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Anyone take a lose dose aspirin daily?

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If your dr. thinks a baby aspirin is enough a day it won't hurt, but remember aspirin is a blood thinner and Potsy people really don't need their blood any thinner. If your family has a history of strokes or heart attacks I'd consider it, but my cardiologist said at this time to skip it, I had enough stuff in my system.:-)

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Just curious -- what are you/your neurologist/cardiologist wanting to accomplish with the aspirin regimen? I am taking one 81-mg aspirin every other day (because when I take it daily, I get these tiny pin-size purple dots called petechiae). But I take it because I have a genetic clotting disorder that increases my chances for a clot.

I don't think I've read anywhere that POTS should be treated with aspirin, and POTS doesn't carry the same risks as heart disease. So I certainly wouldn't think it's necessary for you. But maybe you are taking it for another reason?


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Pre-POTS diagnosis I was having a lot of PVCs, PACs, and runs of SVT. I'm wondering if it was because of all of the rhythm problems? I hadn't been diagnosed with POTS yet. My neurologist suggested a baby aspirin for my migraines. I'm not sure if it is supposed to keep them at bay or what...I don't see the neurologist anymore. He was more concerned that I wasn't sitting up straight (told me I had bad posture) than visual/numbing issues I was having. Therefore, he was fired.

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The reason I take the low dose is for the rhythm problems certain dysrhythmias can let blood pool in your right ventricle and a clot can develop. I dont think its common tho. I havent had any problems with the 81 mg asparin. But you should ask your doc.

I didnt think "thin" blood was a POTS symptom, just low blood volume. All my clotting times are normal, but thats just me.



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19 minutes ago, CaddyGirl said:

Following this topic. I was recently diagnosed with POTS. My cardiologist did an echocardiogram while trying to diagnose & discovered a small PFO. She suggested a daily baby aspirin to prevent blood clotting, but I’m nervous that taking it could effect my POtS symptoms. 

Hi, I take a baby aspirin daily with out issues (done well with it) my blood is a bit on the thick side so it is warranted (it helps inhibit platelet aggregation) so there is a benefit.

I can't speak to if it affects on POTS symptoms but i have been able to tolerate the aspirin well. 

Can i ask what a PFO is?

Hope this helps.

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15 hours ago, MikeO said:

Can i ask what a PFO is

It's called "Patent Foramen Ovale", a harmless birth defect resulting in a hole in the wall between the atria. My daughter has it. I was told it is of no consequence unless deep sea diving that could cause air bubbles to form in the heart. 

I would take the aspirin and see how you tolerate it. IMO it should have no effect on POTS but as with all medications POTS patients have to do Trial-and -Error.

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