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Hello & Introduction...


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I'm new to this forum and thought I would introduce myself. I've really enjoyed reading these posts as they have helped me understand that I am not alone, not crazy and these symptoms are REAL. Thank you all for being supportive to each other (and me!). ;)

A little background about me... I think I've had POTS all my life. I remember passing out in high school and then in 1996 I noticed that when I would stand in the doorway of a colleague of mine and talk, I would start to feel like I was going to pass out after about 5 minutes. I was having headaches and stomach problems as well. I finally went to a chiropractor (one had helped me with headaches after a car accident in high school) and nearly passed out two times while there. He thought I was having baro reflexer problems and told me to go to the doctor before he would treat me. That was the best advice I ever received.

I am lucky in that I work at the Mayo Clinic, so in early 1997 I went to a neurologist and was seen by one of Dr. Low's colleagues. He must have wondered about POTS because the doc had me stand in his office in one position. I started feeling really awful, like I was going to pass out and said I needed to sit down... RIGHT NOW! He wanted to check my heart rate by placing the stethoscope on my neck and couldn't find a pulse! It was rather funny. I was starting to see stars and blackout at the time, but I did make it to sit down. He conferred with Dr. Low and they had me do all the standard tests... EKG to make sure my heart was OK, sweat test, tilt table, etc. Diagnosis: POTS.

I didn't really understand much about POTS and don't remember doing much research either. I totally relied on the doctors. They put me on beta blockers, which made me feel worse. I stopped taking them after about a month and from that point on have relied on trying to drink lots of water and eating salt. I don't really think that has helped much though.

I've had a really bad winter this time, and that's why I started to read these posts each week. I want to know how you all handle this. My POTS doesn't seem as bad as most of you, as I am still working full-time and don't have all the episodes you have - at least not as frequent and not to that much of a degree.

Anyway, I'll write more later, but just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU for all your support and advice.

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Welcome, Rachelle.

I am grateful for the forum, too. I haven't been diagnosed by tilt table yet, but I do have orthostatic hypotension plus paroxysmal tachycardia and hypertension and lots of the same symptoms as others here.

Have you read the thread where lots of people introduced themselves? It helped me a lot to feel at home here.

I hope your spring is better than your winter was.


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I am a therapist and for years I treated myself. I was able to manage my symptoms until I crashed 5 years ago. Now I need t rely on conventional medication. I am still taking alternative meds for colds, allergies and other stuff.

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome, Rachelle-

i've had dysautonomia for 8+ years, but am kind of new to the forum. these folks have been wonderful and supportive--i am so grateful for this forum's existence!!! :(

I was really well-maintained for most of that time and recently i've had a set back! i go to school and work, dysautonomia not as bad as it could be, but lately it's really been pushing the envelope! :D

as has been told to me, don't spread yourself too thin and remember that you & your health are THE #1 priorities.

glad to have you along on Planet POTS!

love and light,

lulu :)

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Hi, Just wanted to welcome you to the forum!

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Guest tearose

Hello Rachelle and welcome to our little corner of the world!

I hope you find that you can manage your POTS and keep up with all you wish for!

In addition to the water and salt, I would suggest you take a look into 1) compression garments 2) regular gentle activity to keep remaining baroreceptors in "shape" and 3) if you tend to have SVT's keep an eye on your potassium/sodium/magnesium/calcium levels.

take care....and again, welcome to the family!


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