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Inside body tremors?

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi folks----------------------- :o

Here I am struggling with another one of those inside body tremors----or hyper adrengic attacks-----but at the same time I am light headed & sleepy if that makes any sense. My belly is all blown up again also, and i'm having difficulty with slow bowels again----sorry for being blunt----- <_< It seems i'm light headed most of the time now.

The pressure on the back of my neck has increased---feels like it's being squeezed on the inside right on my spine, and swallowing is becoming more difficult. I notice that sometimes before these spells I get intensely weak, and have a difficult time getting my breath, like my wind pipe is closing off.

The weakness seems to start at the joints and spreads into the muscles. It is so intense that I feel on the verge of collapse. I won't take my heart rate when I get these as it only makes me more anxious. I have more of a fear of the fast HR then anything else that happens to my body---even though I should probably worry more about the other issues. I am so jittery it's not funny-------- :(

This all seemed to get worse after I had the implantable loop recorder. I just refuse to believe a minor procedure with only lidocaine injections could cause me to crash like this----maybe it was just the trigger. I did notice my symptoms were getting worse before the procedure---especially the upper spine and brain stem pressure. I called Dr. Heffez's office last week about getting the new hard cervical collar. I needed a child sized one due to my short neck. They orginally had me fitted with a adult small collar----but it does not fit right.

I thought this might help until I decide on the surgery Dr. Heffez said I need.

The numbness is increasing in my arms and legs---most prominantly starting at the joints and spreading out from there. I can pick up hot things out of the microwave oven. I discovered when I pulled my baked potato out today, which is rather convenient-------- ;)

Back to being serious----------all this is starting to scare me a bit. Just the fact that I get wiped out so easy. Not just tired---but my muscles get so weak I literally feel like I can't put one foot in front of the other. Again---we went to my favorite "Anderson's" store to pick out our new tub and tub surround that we direly need. It will be installed next week---yippi----. Anyway I was so wiped out just from the 1/2 hour it took to order it and set it up with the installers. It seems like i'm getting closer and closer to needing assistance with getting around. This will something very hard for me to accept. I feel like a congestive heart failure patient.

I go to the Cleveland Clinic this Friday.

Apparently they triaged me with a couple of the nurses according the appointment secretary. They did this to set me up by the importance or priority of my medical condition. This is how I was able to get into the Cleveland Clinic within three weeks.

I'm kind of glad I will be going sooner then later as the pain in my lower head is getting worse with a lot of sharp stabbing pain right near the base of my skull.

I can't see how the congenital cervical spinal stenosis/ and brain stem compression can cause all this. I have a feeling the POTS issues are separate, or I have some other neurological issue going on. I'm not one that likes to be a couch potato---but lately I have had no choice as just running a small errand will wipe me out. I'm sure this hot summer has not helped much.

Another thing I have noticed that I haven't before is that my fingers ache also, and now i'm forgetting how to spell the easiest words. Dictionary.com is always minimized in my computer. I'm changing the TV channels with the phone, and answering the phone with the remote control. I have tried to open the garage with the remote control to the TV also. I've never been one to watch the subtle signs your body gives to tell you something is wrong. Ken Davis the psychologist even tried to help me listen to my body. He had a heck of a time trying to explain that to me---then one day I GOT it to his delight--- ;) What a patient man.

I always feel guilty sitting around the house, but then when I do things I tend to over do it because I want to save my husband from doing the work after working all day.

Do any of you feel those nasty tremors----like your shaking or vibrating on the inside of your body?

Sorry this got long---but I need to get this off my chest........

Julie :0)

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Hi Julie..

sorry that you are feeling so cruddy.. that *****..

I wanted to mention that I too get the "shaking" from the inside out.. where I just shake uncontrollably.. I will do this when my body is under some kind of stress.. High HR.. pre..during..after syncope.. Low BP.. or if it is too hot for me or I stand too long..

Just a bunch of things that I have Noticed that are going on when I get the shakes.. there really isnt a whole lot that I have found that relieve this symptom.. you just kinda gotta ride it out.. when my body isnt so stressed.. the shaking subsiides..

laying down does help alittle too by the way..

I know not the most ideal answer..

I am glad that you have gotten into the cleveland clinic to be seen.. maybe they will be able to shed some light on to things and help you..

I hope that you start feeling better soon


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When my POTs was at its worst last summer I went through spells of shaking and tremors like you describe, but they usually passed in a couple of hours. About 5 or 6 years ago I went through a period of several months of having tremors almost every day, but then they dx'd me with celiac and I went gluten free and they finally went away altogether. Last summer when the POTS came on strong, they came back, but seemed to be a different variety than before.

It's truly an awful feeling, especially if you're having them for long periods of time. I am sending you gentle hugs and healing thoughts. Can you take a warm epsom salt bath? or does that increase your symptoms? The magnesium from the epsom salts can often have a calming effect.

Hopefully your cervical collar will give you some relief. Hang in there. :(

(P.S. I know what you mean about spelling. I hate that I forget some of the easiest words... and I majored in journalism! <_< )


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Sorry that you feeling so bad :P I have internal shakiness as well as external. The internal sometimes feels like a vibration. I have no idea why it happens. I wake up with it mostly and then during the day I guess I get used to it and do not notice it too much.

I've just about given up on finding what sets it off or any possible answers.

Hope you feel better soon :)

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Guest Julia59

Thanks for your answers and support everyone. :wub::)

I'm still struggling a bit, but today was better, and I was able to spend time with my family (family gathering) without crashing.......... :)

Still dealing with the usual pain, but the fatigue seems better today, but unfortunately still a bit jittery---and slight tremors. Maybe the Cerefolin is helping with the fatigue as yesterday was my third day on it. Today I didn't take it as I couldn't cut the pill directly in half without it crumbling into pieces. I have decided to take half in the morning and the other half in the evening. It seemed a little too much at once---so this should help. I went to Walgreens and got a pill cutter. I tested it, and it works great. Tomorrow I will take my next dose.

Unfortunately my numbness is getting worse in my legs and arms---especially in the joint areas---and the back of my hands. I'm just going to have to be extra careful with my neck until I get this all fixed----the collar should help.

Thanks again-------hugs to all of you-------- :)

I'm so tired, and my mascara is burning my eyes because they are watering so much------so I better go wash it off.

Julie :0)

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hi julie,

i get those tremors too, i sometimes have it where ikt is only my hands normally when i've not eaten but more and more i am gettin g it where my insides feelm like they are shaking, my mum gets this too thoughn and she doesn't have pots! sorry for the spelling, passed out this morning not feeling too good, all hormonal i'm sujre but of to the docs tommorrow just in case.

don't worry about answerig the phone with the remote, at times like these i'm not allolwed oujt on myg own cos i walked out in front of a car last tikme and then i put my han d in a cvery hot oven!

going back to bed now, can't type veryh well.

feel better soon

becks x x x

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I have had internal tremors but mine are directly related to my Lyme Disease so i am not sure if they are the same as yours...... Taking antibiotica have stopped or very much limited mine. They seem to resurface if I am having hydration issues.

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