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This a cause for dizziness


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Hey guys! Does anyone else have a problem with dizziness getting worse when they are in public. Like tonight I met up with my sister for her dinner break and we went into a restaurant which wasnt busy at all. However, 15 minutes (if even) into the meal I felt soo dizzy and weird I thought I was gonna faint. It got better when I went out to my car. It didn't completely go away but it wasn't as severe. I'm not sure if this is more related to POTS or my ear probs :( either way it stinks!


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For me its usually the neon lights in places like supermarkets, shopping centres, restuarants or places like that - I feel spaced out and dizzy almost straight away when im really bad - good days I can last out longer.

When I go to dinner and im feeling POTSie I ofetn find that I cant quite keep up with the conversation - all that looking around at different people - im not sure whether its the light or what it is, but I feel dizzy and spaced out often.

Thankfulyl I can tolerate the odd drop of alcohol and this seems to help me think clearler at dinners and such - but it is a real pain.

When I go to BBQs and its outside in normal sunlight I never have as big an issue.

My father had heart failure from a heart problem that he suffered before he passed away and he used to have poor blood flow to his brain and hypotension - he had the same problem with neon lights and busy areas. Maybe its just something that happens to people with blood flow problems to the brain?? I dunno - its weird.

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When I first got POTS, going to any kind of different setting (restaurants, movies, stores, etc.) would trigger my symptoms. The noises and lights and people make things worse, but even without them I would have symptoms. I think any new scenery can cause overstimulation. But I think by going to these places again and again over time, I actually got a lot more used to it. It is good to have someone with you that is supportive and can help to ease your fears when your symptoms act up. I still have increased symptoms sometimes when I go out, but it is much milder than before. I think it's just like walking or exercising with POTS. When you do it at first it's hard, but if you practice it gets a lot easier, and you can slowly build up your tolerance and overcome your fears...I think it's important to keep trying because doing things that "normal" people do can do a lot to lift your spirits!

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