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Hi all,

Since going down to Vandy and starting Midodrine, my health has s...l...o...w...l...y been improving in a "two steps forward, one step back" fashion. Lately, I've been able to be active 4-5 hours a day (while medicated of course) and have even done small errands without my chair, like picking up meds from the pharmacy or getting gas for my car.

Well, yesterday marked another milestone when I went for a 10 minute walk in the woods! It was only 10 minutes, and I had to sit down on a log to rest before heading back to my car, but I did it! I've decided on cooler days I'm going to try to go for more short walks, and I'm setting a goal that I can walk for 1/2 hour by October. It's a big goal, considering I was bedridden up until three months ago (beginnning in August of 2005...that's 8 months in bed :o ).

So I'm celebrating! :) I know you guys understand how exciting this is for me. When I told my family they were more horrified at how excited I was about something so "small".

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Thats wonderful dear.

Its the small things that mean the most, and so much more to those who strive to achieve it.


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Congrats about the walking. I wish you lived closer so we could walk together!! :o


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I'm so happy for you and also happy to hear your enthusiam over your achievement. Always give yourself a pat on the back for any small accomplishment in your day because they are not really small at all!

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Focusing on the little things (which are BIG to us!) is what gets me through each day...You Go Girl!

I know that I am so excited to be able to walk to the mailbox or make a trip around the yard to look at the flowers!

You have made a tremendous amount of improvement...

Remember this Swahili saying: Slowly, slowly, that is the way. Quickly, quickly, it gets you nowhere.

Hugs, Em

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