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Well aliitle while ago I wrote about my sons legs giving him problems. Well Wednesday we went to see a specialist. He checked out his legs(touching, watching him walk....)said to the eye things looked good. He did an x-ray, it showed two "shadows" on his right knee, and 1 large "shadow" on his left knee.

The doctor said that they were sists(?), but they looked benign. He took another x-ray of the sides of his knees, and it showed them larger then from the front. He said the pain could be a combo of growing pains, plus these sists.

He wants an MRI in Akron Childrens hospital, so in case he needs to be sedated, and or if they do find anything. He said most likely nothing will come of them, unless they are to large, that they need to be taken out, and or the are not benign.

Plus, on top of this, my husband was laid off again. My systoms of course are acting up do to all this wonderful(NOT) stress. We did pick up another paper route, for which he is doing, atleast I don't need to be out doing that now, get to sleep in a little longer, or atleast till the kids get up.

On top of all this, my van needed breaks, so when we took it to the mechanic, we of course, had to drive my husbands van, just got on the freeway home, when the engine blew! Had to sit and wait for a tow, now mech. wants 1500.00 for putting a new one in. I told him we had to wait, due to hubby not working, and we really don't need the second van. So atleast saving a little by not having to carry full coverage on the broken down van.

Just can't wait to go see about my son. Atleast the doctor seemed nice, but had no idea about POTS, so we will see.

Plus, I am to go see Dr. Fouad on the 28th, can't wait for that, I hope she will put me on flourif everyday, or something. I feel the best when I am on it the week before my period. That used to be my worst time, but with it, I seem to be better.

Thanks for listening. Sorry for ranting.


Hope everyone is doing well.

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Tracy, when it rains, it pours doesn't it? I 'm sorry for all of this.

A note of comfort, my son and nephew had the same thing happen. My son has two tumors in his left leg and my nephews is so large , it goes all the way down the humerus. (the long bone) The tumors are fibrous, benign, and usually no big deal. I will hope that what's going on. My nephew is having a minor surgery for his and my son, nothing, as they don't interfere with anything. Hope that helps you.

I hope things look up soon. As the famous Dr. Phil says, sometimes he can promise things will get better, because they can't seem to get worse....morgan

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What a stressful and draining time you are having :angry:

I really hope that there is good news for your son and that the other problems sort themselves out. Hang in there and keep us updated as to how it all goes.

Thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts! (im still not convinced on this positive thinking stuff ... but hey its worth a shot :) )

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Thank you all,

As for when he is to be seen, is still up in the air. When we saw the doctor on last Wednesday, he told me his secretary would call the next day to set it up. He left me telling me see you some time next week. Well I thought we would get the call. Needless to say, I called on Friday, left a message and no one returned my call. I called again yesterday, actually spoke to a person, she told me she would get right back, well she never did.

Also, the doctor told me one reason he wanted it at Akron, was so we could try and not put Jereth under, but if it didn't work with him awake, they could put him under and continue. The person I talked to told me, that if it didn't work with him awake, they would have to reschedule to put him under. WOW what a different story from the doctor.

Keep you all posted, hopefully soon. Thank you again.


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Just off the phone with a nurse. Jereth is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23.

The test starts at @10 am. She said that we will beable to try to do it without sedection. If he can't hold still long enough, then they can sedate him and finish. Atleast we won't have to reschedule. I sure hope that he can do it without meds.

And I sure hope everything is ok. Hopefully we will have something to be very thankful for on Thanksgiving the next day.

I just keep praying. Any good thoughts and prayers our way, we will be very grateful for.

Thanks Tracy

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