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Fainted my way through anniversary


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Well, as some of you know, I renewed my vows for my 25th anniversary yesterday.

Unfortunately, I have not been feeling well for days. My hubs warned everyone ahead of time that I faint and what will happen. I prayed so hard I would make it through.

My sons wheeled me down the hall in my new hot rod and walked me to hubs. I could barely stand. I had already fainted twice by then. And the stupid thing is, I wasn't at all nervous, but i guess my body thought I should be and react appropriately.

Yesterday morning I fainted and my hubby says I went sideways and I hit my left shin and right knee on a door way in the hall. So I have this honkin rug burn and a big swollen left shin. The second time I did a face plant but my wrist and hand slammed into the couch and I totally twisted my wrist. I thought I had broken a couple of fingers.

I felt so awful by the time we got there. I couldn't drink a lot because I was nauseated. I fainted in the bedroom, and thought, okay this is enough. I was so fed up. I whacked my head on the floor and twisted my neck!

We sat down for the ceremony and blam, down I went in front of everyone. I ended up fainting 3 more times after that. I think both shoulders are dislocated from people grabbing me. trying not to let me hit the floor, which I think actually hurt me more. I got my shin again too. My legs look like world war 3. I even managed to totally scrape the top of my foot off, on Lord only knows what.

So the day is about half forgotten. HOWEVER, I would do it again. Everyone there was wonderful. Only about 3 people told me I look great...I wonder if that was while I was standing or lying :) ....

But, really, it was very sweet, my daughter in law did a beautiful job and the priest was wonderful. Everyone had a good time and lots of people were there. I haven't fainted since last night. So I guess it doesn't matter whether you are good stressed, or bad stressed, this bugger of an illness is just going to have it's way. However I didn't let it have my day. Fortunately, I have pictures to look at and no one took them while I was prone.

The only really sad thing is, someone snapped a picture of my kids while I was down. My youngest is the only one that's seen me faint. My oldest son looked like he was crying. So I guess it has hit him.

Anyway, all I plan on doing for the next few days is reclining...on my couch! booboogalorehappilyremarriedmorgan

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Hi happily married morgan!!

here comes the bride!!

I'm so very sorry that you passed out so many times yesterday.. my god thats horrible!!

But i am glad that you got to have the cereomny that you wanted..

god bless you and your hubs and your family.. ihope that you will spend another 25 yrs (? am i right on the time you've been married) happy years together!!

god bless --take care-- and take it easy for the next few days.. and heal those boo-boo's!!

love and hugs to your momma morgan!!


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Guest Belinda

congratulations..Morgan!!! May you have many more happily married years...sorry the day was rough on you but glad you made it and it is wonderful to here some happy news!!


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Guest Julia59

HUGS HUGS HUGS to you morgan. I'm sorry you had such a rough time on your Anniversary.

Happy 25th!

All that passing out---and yet you went on with everything---Brave girl.

I hope all your boo boos heal well. Scary stuff---I hope you feel better soon---- :)

Another HUG,

Julie :0)

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What is with all this fainting all of a sudden. :)

I bet you looked beautiful upright or on the floor to all your friends and family. They see the internal you and love you.

It is hard on our kids sometimes. I know my 24 year old talks to others about me but with me he is always positive and up beat.

Ice pack those bruises and remember only the good.



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Congratulations, Morgan & Hubs! It's a rare and wonderful thing to have a long marriage, and a testimony to commitment and hard work, the ?verb? side of love. May all your years be happy and blest.

So sorry your body did not cooperate. It sounds like everyone was understanding, and that's good.

So I guess it doesn't matter whether you are good stressed, or bad stressed, this bugger of an illness is just going to have it's way. However I didn't let it have my day.

Yup, on both counts. Good or bad your body ?knows something is up? and will be haywire, and you can?t let it take you down. (At least, not forever!) It's hard to have to adjust to a 'new you', I'm sorry you have to do that.

Headline in the Spokesman Review:

?Woman is Badly Beaten by ANS, Refuses to Press Charges on Grounds it May Incriminate Her?

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on getting re-married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dysautonomia has a way of trying to steal the attention from us. I'm GLAD you didn't let it steal your WONDERFUL and SPECIAL DAY!!!

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Man, that has to be so scarey after years of being sick.>SUDDENLY fainting and with such frequency.

I wish we could get some doc in YOUR AREA to order a new TTT.

Something is definetly awry and big time.



Can't wait to see pics

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oh morgan -

i must tell you that when i first read your post yesterday i cried. both tears of sadness, joy, happiness, a bit of jealousy, and perhaps something else thrown in there as well.....

MANY congrats on your 25 years. i am SO happy that - however rough it was (and boy it certainly was, no?) that you were able to make this happen. hip hip horah!

obviously it wasn't quite "ideal" (whatever that means anyway...) but i'm SO glad that it was still able to happen and perhaps even more so that you are glad that you went ahead with it.

and of course i'm thrilled that people were (for the most part at least) understanding, caring, thoughtful, etc.

my bit of jealously springs out of the fact that it's hard for me to fathom finding such a great hubby that will be willing to have me - crazy health and all. and even if (when :) ) that does happen i have more than realized that i very well may have to adjust the traditional marriage ceremony routines to be able to at least increase my chances of remaining conscious/coherant. but obviously i'm getting ahead of myself...if i find my prince charming i'll deal with having to sit rather than stand for the vows...but again, i digress....

anyhoo, i really am SUPER happy for you & yours....

B) melissa

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Thanks everyone. I am realizing more and more how lucky I am to have the husband I have. B) He is my rock. He has been so wonderful through this all. I know I'm one of the few lucky ones. And I thank God every day for that.

Melissa, my son, who is about your age, feels the same way as you, I think. That as ill as he is, he can't fathom ever getting married to someone who will understand. I just tell him to meet a nice nurse, :) , she will totally get it.

But I always tell him there is someone for everyone. When you least expect it, there they'll be, waiting with open arms. Geez, if I could find someone, anyone can. I used to be so angry and such a crank. Now I'm too tired, but I am not an easy person to live with, so I have hope for everyone!

I am sending my doctor the article by Dr. grubb and think I will start labetalol. If that goes okay, will work on lexapro, although I have had so much trouble with ssri's, I'm really worried about that one. They make me think awful thoughts. I could stand physical side effects, but I have enough bizarre thoughts without drug inducing them too!!! :)

Anywhoo, thanks again everyone, I will send pics to Katherine and see what she wants to post. morgan

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