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What Med Helps With After Meals Tachy?


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I am on Florinef and recently started taking Midodrine. The Florinef helped with my tachy spells in the morning, but not with the racing heart after meals. My dr. decided to try me on Midodrine and see if it helped. So far I cannot tell that it is helping with the meal thing. Maybe it will just take a while.

Have any of you found a medicine that specifically helps in this area?

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no meds to help this but smaller, more frequent meals can help.

Also be careful not to eat lots of carbs at a meal. This can cause Post Prandial hypotension (low bp following meals) and is a common problem after eating.

Easier to change diet than finding meds to compensate. Good luck.

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My doc said that Ibupofen helps with post prandial hypotension...

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I was prescribed Precose at Vanderbilt to relieve post prandial hypotension. Also I was told to eat frequent small meals. I only take the Precose when I expect to eat more than usual. I notice a major relationship between eating, especially carbohydrates, and hypotension. The relationshop is so strong that when I have to go somewhere, I will go without eating for hours in order to function. Strangely enough, I can have a glass or two of wine without the bad effect that I get from food. Dr. B at

Vanderbilt tolld me that blood goes from the head to the stomach to digest the food. I guess wine is easier to digest. Has anyone else noticed that wine is easier than food? Do not misunderstand, I do not drink wine before going anywhere but I can have a glass or two when eating out without ill effect. Whereeas if I ate mashed potatoes, I might not be able to walk out of the restaurant. All this sounds logical except when I first get u p in the morning, many hours without food, I have major hypotension beofre I get the first morning coffee

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I can't do high carb stuff like pancakes...or mashed potatoes, UNLESS I make the mashed potatoes myself and add lots of real butter...to slow the blood sugar spike and subsequent low BP.

Fat and or fat/protein helps keep carbs from jumping into blood stream so quickly.

Never heard of the drug from Vandy but not up on modern drugs...But yea, smaller meals and such are good. That was one of the first thing I read about years ago.

Fat free ice cream/soft yogurtm etcm makes me sick as a dog... so I eat fatty ice cream when I eat it.

NEVER heard about the wine being easily digested??...alcohol makes most of us very ill. I sometimes can take a sip of room mates ice cold Lite beer when we go down the road to Applebees, to get half price nachos, once or twice a month. But I feel beer after just a few sips, on empty stomach. I could NEVER do wine even before I got ill except for the sweet stuff like white zinfandel, chablis.

When i would drink drier wines or try a sip of room temp stuff like Merlot, quick headache and once after Chardonnay, got ill like food poisoning. So wine never agreed with me even when I could drink booze..but I am going back 20 years! LOL. Always wondered about the junk used to age wine...I dunno.


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My worst time to eat is also in the mornings. I cannot eat cereal at all or my heart races. I have found that a small serving of plain old oatmeal (no sugar added) with a little bit of honey doesn't bother me.

I cannot drink alcohol at all because it really bothers me.

Sophia, I had not heard about adding fat to slow digestion. I will have to try that. I do know that when I eat fast food it about kills me for 2-3 hours afterwards. The worst is hamburger and fries. Chicken isn't quite so bad. I have started just ordering a salad when I take the kids to McDonald's. Maybe the fat in the fast food meals doesn't help or maybe there's some other ingredient in there that makes it so bad.

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Fat helps slow down digestion but fried foods are not always a good idea. French fries are harder to digest than potatoes with a little butter.

It's all about balance...like lean meats with potatoes or some bread. But I never eat big meals anymore..except for some pizza..but with the pepperoni and cheese, it has a low glycemic index,.

Digestive enzymes help, too!!

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hmm.. no i dont know of a med that help after meals for bp... wish i did though!

before i realized taht i had pots. and before it got really bad .. I was the world biggest carboholic!!! Omg! I love pasta fixed any way of any kind.. and bread too.. holy moly!!!.. garlic bread to be exact.. and super soft italian bread.. BUT getting to my pont.. after alot of wondering why I would always feel so cruddy after eating my evening meal.. I started looking at waht i was eating.. and i begain noticing like really quickly.. that carbohydrates (and the large amounts i was scarfing down).. really did a number on me.. and would make me feel so sick for hours after eating..

I pretty much have cut al carbs like bread and pasta.. and potato's out of my daily diet.. and now if i eat bread or potato's.. its in very very small amounts

I've found 2 kinds of bread that i can digest well that dont knoeck me thur a loop.. its called Nickle's low carb whole grain wheat bread (I've only found it at the super walmart stores).. and I've found that that flat wrap bread.. or pita's dont do near as much damage as regualr breads.. i like the tomoato basil kind)

but yeah this stuff is like a treat to me.. brread.. if i do eat it like i said its small amount.. and it eat it with veggies and fruit and stuff that is high in protein.. and avaoid red meats as much as possible.. as i dont digest them well.. and they cause the same type of problems for me that carbs do.

so maybe you could try really watching (writing down what you eat even smcks theu out the day oo) and if you get sick feeling off of what you ate that day.. amybe do a process of elimination.. and read the labels of food as well.. I'm always amazed at the amount junk that they add to food.. like msg/nitraites..they reek havoc on my body.. so i avoid them..(and they cause nasty migraines too!) the are in things like hot dogs-processed cheese's-processed meats and pre packeage foods

sometimes you might have to go that far as to figuring out what is in foods that maybe doesnt sit well with you.. and avoid those products like they were poison or something..

