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could she by chance apply for medicaid?? some hospital have a program or waiver kinda thing.. that the hospital will right off your bill if you meet the criteria for low income...I realize that if she is sick that a possible payment arrange ment maybe hard.. but even if you make an honest effort to pay something everymonth..(even if it is 1-5 dollars everymonth) they can not send you bill to collection or a collection agency b/c you are making the best effort that you can to pay the bill off..

just a thought.. ir eally hope that she can get thetreatment that she needs.

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here's the link for for billing & insurance at mayo: http://www.mayoclinic.org/billing-rst/

it's definitely not a given, but it appears there MAY be some options as far as payment &/or reduced charges. and while it can be time consuming & frustrating, it doesn't hurt to make some calls. based on my experience though these options can be more limited though if someone already has insurance, even if the insurance doesn't cover particular services/providers.

as others have mentioned too, i wouldn't completely rule out the insurance they do have yet. there are MANY levels of fighting for coverage before it's a definite no. sometimes getting a case manager can help with the process. again...time consuming & frustrating, but potentially with an outcome that they will pay.

at times insurance &/or a hospital will not commit to helping/covering in advance but after the fact (sometimes with a fight) things can be worked out....

i do hope something works out for your friends...

B) melissa

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I had free care at a hospital around here. The only thing it didn't cover is the physician fees, which end up costing a pretty penny. Still better than nothing. One day the doctor himself who read the EKG strip called my house because I owed money. I sent a little at a time, but he left a really nasty message on my answering machine nice, huh?!


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