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Just hanging on...


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Well folks, I did make it to work and grad school today, but I started my work day by breaking one of my toes and ripping off the toenail from another toe with a heavy steel door. Who knew you use your littlest toe that much when you walk??? Ouch. Ouch. and Double ouch. I feel like such a clutzy clutz. Teri just re-taped it and I'm icing my ugly little monster of a toe now.

I just wanted to check in and tell you all I'm trudging along, but am not able to reply to as many posts as I'd like. Not apologizing, just letting you know what's up.

I'm so happy that at the end of tomorrow brings a long weekend for me to lick my wounds and try to get ready to do it all over next week. I so much appreciate all of you and miss chatting as much as I usually do...

g'night for now... ClutzyMcClutzyMouse

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On Nina that really is an OUCHIE!! I am so sorry.. I do hope that your toe starts feling better soon!!

please take care!


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nina -

double ouch is right. how dare that door get in your way??? didn't it know you're already juggling enough??? geesh....some doors are so inconsiderate :)

it is amazing though how much those little toes have to do with walking though...i've had some stompings from horses who were a bit larger than i & my toes are hurting just thinking about it...i'm glad you have teri in residence though to tape you up and what not....

glad that your week is almost over & i'll hope tomorrow flies by for you uneventfully so your weekend can begin.

thanks for checking in with us. we miss you too but know you're here in spirit:-)(i'm currently on an every-other-day posting mode that corresponds directly with my classes...who knows what's going to happen - or not happen - once my field placement starts in 2 wks...)

hang in there and get those toesies feeling better soon.

:( melissa

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I'm here, but groggy. Ambien and pain meds on board, but my icepack wore off and I woke up. Just rewrapped my cranky foot with a fresh, cold pack and hope to be sleeping again shortly. Thanks for the sympathies. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is minor, but at the moment, it just stinks. I keep trying to put it in perspective--I'm safe, in my own home, with food and ac, unlike thousands in the South--and I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself. Can't help being cranky though. Pain will do that--and I'll admit to bumping up my pain meds by a dose (still within my doc's list of "normal" use). Again, bless my pain management doctor's heart. I owe him another hug. While I'm doling out hugs, YOu all get them too. Okay, drug induced rambly bits off now... hopefully, back to zzzzzzzzz

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Ohhhh Nina,

I can imagine the pain you must be in ouch, ouch. How on earth did you do that????? I'm so sorry for you. Hope you're sleeping now but I'm sure tomorrow will be a hard day for you! I think you might need to use your mighty mouse wings to fly instead of walk.

Wishing you the best Nina and hope your pain will be less soon!!!


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Ouch! Please rest it as much as possible.

My husband sprained his left ankle and BROKE a bone in his foot last Wednesday. All he did was step wrong on a piece of wood at a job site. It doesn't take much of a mis-step to hurt yourself. He's in a removable cast for the next 6-8 weeks. So, anyway, I know what you are going thru to some extent. It certainly slows you down--and HURTS!

take care,


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I don't even have a good story, like one of my kids with autism bit my toe...

Instead, I was just really stupid. I opened a heavy steel double door on my foot (was wearing sandals), ripped off my toenail on the middle toe and as I let go of the door and was about the scream from the missing toenail, the door swung back and broke my little toe. I hopped around and didn't even scream or cry because the preschoolers were getting off the bus and coming into the school. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up.

I am posting this with my foot wrapped in an "ace bandage" and an ice pack--and I have off tomorrow, so perhaps an extra day of rest will make life happier for my foot.

Night all... and thanks for the well wishes. Here's to my toe quieting down and letting me sleep.


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Guest Julia59

Ouch---I hate it when that happens--------------- B) Keep the ice on it when you can----that's about all you can do---except for taping it to the other, which you already have done.,

I tend to scream real loud when I hit my toes---it just comes out........But I have never broken my toe----so I guess all the people who live on my block are OK for now. It's always the bed post that gets my toes-----for some reason it tends to jump out at my feet when I get up at night---- :):lol:

Wishing your toes a quick recovery, and hoping you have a nice restful holiday weekend--------------- :)

Julie :0)

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Good thoughts your way MightyMouse!

When we don't have a toothache we seldom think .... Ahhh how wonderful it is that I don't have a toothache. And indeed how often do we stop and think --what joy my toes feel wonderful today. But then BANG we can't believe just how many nerve endings there ARE in one little toe.

Hope you feel better soon.


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