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Update on neice


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Saw my neice yesterday thought I'd share....

They transferred my neice to a hospital that specializes in therapy for people with multiple injuries.

She has had two surgeries now, at the moment she has a total of 54 plates, screws, and rods. These are basically in her right leg and knee. In her arm they had to implant a rod which connects to another rod on the outside of her arm. She is very self conscious about this device, but it is not a permanent thing.

They are thinking she may be in this center for approximately 8 weeks depending on how her progress goes. The rest of her body is badly bruised, cuts and scrapes.

Her son and baby are 100% ok. Thank god.

Because her injuries are on both sides of her body it is making progress very difficult. Right leg, left arm. She is trying very hard, therapy is intense. They start her off at 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. she gets an hour break for lunch starts back up at 12:00 goes to 4:30, dinner, then bath, visiting hour is 6-8 p.m. then group therapy is at 8:30 basically time to vent. She looks forward to this time. :P think I would too..

Please keep the prayers coming, they are so appreciated...

Thanks for listening



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thanks for the update. it sounds like there is a long road ahead but also that the news is encouraging...the fact that she is already in that much rehab (i'm tired just reading her schedule!) speaks volumes about how well she must be doing already. i'm not at all trying to minimize the seriousness of things, and am SO glad to hear that there's a support group built into the program, but it sounds like the care is good & that she's headed in the right direction. and of course it's so wonderfully amazing that the little ones escaped truly okay; i'm thankful for them & for everyone including their mom as i'm sure that recovery would be even tougher if she had to deal with knowing her kids were having to do the same. i'm hoping that if she hasn't been able to already she'll be able to have them visit soon. she and the family will of course continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Sue...Your niece is in my thoughts and prayers x

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Guest Julia59

Thank you for updating us.

It sounds like your neice will be OK after the long road of therapy. I'm so happy to hear that her son and Baby are doing well. ;)

Wishing you, your neice and her family well wishes and happiness.


Julie :0)

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