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OT: learning new things


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Emily (and everyone else who likes to join this), are you up to teaching me new idioms????

I read in your post about my doctor, that I should "give him a knuckle sandwich". I hope you didn't meant I had to punch him, did you :o ???

I asked my husband to copy me an enlarged map of the USA, which I will colour and write all you names in (from the map topic persephone started). It'll make me learn the States and show me where you all are. I'll put another one next to it of Europe. This will keep me busy for some time, don't you think?

Also, it will help me choosing a route for our trip to the USA (which we will make in 2008, when we're married for 25 years!!!). I'm already saving for that, because we planned to make this trip with the 4 of us, renting a camper and driving through the States, for about 4 weeks.

Corina :)

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Yes, you've gotten it right :) a knuckle sandwich is a punch (usually in the mouth). And yes, sometimes going to the doctor's office leaves one feeling the urge to deliver a knuckle sandwich.

I saw a cool bumper sticker today that might make you laugh:

If only those with closed minds could also have closed mouths.

;) Nina

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<<Also, it will help me choosing a route for our trip to the USA (which we will make in 2008, when we're married for 25 years!!!). I'm already saving for that, because we planned to make this trip with the 4 of us, renting a camper and driving through the States, for about 4 weeks.>>

What a wonderful adventure that will be, Corina! Hitting the big cities on the East and West Coasts is grand, but make sure you get to see some of the stuff in between. My personal favorite part of the U.S.A. is the Desert Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Utah, Nevada) - we have some amazing National Parks there (Zion, Bryce, etc.) with gorgeous red rocks and aqua blue skies that seem to go on forever. I will have to send you some digital pictures from one of my last trips there so you can see how amazing it is!

Of course, you'll have to visit us in the nation's capitol, too! There seem to be a lot of us on the board from in and around Washington, DC, so you will have some good tour guides!

Hope you are feeling well and staying away from those doctors who need "knuckle sandwiches!" :-)


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What a great project to work on as you have the energy. It *is* important to keep your mind active!

If your 2008 trip plans include a visit to Assateague Island on the coast of Maryland and Virginia, my family would be honored to have you all as guests! ;)

Here's a link


I agree with runnergirl regarding the southwest. It has a special place in my heart too--I've visited that area three times, and hope to take my daughter there within the next few years.

We have so many spectacular national parks all over our country (Assateague National Seashore is one of them).

Go to this page to find information on all of them:


Happy mapping and planning!


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I want to come visit you!!!!!! My very favorite book as a little girl was "Misty of Chincoteague". I used to dream of watching the wild horses on Assateague!


What a fun project. My husband and I will celebrate our 25 in the begining of 2009. We've dreamed of traveling to Europe! If you get as far as the Northwest you can see the beautiful Colombia Gorge, an active Volcanoe, lots and lots of green. The coast line is beautiful too. Let me know if you make it my way... and I'll let you know if we ever make it your way!


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Glad to have been of some help, Corina! When you're done learning where every state is, maybe you could teach me? Here is the extent of my feeble understaind of US geography:

alaska is in the north

texas the south

california the west

new york and washington the east.

THAT IS IT! :) And now I'm going to hide my face in shame so you can't all laugh at me!!!!! ;)

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persephone...most americans know less than you and corina know! so, don't worry! sorry, i might get in trouble for that one, but we don't score so hot on geography!

okay, corina...here goes...

i am so proud of this set of idioms i have come up with:

1. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

2. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

3. I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!

okay, that should keep you busy for a bit...while we are all sleeping here on america, you'll be pontificating on this stuff!

can you still sit in your garden???? I LOVE watching stuff grow! we have dahlias, and hostas, and vinca vines, and pansies, and impatiens, and foxglove, and gladiolas, and peonies, and irises, black-eyed susans and all kinds of stuff...i love watching them!

later alligator!


p.s. when you come to america, you could just visit all of us! you would have a cheap stay...we could all provide food and housing! ;) that is what i would love to do if i got healthy enough...go visit all of my friends all aroudn the country! i would be able to go so many places and see so many things and stay with friends!

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I love your chicken Idioms, I havent heard them in a while! It made me laugh!! :D

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Persephone and Corina,

Here's a challenge... Washington... there are two! D.C. is on the east coast as Persephone said... but, the state of Washington (where I live) is on the West Coast... This is often confused for many Americans :D so now you both know more!!!


PS: Corina, Portland, Oregon is known as the Rose city. I live just across the Columbia River from Portland. When you mark where Briarrose and I live you can mark us each with a rose! :) The famous Rose Festival has just begun and the Portland Rose Show is next Thursday. Don't know if I'll be able to enter any roses this year... we'll see how I feel this week. I'll let you know if I win anything.

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Hi guys,

thanks so much for all your suggestions!

Ernie, maybe we could make little cards: if only doctors treat us bad, we shake hands and give them a little card with the bumper sticker text!

RunnerGirl: I would LOVE to see the red rocks (which I only saw on television before) but also those enormous trees (have forgotten their names).

And Katherine: thank you so very much for your invitation. If there is a possibility I would love our families to meet! Maybe we can share some Dutch words!

Thank you so much for the links you put to it! The first one seemed like one of your pictures on DINET, am I correct?

I hope you guys don't think we are looking for cheap adresses (I know what's said about the Dutch :D ). But we're having this dream from the time that we visited Florida for our 12,5 years weddinganniversary. Our children were 5 and 1,5 and we rented a great house with swimmingpoole (which is not a common thing for us to have because of our climat) in Kissimee, Orlando. We rented a car and saw the most of Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Daytona, Naples (I remember the sponges) and lots of other places. We didn't go to Miami or the Everglades because we thought Miami might be too dangerous and the Everglades too humid (my husband and our youngest son have Asthma). We had such a great time that we decided to come back to the states for our 25 year weddinganniversary!

