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Today sucks!!


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I thought I was on my way back to feeling half way decent, til I woke up this morning!! UGH, I think I am having every symptom all rolled in one. When I woke up I immediately felt 500 pounds on lifting my head. After I finally managed to get up I was so lightheaded, clammy, shaking, sweating, it was awful. I swear every bone in my body hurts today.

I sat on the floor with my dog crying for about twenty minutes, til I finally decided I wasn't doing this today!! I managed to get in the shower/kind of like one of those lets hang on the wall and do your best times. But guess what here I am four hours later, hair still in the towel and yep guess I am doing this today. Not as bad but still feeling shakey, and lightheaded, very very tired. and my faithful "Buddy" is right by my side..

It is pouring outside, dark and gloomy. I am wondering if this kind of weather makes our symptoms worse. I have read a couple of posts and it seems everyone has been feeling a little bad lately. What do you think..

Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulders,


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Cry away!!!! ;)

I'm sorry your sick! Just make the most of the down time.... get a good book and try to not panic when you get emotional the symptoms get worse!

Snuggle up with your dog and try and feel better soon!

Drink LOTS of water and becareful in the shower hot water will make symptoms worse. I bought a hand held shower attachment for when I'm down I can sit in the tub and still enjoy a shower!

I can dish it but I'm not good at taking it <_< so count on returning the pep talk sometime! That's what is good about this forum when one of us is down the others are there to hold our hands!

Hugs!! :)


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Sue, hang in there!!! There will be ups and downs. Bummer that you're in a down period...but, a good period will follow. Try to think positively if you can.

Big hug. Nina <_<

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Oh, Sue -- blech! <_< I'm so sorry!

I hope tomorow will be a better day for you! Sounds like a terrible morning.

Can you have a friend bring you a little plastic chair (even one sized for a kid can work) or an official shower bench for days like these when you're motivated enough for a shower? I've got one of these on hand now for use when I have to wash my hair. Standing with my arms over my head just ain't a good idea!

Anyway, I'm happy you have a Buddy to rest with! Animals are the best, aren't they?

Take care,


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It is always so horrid when we find ourselves in a POTS hole, and thinking when is this going to end - the good news is that it does get better, and that as a group we are so incredibly strong, and together we can help each other, when times are tough, with friends who understand it just seems so much better.

I have been told this small piece of advise so many times, but listen to your body and take every bit of today just one step at a time <_<

My thoughts are with you


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I often feel better after a good cry myself (even though I get upset at myself for feeling sorry for myself). I don't understand the mechanism of action but it does help...maybe it is our body's natural release of frustration, sadness, whatever overhwelming emotion it might be. I have days like that and I abhor them. It is a fight on those days to raise my emotions above my circumstances and I do it by trying as hard as I can to take my mind off the way I feel. Music, a book, whatever I can. It doesn't always cure, but usually helps.

Yes, I think the weather can effect us. Somebody mentioned barometric pressure changes to me recently and I've been meaning to start looking at the weather.com website and see if I notice any connection in the way I feel with this barometric changes in weather. Who has the time though? I'm in the process of documenting my symptoms every day for 2 solid weeks for my upcoming appointment with a new specialist...you want to get depressed...evaluate and focus on your feelings every day like that. Not that I don't do it anyway, but it is somehow more depressing to have to evaluate your every feeling and write it down.

I tell you the only thing that truly gets me through the bad days is knowing there will be days I will feel better again and then I just ride it out until I do. You will feel better again too so just relax and ride it out...and yes have a good cry when you need to. It helps a lot too...clears the fog and brings things back into focus.

I'm hoping your good day comes back as soon as possible! Keep us posted!

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Poor dear. Gentle hugs your way.

The down times wouldn't be so bad if we could plan ahead for them. I'd like to have a POTS channel on TV. Why not we have 500 cable stations? Our POTS channel would be able to predict when our down times were going to occur, how severe they would be and most important how long they were going to last.

"Welcome to the POTS Television Network, your satalite dish readings indicate that this will be a sunny week for your symptoms. You will be able to make all your meetings and obligations, albeit a bit slower than most. Make sure you take time to nap on Thursday, because you are going to need a little extra energy by the week's end. On Saturday, the forecast calls for pain and dizziness, with a light sprinkling of nausea by late afternoon. You won't be able to get out of bed, do your food shopping, or even take a shower by Sunday. So tuck in bed, or lie on the floor, that's where you will end up anyway if you try to stand, but never fear by Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. you will begin to feel like yourself again. Thank you for visiting the POTS Television Network."

Hope you feel better soon.

Light, love and laughter your way.


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Hang in there, it will pass and were here for you. It's nice that you have such a loyal friend to be with you and stand by your side in such a horrible time.

And thank god for EM always providing and finding the humor in all of this. Keep up those cute little news briefs please! Loved the last one, hope you don't mind if I try to find it to paste on here: (sorry EM I couldn't resist as I have printed your cute little antidotes and stuck them to my door - Thank you!)

No matter how long, I've had this I still can't seem to gracefully accept the "bad days". And perhaps it wouldn't be so bad as long as they came with some kind of disclaimer like:

"This is a test. This is only a test. For the next 24 hours you will be unable to stand reliably, go to the grocery store, cook dinner for your family, or in any other way function as a normal productive member of society. However, by tomorrow you will feel a bit better and resume your limited capacity functions. Thank you this concludes the test of the POTS emergency channel."


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Sue -

Hope you are feeling better today, even if it's just a little bit.

My daughter has learned a few "tricks" over the years. She doesn't take standing showers, she sits in the tub (has for the past seven years). She never stands in front of a mirror to dry her hair, she always sits on her bed. Instead of standing in front of the vanity to put her make-up on, she sits on the floor. Instead of standing at the sink to brush her teeth, she sits on the toilet (lid closed of course, unless she wants to multi-task).

Hope at least one of her "tricks" will help you. I pray for you.


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