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Anyone with orthostatic dystolic hypotension?


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hi kim -

i'm guessing that you mean diastolic rather than dystolic hypotension? orthostatic diastolic hypotension is thus simply a more specific description of the type of orthostatic hypotension. a blood pressure measurement is comprised of two parts - the top number is systolic, the bottom diastolic. thus the number that drops (some have a diastolic drop, some systolic, some both, some have drop in one & rise in another, for some it varies) is the term used for the descriptor. these can all be types of autonomic dysfunction

not ALL orthostatic hypotensions are necessarily dysautonomias though b/c OH can occur transciently in "normal" folks for reasons such as medications, dehydration, deconditioning, etc....which doesn't mean that a person has a dysautonomia.

hope this helps a bit,

:P melissa

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Yeah, I get orthostatic diastolic hypertension. That just means that the bottom number of your blood pressure goes up when you stand up. When I'm feeling really crappy, the bottom number goes from 60 to 90 (i.e., from good to really bad). The orthostatic diastolic hypertension can go along with narrowing of the pulse pressure (i.e., the difference between the top and bottom number goes down). My nephrologist said that when it goes below 11 or so, you are not really getting circulation in your brain. He called it "decapitation." What amazed me was that I could understand and remember what he said when I was in that condition. I think that my brain switches to anaerobic metabolism for a while.

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When my bp bottoms out, my diastolic pressure is unreadable, leaving only a systolic pressure. I stay conscious most of the time--once during a test, I was at 30 systolic and was still standing up and talking.

So, yes, it's fits the profile... not saying that you're dx is or is not correct, just that what you're asking about isn't outside the bounds of what many of us deal with daily.


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hmm.. interesting.. topic..

forgive me but I am having a major blonde moment!! LOL :ph34r::D

Ok systolic is the top Number ??

Diastolic is the bottom number ??

OK my Top number tends to go up and down when ever it darn well pleases.. (par for course..) typically ranging anywhere from 47-160

and my bottom number will range anywhere from 23-115... big differences there..

Like NINa mentioned.. my BP can bottom out and I still will be able to chatter on.. and comprehend what is going on... though I may not remeebr it later on...

I know that a few times after having passed out that my BP is quite low.. and probably got lower right before and during the syncope spell...

depending on the potsy kinda of day will depend on how much I spike or dip (drop) when standing or moving or sitting up..

Oh yeah here in septemebr I had to go have PT eval done.. and I was so syncope feeling it wasnt even funny.. well they took my BP and my top Numbre was 150 while my bottom number was 0.. no wonder I felt so rotten!!

and the nurses who check my Bp are always looking at the cuff checking to see if it is malfunctioning or something.. I'm like nope its not.. my body is wacked out.. and if your are getting nutty readings then that is what it is..

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well guess im a blond to ?

im reading are all over the place! my doc is great he try to explane it to me but i just donot got IT.

so here i try ,normaly im low range at 90/60.when im blood pools to lower body,say from standing,walking or just sitting up my brain says to heart speedup to get blood to brain BUT heart speedup no blood gets to brain bp still goes dowwn to 40/20 or lowwer i pass out mean time heart is going 200 . when i passout i [hopfully] fall flat. helping blood go to uper part of body,getting blood to brain.then hr gos to120/100 easyls .isearly confuses mt if they donot know me most in my town know my far to to well.

i wake up very confuse for about 20 to 30 min.with a massive haed ace,then i am so sleepy its not funny.hope this helped a little.

my doctor come out of retirement to trete me his wife has pots too.

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Both of mine drop, it has been so low even lying down that the machine would not register it, but I still did not pass out. Probably would have if I would have set up. My b/p is all over the board only thing is I have had such low blood pressure for so long. Any spike in my b/p causes me to have mini strokes so this is quite a delima for my docs. I have to monitor my b/p very closely. But I have been going at it for so long that I can tell just by how I feel if my b/p is high or low. Mrs. Glass aka Vanessa

Are all orthostatic hypotensions in the same catagory? Do they all fall under Dysautonomia? I've got so many questions.... :ph34r:



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I fit right into this post. My blood pressure is getting to be a horrible problem. When I first developed POTS I didn't have any blood pressure issue. The pressure issues started a good 6 to 12 months after initial symptoms.

I think that most of my cognative, memory and vision problems are due to the BP. Lately my pressure is spreading in gap. 100/40. I normally run about 90/60. I've been as low as 60/40. As high as 164/can't remember.

I just wish I didn't have the memory problems with this issue. I'm sure it's lack of oxygen to the brain.

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