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dreaming about syncope?


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Hi folks I am having some issues like big time lately (the past week or so).. like last night for instance was a reall doozy..

My question is.. do any of you ever dream that you are passing out in your dreams? (very vivid dreams by the way..) and that one you wake up you are on the verge or are having a syncope spell.. even though you are laying down allready?

I had this happen several time yesterday.. and each time my entire body would go numb.. and get that funny feeling in it.. and I wouldnt be able to move for a few minutes.. the onyl way I can think to describe the numb feeling in my body is it is a cross between smacking my funny bone ( only afrom head to toe) and feeling like my entire body is asleep..it is not a good feeling.. quite painfull actually.. and the usuall syncope feeling like rapid HR.. sob..dizziness.. ect.

I am concerned about this.. as it only used to happen once in a while.. and now is happening ALL the time.. and with recent syncope events in the past week.. I just dont know...I have an app. to see my PCP this afternoon..

I feel that i am getting weaker in every sense of the word weaker.. and I cannnot hardly eat..or drink.. I try and force myself too.. but pain in the stomach is more then I can tolerate or bare at the present..and the weakness is apparent to the naked eye to other that know me and see how I am just slidding down hill..

I dont know what is happening to me but I do NOT like it!

sorry guys but had to ask about the dream thing.. and have a mini vent!

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When I was fainting every time I stood up I was also dreaming every night that I was fainting. I was so exhausted of it because during the day I was fainting and I night I was dreaming about it. Certain times I had the impression I was fainting in my sleep because I felt the same way I feel when I faint from a standing position.

Now that I faint x2 a week I don't dream every night that I am fainting. Usually when I do dream about it I faint the next day. I guess my body is warning me to be careful of something like that.

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yes ernie!.. sometime i will dream about fainting and will wake up feeling like I have fainted.. I get exhausted like I do after fainting..sometimes the next day i do faint..or my POTS symptoms will flare to the max and I am donw and out for days at t time..

I have often wondered if I am actually fainting in my sleep.. is that possibel to faint while sleeping? it scares me what my body is doing.. and that it is doing it allready while laying down!.. what am i suppose to do then when i fell like i am going to faint upright? if i am fainting when I am allready down??

geez this really *****! and si getting old real fast

thanks ernie!

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I'm sorry you are going through such a difficult time right now. This sounds really scary!

Whenever I used to lie in bed during my extremely weak/bad days I would get scared right before I fell to sleep because I wasn't sure if I was falling to sleep or fainting. This is so scary.

(I haven't dreamed of fainting but I've experienced anxiety because I've thought I was fainting while lying in bed.)

I wish I had more answers for you,


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Yes i dream that i am fainting sometimes ... but its sort of worse in my dreams as it seems to last longer than in real life. I dont know if i am actually fainting in real life or not.

I was worried that it meant i was overly obsessed with my health that it even invaided my dreams ... its kind of nice to know i am not the only one who dreams about fainting!

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Hi Linda,

I frequently have dreams where I'm fainting, it usually wakes me up to symptoms as though I faited in real life. When I was in the hospital last summer, the nurses said my heartrate goes down to the mid 30's when I'm asleep, so it's probable that I really am fainting in my sleep. Perhaps the same thing is happening to you?

I've developed an aversion to sleep as a result of all this, but I've learned that if I sleep with a small light on in the room, it's less scary when I wake up with symptoms. Perhaps this would help for you.

Take care,


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Do you think it's possible that you are having seizures in your sleep/upon waking? Just curious. I sent you a PM! B)


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jacquie---i have thought that I mmight have some weird kinda sleep problem.. but honestly dont know what itis.. I had a sleep study in 2004.. but I dont feel that it was acurate.. i wasnt symptomatic at the time i had the study done.. i think that if i had one now.. when i am having symptoms and crazy weird scary terrifiying and frightening things happen to me.. that maybe they'd see something interesting!!


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Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling quite well right now! I do hope you get a little energy and get to enjoy the day B) I know i have horribly vivid dreams, alot of times waking up covered in sweat. (i know, gross!) And i too have had syncope, and near-syncope after waking up in the morning, or during the night. Your not alone hun! Wish you the best and hope your pcp has some answers for you! :)


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