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I did it! Got on the plane and WENT!

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Hi everyone,

just thought I'd let \you know that further to my very strange couple of days of high blood pressure and erratic pulse last week, I decided when I woke up on Saturday that the best thing to do was go to St Andrews and see all my friends.

Man, it was worth it! I've never fitted so much into so short a time--I didn't waste a moment. And the nearer I got to St Andrews, the better I felt- I haven't been so active since before I got the flu and my POTS kicked in real bad in October.

It was SO good to see everyone again--and the sun was shining. We had a garden party and a picnic, and we all drank champagne to toast my degree being finished at LAST! It felt GREAT! I must have seen over forty friends, and I even managed to pop into th eDepartment and see my favourite lecturers--I totally surprised them, as they didn't know I was coming! :)

We painted my walking stick all the colours of the rainbow, and one of my friends took it upon themselves to write "Persephone is a sex goddess" in massive letters--atleast people will know who the walking stick belongs to if I leave it anywhere?!?!

I'm so glad that I got a chance to say goodbye to people--it was all too abrupt when I got out of the hospital in March and my mum just wanted to take me home right away. :lol:

Saying that, although I've had a fantastic couple of days up there, I do miss the life I had. :o:(

And the flight back home-oh my god, I felt horrendous! As the plain took off my heart was beating so heavily- dunno if anyone else gets this- not so much fast as with a lot more pressure. It was almost painful. Hmmm.

But I'm home now. and SO SO glad that I went, and didn't stay at home regretting not going, instead. :blink:

Thanks for all your support when it was bad last week. I'm sure I wiull pay for my sins later this week, but its worth it for the beautiful time I had up there. I feel alive again! :D

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Persephone, I am glad you went and had a great time. I don't know that I would have had the courage to, especially after all of the blood pressure problems you experienced, but you did and it's something you'll always remember. You're right, life is short, and so much of our lives are given to this awful condition. It's awesome when sometimes you can just spit in its eye and do what you want anyway. Yes, you'll pay for it later, but what a freeing feeling while it's going on!

You deserved to celebrate, and I'm so glad you did. Keep us posted on your bp progress.

Oh, yes, I've had the heavy, hard beats without them being fast. It's like my vasovagal is kicking in or something, trying to keep me under control, or maybe it's my heart medicine keeping the tach at bay but the hard beats still come. It passes soon, though.

Thanks for sharing your news. You sound so much more upbeat. Good for you!!


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I'm so happy for you Persophone!! Your right, life is too short, and you have to grab every moment you can....

If I decline an invitation or feel I am "too Sick" to do something I was truly looking forward to, the sadness of not doing it takes over any problems that actually going would have done to me.

We have to remember its not just our physical bodies, but our spirit that needs to be healed. With that comes health. I have to say no matter how bad I feel, if I decide to go, I always end up feeling better than if I stayed home wallowing.

Take it easy this week, rest up and be happy that you made it!! Also dont beat yourself up if you have some "recovery" days...... :)

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Wow Persephone - it sounds like a wonderful reunion. I sometimes feel like I'm reading Bridget Jones' diary when I read your posts! :) I'm glad you made the trip. Hopefully it didn't tire you out too much. Sometimes good friends, laughter and sunshine are truly the best medicine. You're a brave and ambitious girl. I'm sure seeing everyone again during a period of well-being, instead of feeling sick, was really good for you and them. Take care.


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Oh, I am so glad you went!!! Those are memories you will always treasure. In fact, if a pots hole hits, you'll just have to siit there and replay all the fun you had... like watching a movie in your mind... and remind yourself that it was worth it.

However, I hope you DON'T have a pots hole now. That would be even greater!!!!


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Good for you for refilling your spirit! Isn't it nice how being around those you love and care about can be better than any pill or medicine? Brilliant! :rolleyes:

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