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Not having a good day already!


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Well I not thinking that today is going to be a great day, or at least is not off to a good start. I been trying to fall asleep since alittle after 8:00pm and here is after midnight. I am having really bad chest pain, and have a headache that will not go away. The headache started yesterday, and the chest pain started tonight, plus on top of I got the PAC, PVC, PSVT thing going on. I have it before, put this time it really bother me. (maybe just the stress and thing just getting worse) The worse part about it is This is a new year, and new insurance company now that I am not working and there is a $1000.00 out of packet before they start picking up the payments. I only good thing is the reg. office vist are only $20.00. But the bad news is any test, er vist...... is $1000.00 bill to us, before they start paying. B) So I am trying not to go so..... I am sitting here not able to sleep, so hear I am venting.

I just don't know what to do. I know it got to get better at some point. I know at the end of the day we got to hang on to HOPE, but it soooo hard.

I know many of you have read my last few posts regarding things are just realing getting me down, and that its been hard with my son. Tonight my husband went to bed early (which he needs his rest he's been working his job, and overtime, then been working on the side to top it off, as I can no longer work) Blake (our son) cames into the bedroom and looked at me and wanted to play, I said I am sorry Blake mommy doesn't feel good right now, but maybe later. Blake looks at me and as he is crying he says "You never play with me anymore". ........... I didn't know what to say it ture, I don't. I don't have the engery too.

I can't take it anymore. I hate what this can do to your life. I hate where my life has gone. To top it all off know one in the town I live even understands what POTS is, or that its a real medical problem (not a durg you smoke). I feel like everyone just wants me to snap out of it, like I can just get better because you want me to.

Well now that my venting it done, I am going to try to find a way to get some rest, I think sleeping it not going to happen. I guess I will be calling the doctor later, so they can see me, not sure if there is anything to be done though.

Thanks for listing to my venting!


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Amy-- I wish that there were something that I could do for you!! I just wanted you to know tht I understand what you are going thru.. and that i care..(i cried when Iread your post...i SOOOOOO UNderstand waht you are saying..and I care!!) and wish that you felt better...!! and taht were more availabkle to help all of us..

sorry.. I dont have an y real words of wisdom just wanted you to know that i'm here and I get it..

Please hang int here.. and if you feel worse please go to the ER.. I know that money is an issue. I understadn that too..if you cant wait till morning..

take care and god bless amy!



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Hi Amy,

I hope you find some relief from your symptoms soon. I also agree with what Linda has said, if it gets worse go to the ER. I understand the whole money situation, but you can't put a price on your health. As for Blake does he know that you don't feel well?? Maybe you could explain to your son in simple terms how you feel, you could tell him it's like when he has a tummy ache, he doesn't feel like playing much, well thats how mommy feels..something like that. I don't have kids so I can't imagine how you feel. Could you guys do a puzzle on your bed or on a TV table next to the couch, so you can lay down?? Or watch a video together?

Let us know how you are feeling when you get up. Take care and I hope you get some sleep!


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Well I got about 2 1/2 hours sleep last night. I am just so tired and wiped out. I had to have Blake at Perschool today at 9:00 am so I had to get out of bed! B) I found myself very dizzy, and I still have the headache. I called the doctor office. They said he would be in after 10:00 and would see what he was to do. So the wait it still on. I am hoping my blood work is back from tuesday. Maybe is just somthing easy that off. Well that I would give an update on how I am doing. I am off to rest till I have to gopick up Blake at 11:30. Thank godness theres no more preschool till tuesday of next week. That way I don't have to go anywhere, and do anything, but try to rest and feel better.

Talk to you all later!


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Amy, I know exactly how you feel. No one around my town knows anything about POTS either. I have little support, if any, from even my family. "Linda's always sick." It makes for a very lonely existence.

I've been down with POTS for so long now, that I've just about given up. We've changed insurance coverage this year, too, so I've been trying to not have so many tests done, or go to the doctor as much. I'd love to go to Mayo or Vanderbilt for a complete work up, but we couldn't afford it!

I understand about your son, too. When I first came down with really bad POTS, my children were little, and I missed out on a lot of their school plays and concerts, etc. This illness has pretty much ruled my life for a long time, and I resent it. I know most of us do.

Please, just know I understand what you're going through. Maybe, with your son, he would sit quietly in bed with you and color, or watch a movie, or scribble, or listen to you read a book or maybe read to you, or act like he's reading? I had to get very creative in order to do anything with my kids when I was totally sick, but make it look like I wasn't and that I was spending time with them. How old is he?

Again, know my heart breaks for you and that we're all here for support. I wish there was a magic pill for this to make it just go away for all of us, but there isn't--how well we all know. but we are here for one another, which is something!


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Guest Belinda

I understand completely about the kid thing, got a 6yr.old and 10 yr. old sometimes I just lay on the floor or bed and play cards with them like UNO which is easy or a board game.

Ayear ago I was out riding dirtbikes and four-wheelers with them now can barely stand os sit alot of the time..soooo..I am with you dear and I am so soryy yyou too have to endure the frustration of this on top of feeling awful!

I certainly hope your episodes start relenting a little..and you find something that can give you some kind of comfort..I know that it is hard when you feel so down.

Big hugs to you and your son from one mom to another!


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Guest tearose

Just wishing for a good evening for you. I hope you get some solid sleep tonight and that for a bit, you feel free of some of your worries. You are not alone! Hang in there!

warm wishes, tearose

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I'm sorry your having such a horrible time. As far as the parenting goes I completely understand. When I first got sick my kids were 6, 3 and 5 months Last year I was doing ALOT worse than right now (I hope it stays this way) but I posted alot because I was feeling like I was a horrible parent. Anyways I got alot of really good responses. If you look under my name and look at my topics their is alot of good information that might help you out.

I would type more but I have a sick kid and need to rock him to sleep.

You can send me a personal message anytime you need to talk. Hang in there... my heart goes out to you and your family.


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Everyone has given you some good repsponses. You know, there is more than one way to be a great mom. Maye you can check out some books about "being sick" to read with your child. At my worst, I am in bed while my children still need my attention. I hate those times- but, there are ways of coping. Videos are wonderful. I love having both of my kids in bed with me watching a movie, or reading a book, or playing cards. My kids often draw pictures for me while I am in bed. I try to have drinks and snacks where they can serve themselvs. It is hard being a mom and being sick but there are ways to manage. Hang in there-


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