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hi my name is Shanna, i am 19 years old and live in New Jersey- I have never met anyone with POTS before and it is very hard for me to not have anyone who understands what i am going through around me. I just wanted to say hi and let you all know who i was. I would love to talk to anyone on aim... i feel so alone in this sometimes. I am so glad I found this site, and hopefully we can all talk sometime :0)

*everyday is a new chance to better yourself*

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Hi Shanna,

Welcome! Please tell a little about yourself and your POTS, what has helped you, etc. I am pretty new to this board -- I developed POTS five months ago, although it seems every few days there's been a new person diagnosed.


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welcome shanna, i wrote earlier but it didn't show up, so may double. this is a great place to come for questions and opinions. hope it works well for you. also if you just need to vent, we will all listen, because we've all been there. you may want to read some of the stories people have written and see how alone you are not. sometimes things are a little different , but all have common threads. again welcome. morgan :o

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Welcome! I'm glad you found us.

I recommend that you go back and read previous posts for information. Here are some websites for you to check out: Of course you found this one :o




I don't have my instant messanger on much and days that I'm working I don't have it on at all, I work, read my email, do a couple of posts and sleep alot. My instant messanger handle is Stsukosd@aol.com I would be happy to talk to you.


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Hey there lilbanana, I'm also in NJ. Today was the perfect day for someone like me--no humidity, in the low 60's and sunny. One of the rare days at this time of year that I could spend hours outside without feeling sickly!

Anyway, welcome to our board. If you have questions, fire away. Nina

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Welcome! I am 25 and have POTS too. What are your biggest struggles right now?

The first few months were the hardest for me after diagnosis. I had a really hard time going from working full time to being forced to rest constantly. (I slept 15 out of 24 hours today)

Welcome to the site!!


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Welcome to the board, Shanna. I'm glad you found us. We'll help however we can.

You did the right thing to change font color, etc. Just click "close all tags" at the end of your post and you'll be all set. :o


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