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humming leg


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Okay, this is so weird, I'm only going to talk to you guys about it okay? ;)

I have not seen this posted, which is what I usually do, wait and if you wait long enough, sure enough someone's got what you are having, but here goes.

For the last couple of weeks, I have had the strangest sensation in my leg. The left one. I will say I have fairly significant degeneration, spurs and a hemangioma, causing the 3rd lumbar to bulge.

Anyway, This is not a painful thing, like you'd expect with a disc or something. But my leg gets this thrumming sensation from my legt butt cheek clear into my foot. It happens after I've been sitting awhile or if I'm up walking. I feel like I want to shake it out or something, but it just comes and goes on it's own. I do have SI joint pain, but this is like after you've been driving for a really long time and when you get out of the car, your arms still feel the vibrations. I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's very hard to describe.

When I took care of renal patients, they would often have a fistula, which is when you attatch an artery to a vein. We would palpate this and it was called a thrill ( don't ask me why B) ) But it was this buzzy vibrating sensation.

As I said, it's not painful, doesn't match my pulse and is so annoying. Since most of my doctors have placed me in the field of chock full a nuts, I thought I'd run this by you, as you are all far more understanding. :P Thanks a bunch...morgan

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Morgan, when you said your leg hums, all i could wonder: what kind of music? Broadway show tunes? Classic rock? Does it sound like a kazoo??

Seriously, I don't know if I get what you get but I DO know sometimes, my left leg falls asleep when I am sitting upright or even in bed. Or I get that need to shake it because is just feels like it's on a mild vibrating chair or something.

It's very weird. My room mate has a recliner with heat on the back and some cheesy loud vibration for different spots. When I turn the leg rest on vibrate, I IMMEDIATELY get light headed!?! so that is weird..like the increase circulation is drawn to my legs from my brain.

matter of fact, lyiing in bed with this laptop, my left leg is doing the sensatin of falling asleep again or tingling. It's very odd.

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Hi Morgan,various parts of my body hum and buzz at any given time. My hands buzz big time when I push grocery carts. My legs fall asleep at any given time with or without activity. After MS was ruled out a few years back, I decided it all is just part of my funky circulation problems. My legs actually are quite painful at times, hence the Klonopin at night for Resless Legs syndrome. So, I'm basically a one-woman symphony (at least on the inside).


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Hi Morgan,

Last year I started having this vibrating sensation in my lower abdomen. It would come and go. Then I started to have it in my feet. It was like a buzzing sensation, almost if someone held a electric razor or a vibrating cell phone to your body. I went to the neuro, he dismissed any serious disorder and told me it was part of BFS, benign fasciculation syndrome. I also started to get twitching in different areas. I had problems with sciatica and he felt it could definately be from that. It has lessened since but still comes back at times.

Now when I get a medical massage and the therapist stretches my leg up, I sometimes get the buzzing feeling in my toes, he says it is from the tight muscles pressing on the nerve and/or the pull of the leg pulls the nerve in the lower lumbar area where my sciatica starts. I can't ride a stationary bike or as stupid as it sounds, when grocery shopping I sometimes ride the outside of the cart with the kids in it and the vibrations after I get off, wow,,my feet/legs are tingly..lol

It may not be what you experience but since you said you have si problems it may be. ;)

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I have multiple disc herniations, c2-3, c4-5, fused c5-6, c6-7, c7-t1, and I have other joint issues related to EDS III with everything being way too mobile, but my muscles way too tight (ahh, the wonders of the body compensating).

I get the buzzing in my arms and hands.


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Hiya Morganzilla!!

I dont get the humming in my legs like you described.. but I DO get huming in my head... right behind my ears.. and it is like there is a line from ear to ear of electricity buzzing through my head...sometimes it does sound as though there is a swarm of bee's in my head..

i can relieve the humming "bee's" in my head by putting my head down or laying down..

I'm glad that you posted about your humming kazooo..

I have only ever mentioned the humming to a doc once.. about 9 months before I got diagnosed w/ pots.. I remeber says to the doc.. "its like there is electricity running through my head.. do you understand what I am trying to tell you??""

He of course said no.. I have never heard of such a thing!.. and told me to contact a psychiatrist for mental health...



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