so sorry* you are going thru this!! (i'm also going thru similar reproductive issues and it's driving me nuts!) i have had the same prob--no sleep and then these periods of time where i couldn't stay awake if i was at gunpoint!! my vision doubles, i feel all funky, like my body is being sucked down by a huge super magnet. like extreme pots! (there's a title for a new reality show lol). when i've had these episodes in the past, they have eventually gone away....but yours is going on a little too long, huh?

2 questions: are you still on IV therapy? & have you had your electrolytes tested? it could be a calcium/magnesim thing or a potassium thing. (too much or too little of any of 'em can give ya trouble).

i *really* hope you feel better soon. maybe you are a sleep camel and just storing up for the next round of insomnia? just kidding....that's just how i always felt....feast or famine, ya know?

keep us posted. good luck! PM if ya want about the girlie stuff, we can compare notes.

peace, lulu

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Hi lulu! a sleep camel huh?? (((((((((( :lol: laughing!!!))))))))))))))) that is funny.. maybe b/c i'm sure andother round of insomnia will kick me in the rear again some time.. oh how i dread those days or months or yrs!!!

I have not had an IV's done in a few weeks about 3 i think.. when i went in last time.. while the fluids do raise my pressure.. I'm having nasty allergic reactions.. (break out from head to toe in a purplish red rash.. and its itchie!!.. and it seems to trigger that horrible brain squeezing thing that i i've been getting...)

So in a nut shell I'm leary on going back in for an other IV.. but yet at the same time I really need some fluids.. last time i was in they thought i was aving an allergic reaction to the freakin detergent that they use on the hospital bedding! and that that is what is causing me to get so it scratchy and stuff.. they like bring i your own bedding next time and see if it makes a difference..(((chuckling)))) I'm like are you serious?? the nurse was like yeah try it.. i can see if now.. everybody in admitting and on about every floor of the hospital knows me by now.. I'm that interesting pots girl.. lol...me buzzing thru the hospital lugging alonf my own pillow sheets and blankets!! hahaha

But Ok back to you q's... I'm going to call my pcp monday and get my electrolystes checked out... I woke up this afternoon feeling nice and potsy.... nothing like starting your day off puking... though the 3 pound weight loss in less then 24 hrs.. not complaining there..!

extreme pots is right! and yes a new reality show would be a root! this weeks episode wh can stand the longest before fainting. or who can drink the most gatorwater in a day... :lol:

I'm sending you a pm!

sleepygirl :lol:

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It sounds like what I went through Sept 2002 - Jan 2003. I would sleep pretty much constantly. Hubby would wake me up to feed me. And he would have to help me to the bathroom and after MONTHS of that I would STILL sleep for hours and hours.... One day I woke up and felt like going ..... all the way to the living room!

He is working on a book about his plane crash so he has been going through my journals.... He got into the 2002 one and said,"Hey! You quit writing in September!" I reminded him that I slept for the rest of the year!

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lol.. yeah my grammi tells me often that i'm sleeping my life away.. i'm like i cant stay awake grammi!... i have now been dubbed "sleepyhead" by a few of my friends.....

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Hi Linda,

I just put a post up about my sleep issues, I didn't see your post until now. Have you been checked for anemia??? Also, do you see an Endo?? I just saw one the other day and even though they said it is going to take time, they assured me that they are going to find out what's wrong. The doc believes there is some hormonal probs in addition to the POTS. I'm about to pass out now..who knows for how long, but just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and I hope you get a goodnight's sleep. :lol:


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Jacquie hi!

yeah i have been checked for anemia.. and i have seen several endocrinolgist... I havent really gottne anywhere.. other then getting a definative diagnosis of pcos... that they can not treat me for b/c of my pots! no safe treatment in my case.. i gave them my MRI with the pituitary stuff going on.. and they never even looked at it!!

Um I have an appointment coming up in the next few months i believe with an endocrinologist at the cleveland clinic...I'm certainly hoping that i can get further at the clinic then i have gottne up until this point...

I'm kind of like at this point i don know where to turn for pretty much everything !!!its very frustrating knowing something is wrong.. not only for me but for the doctors treating me as well.. and to not be able to find or figure out..(pinpoint) what exactly it is...

I'll let ya know how the app goes at the clinic w/ the endo..

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hi lauren.. wel i went ot a new pcp this evening.. who is willing to treat me for normal illnesses.. but said that i've got soem very good docs working with me.. and if they are not able to help me and figure things.. that he was sorry but he ddint think that he would be able to offer much in regards to potsy stuff..

But i did find out that i have a nasty ear infection.. and that is what caused me to get so gosh darn sick this weekend.. OYE! it was bad!! everything was dancing to the right.. and the carpet was doing swirlie motion stuff.. and i could not stop puking :) it was so not cool..

about neurological shtuff.. i got my records mailed out now i am just waiting to here back from some places.. and hopefully i will be able to get some answers soon.. b/c this level of living is for the crows!!

how ya doing dear? since being trapped in the elvator? did you make it thru that weekend with out to much havoc??

HUGS back at ya dear!

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