Emily, is it Easter in your place????? :) Just kidding! We have the third one as well. I'll be thinking of the other two today!

Roselover, I hope you will be able to visit the Rose Show. It's such a pleasure to see these beautiful flowers. Thanks for your "rose" suggestion! B.t.w. I cought your rose this week, thanks so much for it!

I'm very much enjoying this topic, as making my map. Sorry to be long again. I'm starting to look like Emily!!!

Oh, and if anyone is coming to Europe: you'll be more than welcome at my house. In Dutch we say: welkom. That's easy, isn't it???

Have a nice weekend,


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The red rocks you are referring to is Sedona--in Arizona--just north of Arizona's capital, Phoenix. It is an incredibly beautiful place. One of my sisters got married there. The enormous trees--you may be thinking of California--the redwoods--which is not in the southwest--but on the coast of California. Joshua Tree National Park is also in California--in the southwest--if those are the trees you are thinking of? That is another spectacular place. It would "knock your socks off"--there's another idiom that you may have heard?!

Here's a link to more info about the California redwoods, corina:


Of course you are welcome for the invitation. I would love to have your family here, and hope you will be well enough for travel by 2008. No, I do not think you are seeking a cheap travel plan! But, I do agree with Emily, that seeing any place in the world through the eyes of local people is the BEST way to really understand and experience the place. Visiting friends, therefore, is a wonderful way to see the world.

Regarding the photos on the link--one of my photos on faces of DINET was taken in a marsh on the Chincoteague Bay, very near the national park.

Roselover, and Emily--you are also most *welkom* to visit of course! Assateague and Chincoteague do have a special allure--very worth a visit.

Speaking of *horses*, here are a few more idioms for you, corina.

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". If you are given a gift, don't evaluate its value.

"Change horses in midstream". George Bush recommended that he be re-elected rather than do this. [this is an example, not to be political! :D ]

Can you figure out any of these?!

"beating a dead horse"

"dark horse" (this often has a political context)

"eat like a horse"

"get on one's high horse"

"hold your horses"

"horsing around"

"horse of a different color"

"put the cart before the horse"

Tell us some of your idioms too, for our brain exercise! :)


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you rock!!! those are great idioms. i am glad you chipped in b/c i was afraid i might run out! corina is going to go nuts when she sees all of those! she will be busy for a while! we sure are keeping her out of trouble! :)

hey, if i do feel better, i will come visit for sure and meet you and your sweetie pie daughter! that would be a joy. i have always wanted to visit those areas...the water is always healing too!

off for my nap!


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Corina, if you want to see Texas, come on over, we have plenty of room for the whole family and we would be delighted!! But, if you want to enjoy yourself, don't come in the summer months, or like me, you may have to spend the entire day in the house with the A/C cranked up high.

My husband and I are hopeful we can return to Europe sometime in the next few years. I had to leave my job Geneva, Switzerland abruptly when I got so sick and was never able to return so that is one of our stops, plus France, England and Scotland so maybe we could drop by and say HI!

Isn't it funny how we all like to cross the "pond" for our special vacations?!

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i'm in the heartland, Sioux Falls South Dakota,( southeast corner) and the best thing around here are the county shops and hunting, on the other side of the state are the Black Hills with the Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorals. all fun to visit and quiet places to be found all over.


ps just a not on the docs, i found this while diggin thru some papers from college

stress: the confusion created when ones mind tries to override the bodies basic desire to choke the sh__ out of some ass____ who desprately needs it.

and another one

i refuse to explane myself, my friends understand and the rest of you wouldn't believe me anyway.

and of course,


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yes, I figured out: change horses in midstream. I bet G.W.B. didn't want that to happen!!!

We have Put the cart before the horse, and eat like a horse as well.

But "beating a dead horse" made me feel so sorry for the horse :angry: . I really couldn't figure out that one, so I would love to hear what that is about.

I tried Emily's number 2 about all the eggs in one basket, and I think that means that you have to spread your risc? Is this correct Emily?

Thanks for all the great links, Katherine, I looked at all of them and wish we could go this year! They really looked great and give a lot of information. They also have information for wheelchair users, so that's really good. I will certainly use them when we make definite plans!

To be honest, I would LOVE to meet all of you driving through the country, but I don't think we can do that. I hope to be able to meet some of you! It is so amazing that POTS gave us such a strong bond (at least that's how I feel it).

Oh and Emily, today I have found a new name for us. We all have soooo much trouble having POTS because there is still so much unknown about it, that I thought we all are POTS-pioneers. I like the word, don't you? :) (it is because I wrote to Morgan about liking The Little house series so much).

Long again, but still loving this topic because I sometimes want to keep my mind off my disease!

It's time to hit the hay, since it's 11 PM already!!!! (thank you so much for this one Emily!!!)


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Corina, "beating a dead horse" is an idiom about futility. Beating it won't make it move...

My best friend, Lillian, who just moved back to Greece, used to masacre many idioms. Some of my favorite mess ups:

If I could just be a fly in your pocket (supposed to be "fly on the wall"--meaning having an extra set of ears to hear secrets without being noticed)

I should feel him up on that issue (supposed to be "feel him out"--meaning to check and see what someone's opinion is)

We had a running list for a while, but gave up because there were so many. There were some funnier ones, but not for sharing in this venue. Suffice it to say that many of us often ended up laughing so hard we couldn't speak, and then laughed harder when we tried to explain the idiomatic error.


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