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Finally had a few good hours!


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Well I know I been done alot latley so I thought I would dorp aline and let you all know I had a good 1/2 a day today If was funny when I got up I felt really bad, it fact I stayed in bed till 11:00 am today, but around noon, I felt pretty good. So I got up and took a shower, (nd still was feeling good) so and even put make up on (been awhile since I did that. I even felt good enough to drive today! YEAH! ;) I even cook dinner today, and made up some dinners, that I froze so when I feeling down I can just put in the oven. I don't want to get my hopes up but it a nice feeling! I have felt this good in a very long time. That bad part is my legs are alread hurting and starting to feel dizzy. ( I think I over did it, but even if I am in bed for the next few days, it nice to finally have a good day again) I give you hope that thing are going to get better.

I am not sure if I told you all this, but I have an appointment next week on monday, with the cardio doctor that DX me with POTS in June. I am going to talk to him about the meds, in hoping he is will to try somthing new, and hopfully will, listen to what Cleveland doc wants, and thought was best. I am hoping they will agree to the IV fliuds if need when I am down. The Doctor was really nice, he just seem like it was very hard to find the right med for me and said I was a very hard case as there where so many other facters going on. ( other stuff with heart, and damage cause former ablations, and that fact that I saw little improvemnet with meds, and so on) I was looking around on the web for books on Syncope, POTS and NCS and ran into this book/ (Syncope: Mechanisms and Management by Blair P., M.D. Grubb (Editor), Brian, M.D. Olshansky. This 2nd edition came out late this fall, it even has chapters, regarding POTS, NCS, and CFS. Dr. Olshansky is the doctor I saw at the U of I. I don't want to get my hopes up, but maybe this vist will be better. At lease he will knows more then most of the local doctor and the U of Iowa is only 2 hours away.

Anyways thought I would give you all an up date. Have a great night!

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Hi, I am soo happy that you had a good day. DOn't you wish they just came along more often?! I have been having a few good half days, lol haven't really had a good full day. ;) I hope there are more good days to come for all of us!...Even a half day can do!


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Guest tearose

Thanks for sharing your good news. A half day of activity is wonderful!

And make up and cooking? That is terrific!

Hope you used paper plates for serving so you didn't have too much clean up!

You are right to try and not over do things. This is hard for all of us to judge since our funky bodies seem to change with the weather. :)

Enjoy the activity and recharge your energy when you can.

Good luck with the dr. appointment.

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HI!! I am so very glad that you had a half a day of being functional and feeling good!! that is great!!

I know tht when I have a good day or good hours that i really charish them!!



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