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Finally got appt with pcp


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I guess this may not be off topic, but it really doesn't matter where it is I guess. My Jan 4th appt got cancelled by my pcp office and I got put on the "cancellation" list. My gastro and hubs have been bugging me, along with too many others to name, to call and try and get an appt.

I called 3 times in Dec and couldn't get in ;) , then they made that one, then they cancelled it.

So I tried to get a power chair and he said NO!!! He won't make decisions like that on the phone. Well, DUH, I can't get in to see him. :huh:

So, having not the energy to fight off all these people that care about me, I called and got an appointment in 2 weeks. If it is not cancelled I will see him.

So now, I so don't want to talk about a chair. I have been trying to get out more (wedding renewal plans and all) but am greying out constantly. My poor daughter in law was terrified.

But I don't have the energy for this big old fight with him to get one. I don't think he wants to face how bad I am because it makes him feel bad. I don't have the energy to support him. I don't have the energy to support myself.

So am I being a martyr or what??????? tootiredmorgy :(

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Hi Morgan,

I am glad that you are finally going to be able to see him.

I would take the opportunity to talk about the wheelchair because who knows when will be your next appointment. There is no "good" time to talk about difficult subject. The longer you wait the harder it is in your every day life.

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Doesn't matter if the doctor feels bad.

You are the one that needs to LIVE IN YOUR BODY.

Tell him you NEED THE CHAIR. If you choose not to use it daily, at least it's there to HELP YOU get out and around the house. You DESERVE the chair.

I still think it was crummy of him to BLOW YOU OFF when he KNOWS you wanted to discuss the chair weeks ago.

Be your own advocate. Take somebody with you if it helps.

Make notes. Tell him you are tired of looking at the ceiling and risking concussions. Would he rather ignore your fainting risks? Is he going to be RESPONSIBLE for your black outs/grey outs? Being open to 'prescribe' the chair would take some liability off of him...I would tell him that too! :)

Good luck, kiddo. Stand your ground

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Morgan.. I am gald that you finally are getting an app. w/your PCP.. can you take your hubby along with you?? that whay if your not feeling up to nonesense that you hubs can talk to your doc about the much need for a hweelchair.. a power one.. preverablly! and one tha reclines back fully and has a foot thingy that comes up to prop the feet up when you are reclined.. and medicaid and medicare paid for mine..(it was before the changes at the first of the yr.. not sure diff. it will be now).. so dont let him pull the cr%p that insurance wont pay for something like that..Morgan..

you will most likely have to go thru a PT eval.. and provide medical documentation that you just arent physcially able to handle a manual chair.. which shouldnt be to terribly hard..

I wish that I was closer to you!! I would help you with this..I know that you are tired of fighting.. but you do deserve this help morgan!!

anywho.. hope that things work out for you morgan. I really do!


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I would think that he would much rather write for the chair than take care of a inpatient for a week hospitalized from a head bang. I would think it would be cheaper for the ins to do this also. You can tell him that it is all about weighing the benefits with the risks and that you feel that he should support you in your quest to actively try to improve your quality of life. It is afterall YOUR LIFE! I think the fight is worth it if you believe that you will benefit from it.

Good Luck Sis!

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a power chair would help you soooo much, i wish your doctor would understand. i am with ernie: there is never a good time to talk about this, you (and your doctor) just have to face this. i know (from experience) that once you've got the chair, you wish you would have had it earlier.

and now: vroom vroom go see your doctor, don't let him escape!!!!

warm wishes,

corina :)

oh, and let him know that YOU need HIS support!!!!!!

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They called today and moved me up to this Monday and kept the March appt! :lol:

I can only assume that he got a note I sent him stating it didn't look like I was ever going to get into him again. But thinking about it, I may have said I was never going to see him again, which he of course would interpret as a death knoll. Oh man....now I will have to explain that.... :) miserablemorgan

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When you sent the note you were upset, that's def. understandable. I think it's ridiculous that you had to wait soo long for an appointment, however, I am glad that they got you in for Monday. :)

I also agree if it makes you more comfortable that you should bring your husband along with you when you talk about getting a chair. You would be able to do alot more things if you had one.

