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Alive and Kicking!!


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My second topic of the day, i felt it needed to be said.

After reading mighty mouse doing so well and me taking up running i decided its best to start back at the gym.

Ive did a full week and worked out my arms, legs, back, sholders, abs, chest ect ect. and i ran:


I did one mile befor my session and 2 miles after! I completed 1 Mile in 9 mins, and 2 miles in 20mins. I was so proud of myself, ive been on a high all weekend. These paranoid spells i get are dropping off me, tachycardia, palpatations, skipped beats, PVCs, low BP, dizziness and all the rest of it are not effecting me, i still get it sometimes but my anxiety is very low!

Lets hope this good spell continues. Im that high that i went for a job interview ON MY OWN! and can now slowley do things ALONE!

May everyone take a leaf from each others books and fight as much as you can!!!!

PS. My total mileage for this week was 6 Miles. Im hoping to get it to 20 miles per week within 6 months and in 12 i hope to have it to 40 and start training for the London marathon in 2007.

Im doing treadmill running but once i feel compitent and brave ill start doing hill runniong and road running.

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congrats...i'm impressed :)

:P melissa

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