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BP question for you all


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Hi folks..

well just a quick run down yesterday tachycardia hit me full blast.. my resting HR is running about 204-210...and any movement no matter how small it may be.. sets it off even more.. and it goes higher.. its really scary..

It is still running quite high today approx 160-180 resting rate.. and spike up to about 216 upon sitting up or standing or movement...

has toltally wiped me right out..

Well i dragged myself to the Rehab place today for my PT evaluation for my wheelchair..

Well that went well.. my HR and BP explained themsleves...

My question is... she checked my BP and then rechecked it.. and she said that my BP was 150/0======== meaning that she could not get a bottom reading... and I was so syncopal feeling tht I could barley hold my head up or see straight! and she would not tell me what my HR was.. all she said was it was quite high.. and I kinda figured that on my own.. with how I was feeling..

I felt like that for a good 20 minutes.. and then it cleared up some.. but my BP.. now that is what was weird to me

How can you have a top number of 150/ over nothing? and the top # is high for me.. considerering that I runn anywhere from 60-122 top number..

Have any of you experienced this weird BP thing?

On a cool note.. I got to test out that power wheelchair outside... ITwas AWeSOME!! I got to buzz around on it from the hospital up to the busstop.. which is about 3-4 city blocks...

They PT lady and the Wheelcahir guy asked me how I was geting home and I told them I was taking the bus.. there like well how are you going to get from herre to there.. I said walk..

The lady (darned if I can remeber her name!) she is like OMG! No you can not walk down there not with how you HR and BP is.. so the wheelchair guy said well why dont you give that wheelcahir a test drive to the bus stop and I will meet you there.. So I did..

And I didnt feel self conscious or weird buzzing down the sidewalk.. like I thought I would.. I felt so very relieved to not have had to walk all that way.. had I had to of walked down to the bus stop I would have hit the pavement in no time flat.. and the HR of mine my lord.. with the heat.. YUCKY!

But anyways it was really cool.. and it handles good on the curbs and road and sidewalk..I got to play around with the speed too..(LOL>> HAHAHAHAHA!) Dale Earnhart Jr.eat my dust!

But anyways they said now that it should take about 1 month for medicaid and medicare to do there thing..

so folks I gives me great relief knowing that the ball is movig on things..

I just feel that even though my health is in the crapper right now, that hope is waiting there is the horizon..w/ the wheelchair.. upcoming app. w/ Dr. grubb and still waiting for a apartment to open up.. but I feel hopefull!!

Love ya guys! :wub:

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hi, you have such a wonderfully positive attitude...you are an inspiration. I never had a bp with no number. I have had some bouts with high bp with tachycardia which was unusual for me cause I usually have low bp with tachycardia. I have only had 2 experiences with my hr being 200 & above. In one I ended up seizuring and at the hospital and found I was having an adverse reaction to one of my medications. For this I was just given Ativan, an IV, monitored, and baby aspirin, and had to stop taking the med that was the culprit. The other time my hr got that high was during my tilt test prior to my faint. For that I was given nitro spray under my tongue. So 2 different causes for this experience. But I guess if it were me if the tachycardia with your hr continues to be this high I definatley would be checking with the doctor, just in case.

Glad to hear that the ball is moving on things and you will be seeing Dr. Grubb!

Take Care and keep that wonderful attitude!

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Hey Dizzy--

It's great that you had some compassionate people to help you out with the wheelchair! What great news that you were able to get one, first of all, and then take it to the bus stop too. I have to say that it's weird that you had a systolic BP but no diastolic. I've had my BP so low that they couldn't get either one, but never high like that. Hmmmm...not sure what to make of it. It always makes me nervous when they can't get my BP. I wonder to myself "am i still alive?" :wub:

Enjoy your new wheels!


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Hi all..

thanks for your replies... I have no explaination for todays BP issue other then.. my lord nothing surpirses me anymore when it comes to pots..

And I cannot wait to "officially" get my wheels!! they said that it will take about 30 days.. so I am praying that there will be no burocratical surprises instore for me in regards to medicade/medicare...

I actually am starting to feel alittle bit better the I have felt over the past 2 days...my Hr is starting to come down. its about 180-ish.. and I dont feel so syncopal...I scarfed down some green olives and a healthy choice meal. and of course the gatorade and water... so high doses of salt.. YEAH!

and its off to bed I go.. b/c dizzygirl eyelids are SOOOOOOO heavy.. and my body is so pooped out!

thanks guys.. you are really help keep me going.. when nobody else "gets it" I know that i can log in here and enter my virtual potsy world!!! Wish that I could actually talk to some of you face to face though!!



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dizzygirl -

You are a true inspiration. This old-fart guy (me) sees a young gal like you pulling through with such spirit, and it makes me ashamed (in all the right ways) to feel blue over this stuff.

I sent a venting note yesterday to the board. But let me say that all of you are beams of light in this, at times, dark room of POTS.

And ultimately, every day that I can wake up and hear the voice of one I love - or such happiness that is in your post - that's a day worth living, isn't it?

Not so cranky anymore,


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I hope you are feeling even better now. Wow I feel bad for even posting my own post about my tachy episode, it looks like nothing compared to yours. I don't know if I would even be able to function. Hats off to you, you really are an inspiration, good spirits and right out there scooting around on wheels with all that going on. :wub:

Certainly gives me something to think about in relation to how things are not always as bleak as it appears or feels to be.

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Sit up, glad to hear you're feeling better. I read your post yesterday and I felt for you.

Dizzy, glad to hear you're getting some wheels and won't have to walk to the bus stop anymore! I don't know what to make of the BP. I've never had any wierd numbers (other than really, really low numbers). But you survived it, so I guess it isn't deadly :wub:

If you do find out what the BP means let us know, I know I'm curious to see what numbers like that are caused from.

- Lauren

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