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  1. hi Alicia, it sure gave me severe depression, and--- for the one and only time in my life---made me have suicidal thoughts. was HORRIFIC! -maggee-
  2. nikki, i use transdermal magnesium oil or gel better utilized by bod, so they say ancient minerals brand--say is best--but expensive. i bought www.healthandwisdom.com brand believe its same thing, but much cheaper can read alot about it there also. does calm my system....great for adrenals, and much more also, i drink a hot drink--called BalanCe at www.vrp.com has high vit c--gr8 mag--gr8 calcium...and---makes you sleepy........@ bed...or i use during day if i am overly stressed--helps! common overview--we are all mag deficient! getting mag into bods---will improve alot of things.....:0) r
  3. hi Linda, i have belonged to a yahoo group---for thyroid-iodine issues for years. learned alot--just reading.... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/iodine/ ***try above link to join...... then try this for basic info: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/iodine/links the thyroid med of choice was ARMOUR [natural from pigs] not available in US anymore-- unless made by compound phamacist....-but now---replaced by "NATURETHROID" i remember one lady getting armour from a canadian pharmacy callled UNIVERSAL DRUG [prescription needed, i believe.....] SOME PEOPLE need both iodine supplemen
  4. niki, too cute---your emoticon's -- describing US LOL! BUT- so ughh-ly -- and 'tis the truth for the 'day in the life ' of a dysautonomic! am in & out of UGH'IN every day, and thankfully--some days less than others :0) i especially UGH over doc's hate to go to any anymore. don't know which is the worst===the physical part of this syndrome to endure??...or the emotional beating we take from doc's and from people due to our inability to plan anything in life..??????? hey! don't ask me to that wedding in April--k???????? i don't know if i can take a bath TODAY...or if i can stan
  5. hi niki, don't know your dose or symptoms, but i have been on it for quite awhile. but---i can only tolerate 5 mg doses...3-4 times per day. so--small increment doses---works ok for me. is the only betablocker i can tolerate perhaps this may help...??? good luck , niki....! UGH!--HUH??? feel better soon--HOPE!! -maggee-
  6. dani, antibiotics===>i'm just dang allergic to them---and most meds...... fugly-ugly! lol! i got that gene mutation--that causes me to not metabolize drugs properly. had the bloodwork done...as my whole life filled w/ med reactions. so, for POTS--i am down to using propanolol--in tiny doses..and xanax. will not try anoher ssri..or anything, right now --anyways... had enough! kk--let me know what you find out--and if that stuff happs to work for you believe me--it sounds like the answer to sinus infection healing==naturally....! good luck, hun...will be prayin for ya -maggee-
  7. HI Dani & sunburnt i just came across this in another group i belong to: for sinus infections---and prevention, thereof---there is a solution called ARGYROL, that you do a sinus wash with---like with a nettie pot---i think? said, also--antibiotics--worse thing to do--for sinus infections--and the good Lord knows--we hate them anyways. haven't done my homework on this--so please google it. the source it came from seemed very knowledgable...and uses this method on regular basis--and has no more sinus infections. think it's based on silver content...and is safe.....and i do know silver is on
  8. hi endure, was going thru my email last nite---a new years cleaning...lol...and came upon this for you. it was posted on 10/5/09. interesting--as it explains diff between medical marijuana---and street marijuana.....! hope this helps--as i sure got educated. best regards, Pam ======= Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about my trip to the medical marijuana doctor because I thought it was cute/interesting and I thought some of you might be curious about it. So, to get a license you have to bring in your medical records, and I did and let them photocopy a couple of important ones from Stanford that