Goodluck with your appointment and keep us posted!


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I passed out at my appt today and cracked my rib, and sprained my wrist and elbow.

He was in tears, he said he has never felt so helpless. He wants me to have a chair, it just feels like guving up, but he sees I need it. I told him I had mixed feelings about it too.

He said, "I will do anything for you, but sign a DNR" He won't give up that much. Anyway, thanks for your support guys. alldoneinmorgan

p.s. who knew a rib could hurt so much... :rolleyes:

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Morgan..I am confused...they said you were getting in Monday but you passed out at your appt TODAY. Did you mean Friday?

Anyway, I am GLAD YOU SAW YOUR DOC and that you fainted in front of him. Dang, Ihope you get more answers.

Oh, and don't forget to bring up the mitochondrial stuff!

Tie another knot and hang on.

Sorry about the ribs....I hear it only hurts when you breath, laugh, cough.....etc???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry sophia, It was for Monday, then they called yesterday and he decided to see patients today, so they called and asked if I wanted to come in. So you were right.

I never shower first thing in the morning, so it wasn't a good start. Then my vet called about my cat and I was on the phone after the shower and realized my neighbor (who is very scuzzy and scary) was looking through the window at my bare back side :o , which of course did not help my already frayed self. Man at least he's such a perve, he won't have me arrested, but I didn't do it on purpose. Brain fog is so lovely.

So I did talk to him and he read the stuff and he said yea it fits me, but it also says you can't do anything about it. He said to please bring him something that helped him help me. He said he is sooooo past anything psych, because I am disappearing before his eyes, he is desperate to just help me. My bp was 180/116. So I told him to put me on atenolol, because that would make him feel better. I will take a low dose. It gives me horrendous fatigue, but it has the least sides effects of anything I've taken.

I also gave him the ndrf tape that has doctor Grubb discussing hyperandrenergic pots. He says he will watch it right away. I told him Dr. G is talking about me and he will see he IS doing all he can with our limited stuff here. I just feel too crummy to travel across the country at this point.

So I called this afternoon and asked for a little codeine for my rib. ouch...Sue his nurse asked if I wanted an xray and I said only if they could fix it with one. It hurts way too much, not be at least cracked. But they don't even put binders around them anymore, so I would be going out again in agony just to prove it's cracked for no reason. She is calling in the drugs for me.

I also told him I wanted to take extra K+ when I felt like I needed it and he said,ok anything. I can tell when it's low, and he believes me. Should I say that again? He believes me.

I do have osteoporosis, and the ribs are pretty thin. So I'm on the heating pad, begging people not to make me laugh :o but the people I have told keep cracking up because I fell on a garbage can. Ah well....

Anyway, had to stop by here on my way from the bathroom and give you all a more coherent rendition, although looking at this, I don't appear much better do I??? B) takingthefifthmorgan

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OMG Morgan!! WOW!!

I am glad that your doctor believes you!! and that you are getting a chair..

my goodness .. god bless you morgan...I hope that you get relief from pain pills..

CYBER Hugs to you.. (those wont hurt you!!)

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AWWWWW!!! B) I just now read your post. I'm sorry....I thought I had already read this one but I guess maybe the title was similar to another one recently.

I send you a PM too but I wanted to say (which may not be an issue for you now) that a social worker told me to discuss the issue of a wheelchair in terms of SAFETY to a Dr. She said many Dr's don't understand quality of life issues but they definately here Safety concerns.

I'll PM you additional info as soon as I can get my thoughts and paperwork together again.

Hang in there. I don't know what to do for ribs....maybe moist heat and ibuprofen or aleve if you can tolerate it.

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Well, if he didn't get the safety part before, he sure did after! lol. Then the poor thing had to lift me up to get me on the exam table. I told him he must be grateful I weigh 100 now(although when limp as a noodle, you seem to weigh a lot more) as opposed to a couple years ago at 160. He just laughed, but I'm sure I saw the relief in his eyes....Thanks for the help Pooh...again

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