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Job Ideas that can be done having POTS

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Well, I have waited since Oct for a decision on SSDI. Things haven't been working out lately so I'm sure I am going to be denied and have to have an appeal. I have read that appeals can take months-years and I really don't have any money to wait that long, so I am going to have to do something part time.

I am just wondering if anyone knows what type of job we with POTS can do. I can't sit or stand too long. If I sit past 3 hours I get very symptomatic and of course there are those days where I wake up sick and can barely do anything, but I have to find a way to pay for my bills, etc. Obviously I have to be in a temp controlled environment, etc. Just looking to see what I could possibly do. :D


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I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm a student on leave right now, so i'm no expert, but i've been looking at jobs that can be done from home. There are things like freelance writing that can be done on your own time at your computer. Maybe you can find a book of at-home jobs or look on www.craigslist.com for telecommuting options. Just an idea!

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I just had this discussion with my husband. We need some extra income but am not that dependable. I haven't filed for anything because I haven't worked out of the home in almost 8 yr (stay at home mom) so I don't think I qualify.

I think I could handle a 4 hr shift probally 2nd shift.

let me know if you come up with anything. Things are just getting to expensive.


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Well I am still working on that one...

Desk jobs, with chairs that have a footrest and where you can recline the back... Lights that you can either cover or unscrew to turn them off.

Also jobs that are very structured, preferably by you, so you can have down time and pace yourself. I liked the retirement plans analyst position I had at an insurance company...although First quarter they will push you to work overtime...I never did it though.

Now I do customer service / software support but most of my job is doing training over the internet or creating recorded trainings...so I can structure a lot of what I do...usually. (-;

Jobs where I had to be on my feet were bad. Jobs where I had an unfixed schedule (where you found out what you worked the week before) were bad.

I do have to get up and walk around every 30 min to an hour...so Someplace with a strong ergonomic focus is good...big companies are like that...They will tell you to get up every hour and stretch, focus your eyes far away etc..

Or win the lottery...lol

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This is a challenge for me too. I am looking at phone work, low key admin type jobs, maybe working from home in some capacity. My brain is foggy, so I am not up to anything too taxing! I think if it is too structured it can be a problem, as we all have some days where we just can't function and others we can, so if you can find something with a bit of flexibility it is good. I do agree that being on call, doing overtime etc is not ideal, it pushes your body too much. Good luck, let us know how you go. <_<

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jacquie--hmm.. My thought would be trying to find something where you can work from home.. at your own pace.. and take breaks and work at times that work for you.. I dont know how easy this will be to find.. a job tht canbe done at home..

Um do you have typing skills or anything computer knoweledge?? I went to a business school for medical transcription.. (i was so close to finishing!!) but had to stop going due to my pots.. but I had a long chat w/ the dean of the school and my advisior.. about my realistic carrer options and we came up with medical transcription b/c you can do it from home..

that is the only thing that i can think of off the top of my head.. I know I've been trying to think of part time do it at home jobs that i can do at my own pace for extra money..

another thought.. and I dont mean to offend any body here.. but have you thought about applying for welfare cash assistance? I know that its peanuts compared to as if you where working.. But.. while i was waiting for my SSDI appeal hearing.. I was eligible for full assistance until I had my hearing and either got approved or denied.

I know that I felt very "weird" about having to apply.. b/c I was like geez.. I should be working.. not doing this.. but sometimes ou have to bite the bullet.. its just a thought.. I' wsnt sure if you knw that that might be an option.. though I dont know how thing work (or atlest not real well) in Mass.

take care..!! and keep your chin up dear!



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