  9. hi Lina, i take a great product of sublingual b-12, folic acid, & b-6----called BIOTICS RESEARCH B12 -2000 my dad had restless legs years ago--and we were told to give him folic acid--which worked. also learned--don't take more than 800 mcg per day. i been on this product for years, as, helps keep homocystine level in blood down---which prevents heart attacks and strokes. anyways--place to buy is http://store.agoodvitamin.com/bireb160lo.html can't find in health food stores---just some alternative med docs handle it. anyways--works for me for the lregs---and plus--great absorb
  10. HI AGAIN,CAT.... is it feasible to check w/pharmacy---and their records---to access what generic you were on before???? they should have the records..... i think there may be a chance---your pharmacy could order it for you--or --are you saying they told you--it isn't made anymore?? believe me--needlesstosay--i am intolerant of most meds.....so, try the MYLAN --IF you can request it..... gl, hun... let me know how you're faring -pam-
  11. hi cat:) i take propanolol regular....only comes in generic--as you apparently know. anyways, we have CVS drugstore chain here, and i get MYLAN generic from them---and have no problems. i take small increments--bout 5 mg...2-3 times per day. never tried TEVA hope this helps! best regards, Pam
  12. oopssss> always refrigerate omega 3's and vitamin E's .......and take them w/ food--not liquid. try to isolate from liquid for as long as you can, which in my case...is at best--a 1/2 hour--due to consumption of H2O all day
  13. in my experience, i have found one needs to be wary of the brand you buy....needlesstosay & unfortunately, ever so true w/supplements, as you all have experienced in the dysautonomia world of intolerance and heightened sensitivity. i was told Carlson...was the best....but found even that brand...made me have nausea. wasn't until i came off them for 2 months--and a recommended brand called INNATE CHOICE....OMEGA SUFFICIENCY , made by innate choice, inc., Victoria,BC, Canada www.innatechoice.com ---------came into my life---and it does not bother me :0) i also have read that omega 3's nee
  14. hi! i have taken a probiotic for 10 years plus....called ' floragen 3' tis available w/ free shipping @ www.zerbos.com i also take colostrum, only from new zealand. available @ https://www.nutri-health.com/probiotics/pc/viewprd.asp?idcategory=5&idproduct=21 these 2 products have immensely helped keep my stomach-bowel--digestion in gr8 shape since getting POTS...thank the Lord good luck , hun..... hope this helps...or something does soon! best regards, Pam
  15. hi! i use to take it, but can't now---as it is contraindicated w/beta blocker inderal[propanolol ]....... not sure if same w/ all beta blockers...????? was gr8 for me--as i was always careful to bury in food....and its anti-inflammatory properties, and help w/ pain-seemed awesome to me-and agreed w/ me. sure do miss it. arghhhhhhhhhhh! of course--doc's didn't tell me to come off it--but it made me feel like my head gonna blow off when i started taking the inderal w/it. so--there it was--in the med contraindications.....>not to take NSAIDS w/ inderal. know the mix of the 2 drugs made my BP
  16. HI Rene, just my 2 cents..... i tried many bb's..and propanolol/inderal...in small doses [2.5-5mg]...a few times a day...finally works for me---along with the ballancing of BP with himalayan salt/pure water, and thigh high compression hose. salt and BB-i do prn....... quite a job--but WHAT ISN'T FOR US,,,HUH?-UGH! what i wanted to tell you--is my BP will rise sometimes i think due to what i eat---and sometimes i don't know why. yet--one thing i do know that interacts with propanolol---- are NSAIDS---LIKE MOTRIN...ETC. i was on motrin for years...and now==no-can-do--due to the BB. i believe th
  17. maxine... maggee agin bowel prob's....info/products...may help you!!!!!>>>> new zealand colostrum https://www.nutri-health.com/probiotics/pc/...sp?idcategory=5 [made by metafoods]...only use kind from new zealand. floragen 3 www.zerbos.com free shipping great probiotic...to balance bacteria in bowel been on both for years--have no sensitivity issues w/either..and my bowels are great--i know from using these 2 products. suggesting these 2 brands, as they are good...and know there are many other brands...but these 2--work for me! got my mom on these after
