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  1. Hi All, Isn't it funny how when you need things the most.... they seem to find you! I have been struggling with something completely un-related to POTS (well maybe it is related in some weird way), and today for no reason I get a notice in my inbox to access the DINET forums as someone has posted me a message. The message was about my poll on "causes", and was sent to me yesterday. I've never received notification before yet people have contacted me via my inbox... I was desperate when I posted these polls to try and research what was going on in my body, and why I was experiencing all these
  2. I second that it feels like you have had five glasses of wine, but without the enjoyment of the relaxing feeling that comes with the first two, but with immediate full "drunk effects" It becomes difficult to concentrate, your words slurrhh, you go more wobblely than usual on your feet. Things become "foggey" it's like everything is happening somewhere else, and your just being dragged along. You get all jumbled say things back to front and generally get all in a pickle. My brain actually hurts, and it's like your trapped in another world. Mine is happening for longer each day at the moment, a
  3. Hello, I seem to recall being in there about an hour...
  4. Danabob - please try not to cry, but if you want to, try and let it all out and then take a big breath and be really brave. Remember we are all part of little POTS world, we are a little POTS family... Most of the time we can laugh in the face of adversity - somehow together we can cope, pulling each other through in most horrid of circumstances. Sometime we don't do so well (everyone has their weak moments of tears - mine last night lasted about an hour) but in the main, together we are so strong. My brain fog really has reached a point of "madness" this week, today has been better though,
  5. I've heard of origins, if anything ever goes wrong with my brand (I have in the past suddenly had to change products - hope not as i love the clarins) I shall maybe give origins a try Another tip if your skin can cope is fake tan - works wonders! (Again clarins do a range, but i'm not sure if this would be perfumed..)
  6. Hello, Here is the UK it's not compulsory but highly recommended that all young people attending uni etc take the vaccine - I never took the vaccine as it was not recommended prior to my leaving university. I believe you are at greater risk up until the age of 24/25. This is an absolutely terrible illness, and is often fatal if not caught quick enough - it is very hard to detect in the early stages. Symptoms start with flu like symptoms, and a rash that when pressure is applied does not disappear (perfect way to check is with a glass) amoungst other things You should discuss this with your d
  7. I also am incredibly pale, and do sometimes suffer with the dark circles. Little make up tip... To hide them, try Clarins version of toutche(sp) Eclait, it covers better than the Yves St Lauren (sp) one and it has light reflecting pigments - otherwise use your usual foundation, tissue, re-apply and then put on powder. Clarins also do a great eye gel, which really works well. Clarins products are all natural, and they have yet to cause me any problems with allergies etc.
  8. Hello, I'm a sales/ major accounts manager within the telecommunications industry, specialising in satellite telecommunications. (this really is not as interesting as it sounds ) It is really interesting is to see the varied professions that we work within. Take care everyone Louby
  9. Hello, I am struggling really badly with the whole brain fog thing today It is driving me mad, it is like I am looking down on myself, controlling the actions and movements like a puppeteer or that I am so deep inside myself that I am screaming to be let out. The only other way I can describe it is that I feel completely drunk, my words slurrh and I make no sense what so ever. I just wondered what we can do in times of bad brain fog, mine is getting worse and worse just lately. I am suffering with periods of about 4 hours in the afternoon where I am completely useless. I usual drink coffee,
  10. i've ticked the not sure box, as i am due to find out this week if i have EDS, as well as POTS.
  11. Bless your cotton socks I saw your thread, and was so hoping things went well and to see what happened - i am so delighted that your birthday went well for you, and taht you enjoyed every second... I woud love some cheesecake right now So delighted you had such a lovely birthday - keep smilling, I think that just hearing your story that a lot of people may have a little bit of extra hope inside them today. louby x
  12. Hello Everyone The idea that there is something out there that may stop my brain fog is heaven. I have been suffering very badly with it, and it is lasting for longer periods of time. I plan to do some research a little later this afternoon. I try to remain as strong as I can, but I am fed up with being limited in so much of what I do. I plan to ask for a 48 hour heart monitor/BP to be done whilst I am on my medication, to see what I am going through in my daily life - to see if I can work out the triggers for the brain fog. When I have had the monitors in the past I have been off meds, and
  13. I am really interested in this as well, I take just florinef, I'm off to see my proffesor in about a month, and i am going to ask him about this. what kind of medication is this?? My brain fog is terrible at the moment, it has been geting worse over the last couple of months (i have also been diagnosed for about two years) I wonder if as we become more "used" to the symptoms and down days that we end up pushing ourseleves harder and this contributes to the increase in brain fog, as without realising it we are exhasuted, with all those extra heart beats....
  14. Sue - Just a quick happy birthday - hope you do enjoy your glass of wine, please let us know how it goes
  15. You poor thing, that is must be awful. I take florinef only, (yes it is a steriod), and have not had any problems with weight gain, sometimes the opposite. I don't know what to suggest, woudl it be possible for you to bring your appointment forward, or call/e-mail him??? The very best of luck with everything
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