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Why Am I Getting So Dizzy When I Get Even A Little Warm?


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My doc put me on an immunosuporessant a week and a half ago, and it seems to already have helped a little. The dizzies don't seem to be too bad all the time.

But they are getting REALLY bad when I get warm. It is starting to get nice out, and we have been outside. And being outside I am getting warm from the sun. As soon as I start to feel warm, the dizziness and lightheadedness start and just get worse. To the point I feel like I am going to pass out.

What is causing this? I don't remember this being so bad last summer. I think that this has all ben getting worse over the past year, so maybe that is it. Maybe partailly due to the meds?

If it is just the POTS, can someone explain to me why this happens?



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Hi Lisa,

The weather was nice today, around the 70's and I was soo symptomatic....Esp. when I go into stores that are crowded and stuffy/hot feeling. I just cart around alot of water and that doesn't even seem to help out that much. :)


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Guest sonotech

I agree with everyone else on this.

You may notice that hot showers or baths can cause worsening of symptoms for the same reason. I know this has caused ALOT of problems for me. I have to ALWAYS stay in air conditioning and have to take COLD SHOWERS!!


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I just tried going outside and walking to the store which is 2 blocks away and came home b/c I was so dizzy I didnt think I was going to make it. Last summer was my first summer with POTs and I was hoping that with all the meds I would be better this year. All I want to do is go walk along the boardwalk, I love the summer and miss the beach and just being outside so much!!!!!

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Hi MNGirl,

I am in Minnesota too, so I know it has been nice. Too nice. I have to be in the shade, and I have to have a breeze or I get symptomatic. It hasn't been too bad here, but I did notice an uptick in my symptoms (not to mention the allergies). Can you believe how green it is getting already? We'll survive it together!

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