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  1. hilfgirl33 - Can you please explain what they do in cranial osteopathy then? I'm sorry if I missed it in the posts on this subject...I'm getting confused!
  2. Wow, I am interested in this cranial therapy thing and also have been considering doing acupunture (though afraid of the needles so thought maybe acupressure might be an alternative). The thing, finding somebody around here that does the cranial sacral therapy will probably be a challenge though I've located a person who does chinese medicine and she is the wife of my GYN/ONC who I highly respect. The drawback to all of these alternative treatments of course for me is the money too. Since I got sick we are really struggling financially, but I am going to keep these things in mind for a futu
  3. Also, if anybody knows how to find a doctor around where I live that does this that would be great (near Toledo, Ohio) (that is the cranial sacral therapy). What type of doctor are they considered? Wouldn't even know where to begin looking. Not like a chiropractor right? Don't want anything cracked or manipulated!
  4. Pamyla - thanks for the link for more info. It sounds interesting. I have also briefly considered acupuncture (but afraid of needles) and thought acupresure might be a good alternative. If anyboody has tried these I'd be interested to hear of any benefits. Geez what I just wouldn't give for a full body massage done by a professional massage therapist....but bills too high and money too tight since not working full time anymore, being off work for months, and even with insurance multiply 10 ER visits x 75.00 co-pays and 2 hospitalizations x 500.00 co-pay and you begin to see...but oh boy somed
  5. Can the experienced people explain more what this is? TIA
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