I know it might sound like alot of work... but.. i know that i have done this.. and i used to have such a probelm after eating my evening and morning but not as much.. and i only get sick after eating (in a low bp stand point that is) once in a while..then i have to look back thru they da and figure waht maybe i ate to much of!!

good luck dear and i hope that you begin feeling better soon from the after dinner blues!!

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Why do carbs affect POTS?? I am beginning to notice that pasta makes me feel aweful after eating more than a small amt of it.

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Guest dionna

i just wanted to thank all of you. first of all for the question. i didn't think to ask. and then secondly for the answers. i didn't realize it but all of the types of foods you mentined make me sick as well. i guess i will stick to my protein more. and i am such a meat and potatoes kinda girl! all i have to do is skip my beloved potatoes. protein: better, bigger, and nicer muscles anyway- just trying to be thinking positively about it. thank you all so much again.

dionna :wub:

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Mashed potatoes are the worst for triggering blood sugar problems. Try boiled or baked, small red potatoes. They are not as sugar inducing but put on some butter or bake with a little coating of olive oil.

Also, Dr. Weil commented some years ago, to cook Pasta al Dente (just tender enough but not over cooked) and it's slower to leap into the bloodstream but watch the portion and skip the bread as a side dish with it!

* DON'T overcook pasta. Cook it to al dente, which means slightly firm. Al dente pasta is healthier, Weil says. Because it takes your body longer to digest firm noodles, your blood sugar levels will be lower than if you eat softer pasta.

Edit: I just pasted this after a google search because the article on Find articles.com had lots of pop ups as my computer stopped SEVERAL!?

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hi all!

i read SOMEWHERE...and canot find it now....:).....that dysautonomia affects metabolism.....bigtime...and can throw us into bouts of hypoglycemia easily---due to what we eat.

i have avoided refined sugar/high carbs ALONE====>[TRY-I SHOULD SAY..LOL].....eat only small meals for years...since being sick and undiagnosed for years....

as the following info helped me alot!!!

[also--processed foods...nitrates...-NO CAN DO! ]



Balancing Your Meals For Blood Sugar Control

? Eat a small meal or snack every three to four hours.

? Eat within the first hour upon awakening.

? Eat a small snack near bedtime.

? Eat before becoming hungry. If hungry, you have already allowed yourself to run out of fuel [low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia]

Balance Your Meals

The optimal level of insulin to glucagon is achieved by a diet that contains carbohydrates balanced with proteins in a ratio of approximately two to one, that is, approximately two grams of carbohydrate per gram of protein and gram of fat per meal or snack.

The Role of Fat

A small amount [3/4 tsp. to 1 tsp.] of fat (butter)[no margarine] or cold pressed vegetable[virgin olive oil] or seed oil should be a part of each meal in order to help control the rate of entry of glucose (blood sugar) into the bloodstream.




****i was so thankful when the Lord showed me this info......hope it helps all of you also!!!!!


An excessive ratio of carbohydrates to protein results in excess secretion of insulin, which often leads to intervals of hypoglycemia. The body, in an attempt to normalize blood sugar, initiates a counter-regulatory process during which the adrenals are stimulated to secrete increased levels of cortisol and adrenalin. It follows that an excessive intake of carbohydrates often leads to excessive secretion of cortisol. This contributes to chronic cortisol depletion and consequently, adrenal exhaustion.

In order to stabilize blood sugar, you must maintain a balance between two hormones, glucagon and insulin, which are produced by the pancreas. Protein in the diet induces the production of glucagon Carbohydrates in the diet induce the production of insulin. Insulin promotes fat (energy) storage. When excess carbohydrates are eaten, the body produces large quantities of insulin and little glucagon. This high level of insulin results in more fat being formed and stored.

When insulin is high and glucagon is low, the adrenals are called upon to produce excess cortisol (see later on in the document what cortisol is all about) as a back-up response to help raise blood sugar in the absence of adequate glucagon. This occurs at the expense of the adrenal glands, contributing to adrenal exhaustion.


God Bless all of you!


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Thank you all SO much for the advice! I am going to try all your suggestions and hopefully I can control the horrible tachycardia by eating differently. Now my only problem will be self control. :)

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mmmm!! self control can be a hard nut to crack!..good luck dear!!!

I hope that you start feeling better aftr switching some foods and seeing whst rriggers you to feel yuckster!

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