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So much harder to handle GI viruses/illness


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I cannot believe how difficult it is to have a 24-hour GI virus when you already have POTS. I woke up from a deep sleep last night to severe stomach rumbling, then spent the next two hours in the bathroom, holding a bucket (sorry for the imagery). My heart rate is breaking 120 while lying down and I'm having PVCs or PACs every few beats, despite taking my regular meds. I'm starting to wonder if you throw up, do you throw up the meds? I took them at 2 yesterday, so I would certainly think they would have been absorbed by the time I vomited.

But anyway, just wondered if you guys deal with these heart rate disturbances when you're sick. I know that when you have a fever, that it alone would cause tachycardia in a POTS-free person, but this is so odd. It has happened every time I've had the flu or a sinus infection or anything. Maybe today dehydration is at play? Any advice?


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Hi, I have noticed that everytime I am about to vomit I begin to feel faint, weak, dizzy, very sweaty, tachy (along with PVC's) and disoriented. I never knew if it was normal to feel that way or if it was just due to the POTS.


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I have the same problem. If I get any sort of cold or flu that comes around, I am really symptomatic. It isn't rare for me to have a resting HR of 140 when I am sick with a virus, and that is on both digoxin and a beta blocker. I think that it just throws my body off and exacerbates the POTS. It is like we have to deal with double the problems, fighting both the POTS and the virus.

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Isn't it amazing? A virus - so small, it can only be seen with an electron microscope, and it can wreak havoc with your nervous system.

As a matter of fact, I can usually tell that I'm "coming down" with something. My nervous system is "out of wack". I'm usually hit much "harder" when it happens, and it takes me twice as long to recover.

Boy, it's no fun catching a bug. :o

Hang in there.

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Oh Amy,

I'm so sorry to hear that you go ill. Hopefully you'll be on the mend soon. I know all about those nasty arrythmias, as I've been having a string of PACs this week that just won't quit and keep me from sleeping.

I pray every day that I don't catch a cold or virus b/c i am certain my body would react similarly to yours. I know it takes longer for us to recover and it really takes it toll on our heart and nervous systems.

I hope you feel better very soon.

P.S. I would think your medicine would have been absorbed by the time you tossed your cookies :D , but if you're having such strong symptoms, you may want to up your dosage.



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I just got over a stomache bug.. My heart was all over the place......That coupled with Lyme flares when I am sick can be very challenging.....

I forgot to add that for me extra fluids do help. I get home IV when I am ill...if nto for that I do not think I could adequately hydrate...and it helps my body fight the big much better,......

I would drink as much as possible Feel better! :D

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