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Crashing fast and hard

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Hello all,

Its been a while since I lasted posted.

I need to vent!

About a week and a half ago, I woke up with terrible chest and nasal congestion. I thought oh great I am getting cold! Well I got some over the counter stuff, that Coricedine HBP, and it didnt help, so like 4 days later I felt so horrible, that I went to the ER to get some antiobiotics. They said that I had ear infections in both ears and that I had an upper respitory infection.

I'm like ok, so I took the antibiotic and it didnt touch it.

I wake up the next morning and I can barley move my body ached so much!! and I was running a fever, and it just wasnt cool.

Well to make matters worse, I had to travel to PITtsburgh to see a neurologist, I didnt want to wait any longer for another appointment, so I pushed myself and went down there. I took the bus, it was a horrible 4 hour ride.

So I spent 3 days in Pittsburgh, getting evaluated and having test done, and I made the trip back home, I just kept getting worse.

Well low and behold, I had a pots crash! Big surpirse huh?

I went to the doctor today to get on a stronger antibiotic, and the doctor tells me that I have pneumonia. And that my throat and ears are badly infected.

Now today has been an especially rough day, with being so sick the past week and a half, my pots has been acting up more then usual.

I am sure that it is the extra stress that my body is under.

But my lord I feel so poorly!! All I want to do is sleep!, thats is all I did sunday was sleep.

I am trying very hard to keep fluids in my body, its hurt a whole lot to swallow, I am afraid that I may be dehydrated, I have also been throwing up too. :(

I have a feeling that my next step is going to be getting an IV of fluids. I think that that will help me feel better.

Now I have one more question for you all, I am scheduled for a QSART (sweat test) in the morning. How do they know if you are sweating properly from this test?

I am curious.

I go back to see the neurologist on June 1st, and hopefully then I will have some answers as to weather or not something else is going on or if the POTS is just getting worse.

I know that this may sound weird, but if there is somehting else going on I hope that it is somehting that they can treat, and not my pots getting worse.

well folks I am running out of words for now thank you for listening to me ramble on and on.


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Linda, I am soooo sorry you are feeling so poorly! :( Here's a get well hug for you! :) I'm worried that you may be dehydrated, especially with not being able to keep down anything with the vomiting, and on top of that, not wanting to drink fluids because of the throat pain. It may be best for you to be on IV. I know it's a pain, but I think it may be the best thing for you right now. Keep us posted, and don't wait too long to get additional help with your condition! Pneumonia is nothing to mess with!!

About the sweat test. The way the Cleveland Clinic did mine was, they put these electrodes on four places on my left leg: my foot, two on my lower leg and one on my thigh (?) I'm not sure about that fourth one. Anyway, they then ran current through them--it stung a bit--and my leg began to sweat. The patches on my leg monitored the amount of sweat and sent a reading to a computer to evaluate. Apparently, under such conditionns, you should sweat so much, and that amount will then be analyzed by the equipment. Some people are covered in powder and put in a box to sweat. You should turn purple where you're sweating, then this is evaluated. I think I would rather be stung than put in a box!! :D

Good luck tomorrow, Linda. And, please take care of yourself. With your POTS, you cannot get dehydrated. That will make you feel so much worse. Please let us know how you're doing.


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You need to recover from pneumonia before you do anything else. That's serious business. I've had pneumonia several times...the last time I ended up spending a week in the hospital on IV antibiotics because I didn't listen to my doctor, and I tried to keep doing things despite being told to stay in bed (or the couch). REST. (or learn a harder lesson next).

Nina :) being slightly motherly, so forgive me.

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Hi everyone.

thank you all for your support!! It means so much.

Well I had a really rough day today, I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

I did reschedule my sweat test for next week, I should hopefully be feeling better by then.

I am pumping the fluids in as much as I can, I can swallow some today. YIPPEE!

Well I am going to go vegg out on the couch and take a nap.

thank you all again!


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Wow Linda,,hope you get better very soon. Glad to hear you rescheduled your test..and yeah!! to being able to swallow..I hate that feeling when you it hurts so much to swallow. Sleep and fluids the best you can do to help get over this. Would not be any wonder that the pots is acting up.


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Guest Julia59

I'm glad you scheduled the test for next week. I have never had pneumonia, but have come close, and all who posted here have given you some good advice, you really could make yourself much worse. This virus is really giving you quite a time isn't it?

I'm thinking healing thoughts for you to get over this as soon as possible. Perhaps some IV fluids would help you build your strength to fight this thing.

Wishing you well,

Julie :0)

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