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Flying Tomorrow

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

I'm flying back to Hawaii tomorrow to finish the semester and sell my stuff before moving back to VA. I'm really nervous, it's a 10 hour flight. Fortunately, I had enough frequent flyer miles to bump up from coach to business class, but I've heard I still won't be able to lie down all the way.

My flight over was okay, but I was stronger and feeling better then, and it still took me a week to recover... okay now I'm just whining.

Wish me luck, and please tell me any good or funny flight stories to ease my mind :)

- lauren

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Oh wow... lauren... pls. have a safe and "Uneventful" flight to Hawaii.. load up on the salt and water and gatorade..

Take things slow.. request a wheelchiar or something getting off the plane...

do you anti-nausea pills and stuff??

hugs to you

take care


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take your own bottled water for the plane or gatorade...salty snacks can help, too.

Do you know the drinking water lines on the plane are FILTHY and full of bacteria. This has made news numerous times but in case you missed it, take plenty of water fore your trip andif you use ice cubes, ask about the source.

I haven't been able to fly in 13 years but I have a kind of funny jet story

My room mate is a pilot and took some friends up in a single engine plane at our local airport. A couple of pilots were there (one was GORGEOUS!) and notice my sitting on the bench watching the planes and enjoying the sunny, cool day. Well this pilot starts talking to me and I asked about his job. He downplayed it staying it was a glorifed 'chauffer' job. I was admiring the jet he was flying. He asked "would you like to see inside?"

Well heck yes! So we went into the plane and I saw how "the other half lives'..the owner was at a college visitiing his daughter. This pilot let me sit in the cockpit and it was small and claustrophobic. but so COOL to see what they see.

Then, I had to be a little bit too curious and ask "does an upscale jet like this have it's own bathroom?" The pilot looked sheepish and grinned and lifted up a lid. It looked like a big cooler and he said "this is the toilet". I didn't even get up from the pilot seat to look!!

I said "right here? In front of the plane for everybody to see?" He laughed and said' "you have to go REALLY badly to use it and there is a curtain for privacy!!

Well, leave it to me to think about my tiny bladder flyiing in a milion dollar aircraft and holding things in for 3-4 hours. I would need a pair of depends or a jar for my bladder.

So much for buying my own jet someday.

Walk around when you can and do toe raises to get the blood going. Best of luck.

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Good luck Lauren, but going somewhere as nice as hawaii has gotta be worth a day or two of feeling bad :( !!!

(sorry, but I am from a really dull, cold rainy part of the Uk, the thought of somewhere as nice as hawaii makes me very jealous :):):D )!!!

I hope all goes well for you x

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Well, sheep's hitting the fan. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and now it looks like I have a cold. Man, I thought I felt sick just with the POTS. I feel like a truck has run me over...I can barely complete a sentence without forgetting what I started to say, and my pressure's in the toilet. I'm worried that if it gets any worse I'm going to have to cancel my flight.

Is it possible to be too sick to fly? How do I know?

- Lauren

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my computer battery is about to die & i have no electricity to plug it into...uh yeah, major wind in cleveland :)

but wanted to wish you well in your travels. i'd second the advice for mega fluids & salty snacks & wheelchairs to & from the plane....for me to is even more important b/c of potential security lines & whatnot.

i'll have to save my funny flight stories though for later...

:D melissa

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is it possible to speak with doc about cold meds to HELP YOUR EARS before flying?

also I would consider a surgical mask..or a bandana to keep over face and nose...just pretend to cough a lot and nobody will ask questions.

Course, there is always a stigma of looking like Michael Jackson...but seriously, I have heard medical guys say to WEAR a mask if you are vulnerable..while flying.

AND if you can get your sinuses and ears protected, it can cost a fortune to rebook the flight.

but make sure you are up to it....best of luck.

Found this link on air travel and colds. So REMEMBER CHEWING GUM..that helps for ear pressure.



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Have a safe trip! Drink a lot and keep salty snacks with you. Also Compression hose worked wonders for me .....! :)

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I didnt read the part where you are sick. Gosh everyone ias this cold lately!

Anyway I have flown many times with a cold... Its not the most fun I ever had but I made it through with my nasal spray...also have you tried "Ocean"? its a saline nasal spray that helps keep your sinuses moist.... You can get it in most drug stores.....CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens etc...

I really hope you feel better.

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Oh my!! everybody is getting sick!!

I hope that you feel better before your flight...

Melissa... we are getting some nasty weather here in Erie too!! It is SSSSOOOOOOOO freggin'windy.. and just pouring outside!! YUCK!!!!!!!!

Lauren good luck with your flight.. and hope that you can enjoy yourself some while you are there... hugs to ya girl....


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Hi guys,

I survived the flight, although I crashed about 6 hours into it. My bp dropped and my pulse became very irratic. The flight attendants had to ask for a doctor over the intercom, it was pretty embarassing. I did manage to stay conscious, they had me lay down accross three seats with my legs up and that seemed to help.

I've been in bed for the past two days recovering, still not able to get up, or even sit up for that matter. I'm sorry I haven't responded to any posts. I'm going to have to wait till I'm better before trying to read too much. Just giving everyone an update.



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Its ok to whinge ;) (well i think it is hehe)

Flying is scary!

I hope you have a good trip and you dont aggrivate your symptoms too much.

You go to college in Hawaii?

I stayed at the university of Hawaii a few years back (hmm i think that was its name .. i forget but can find out if i was wrong)


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