  18. hi maxine.... oh my....so sick on top of being sick... so sorry for loss of your brother--my condolences to you and all:0( just wanted to write a wee note---in regard to a product i stumbled upon---that perhaps may help!! buy it OTC-called EMETROL WHEN YA GOT FLU AFFECTING STOMACH--OR JUST DOWNRIGHT NAUSEA--- ---this is only thing that everrrrrrrrrr helped me.......... contains no drugs.......and you take a swig every 15 mins til you feel better. has been a lifesaver to me so, wanted to pass on---as an option for you and all. btw==it's a liquid----sugary-and for life of me--i do not know why i
  19. hi Karen, i, also, tried a multitude of BB's.......and can only tolerate INDERAL [GENERIC NAME==PROPANOLOL ]. comes in 10 mg dose---so what i do--is take 1/2 pill---which would be 5 mg at a time----about 4 times over a 24 hr. period. inderal is a "non-selective" beta blocker...and most are "selective". have to do resourcing as to what the diff is, as i do not know off top of my head....:0( but, perhaps--it may work for her also--as i am the most medication intolerant person....i have ever known---and med-intolerance is usually a BIG GIMME WITH DYSAUTONOMIA. hope this helps...in some way....a
  20. hi Joe, so sorry for all the "what the heck is this?" -- symptoms you're going through. i read you are taking florinef...and, if you are not aware--florinef will deplete you of potassium and magnesium....and i believe--calcium also.. but--potassium is CRUCIAL, as magnesium is crucial also---and both have helped me immensely. from my own experience--as i just 'salt-load'...as couldn't tolerate florinef---even salt loading--requires me to do potassium supplementation, and, i take low doses of calcium-magnesium also....throughout the day. i get prescription potassium...extended release, and i t
  21. hi! since you got 'vitamins' in iv....perhaps you are sensitive to one.....??? i know i am sensitive to alot of vit's.... i tried a b-12 shot once..... almost couldn't drive home, and felt sick for hours. of course--the doc said---'it couldn't be the b-12!!!!'...... arghhhhhhhh!!!!!! know it was.... just my 2 cents best regards, maggee
  22. hi gwen.... just a quickie...to say---i think your "blog overview".....of dysautonomia....is awesome...!!!! nice work,hun!!!! thx to Michelle, also!!...for sharing the 'live-chat' from cleveland clinic. i was somewhat disappointed in it, but--hey---it's a beginning.....or was possibly of some help for someone out there.... ....which is all that matters! best regards to all.... maggee
  23. hi Lauren... so sorry for what you're enduring...if we want to call it 'enduring'..?? oh myyyyy....i don't know what to call it--anymore!!!! anyways,a quick FYI, as I just saw this yesterday...a post, in case you missed it regarding Lyrica: DSM3KIDZ has just posted a new topic entitled "Lyrica Causing Rapid Hr" in forum "Dysautonomia Discussion". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been on 75 mg of Lyrica for about 4 days and my hr has increased alot. 95 while sitting to 135 while standing. My normal is 80 sitting 105 standing. Is this just a side effe
  24. hi! i am on BB inderal........ i was also taking MOtrin...a NSAID......which apparently makes BP GO UP.......AND MADE MINE SPIKE TOO HIGH WHEN TAKING IT W/THE bb-inderal. bottom line----i came off the motrin/nsaid.......and feel so much better===and NO MORE HIGH BP SPIKING!!!!! on all BB's i've tried===nsaid's====are written under the medication interaction section.....on med review from pharmacy. perhaps this pertains to you, and can help???? am so glad i figured it out, as NEVER HAD HIGH BP before......[arghhhhhh]]]]]] ((((hugs))))))) maggee
  25. hi tammy, i've worn them for years......and CAN'T STAND IT WITHOUT THEM! i tried them all....and SIGAVARIUS BRAND===THIGH HIGH---ARE THE BEST---AND MOST COMFORTABLE. i am 5'4".....and wear a 'short'.....and my compression is 30-40hg. hope this helps...and i also wear them year round. you can put them in washer...but air dry...btw... (((hugs)))) maggee
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