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Heat Headaches

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I have noticed that I get more headaches in the summer. Being out in the hot weather is sure to bring on a headache for me, usually leading to a migraine.

Part of the problem may be the sun, as my pupils are always dilated (weird, I know). But i do wear good quality polarized wrap around sunglasses that help a lot. But the heat just GETS to me and causes that headache that ruins the rest of my day and probably a few days afterwards.

Another friend of mine gets headaches when the weather is cold, but that makes more sense b/c when you're cold you shiver and your muscles are tense. That seems logical to me. But in the heat? Why do I get headaches from hot summer days?

Anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions?

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I get them too, and it tends to coincide with lots of nausea... this isn't recent though... it's been my whole life. I have pretty nasty memories of throwing up places with massive headaches in the summertime. Pretty much the only thing that helps me is getting COLD, and maybe gatorade.

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Since the weather has been getting nicer out I have been getting headaches. It's not very hot yet, but once the warm weather comes, more symptoms start to come along!


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The heat is always worse for me.

I have migraines all the time, but heat is a big trigger for me.

I have problems with the sunlight and my eyes as well...double wammy!


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