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Getting stronger slowly

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

The recent talk about weight, scales and body fat by Merrill and the ongoing nutritional support and suggestions of Gena motivated me to drag my fat caboose onto my floor mat and do leg lifts! In fact when I suggested to someone else to do sitting on the floor walking exercises...I thought "I better practice what I say!".

I hate to admit it...it is working! Afterall, the floor is cold and eating all those cookies was yummy! I actually have started to feel like doing more! I went from 27% body fat to 23% body fat!

So, even though I am still dealing with bladder issues, and today I do my annual cardio tests, and even in spite of my funkities, I have improved.

Hey if I can do this, you can too!

join me in recharging our bodies with better choices! I still eat cookies, just a few dozen less of them a week! :rolleyes:

with stronger hugs, tearose

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That's great that some exercise seems to be helping you! I found the same thing. Started out slowly--with floor exercises, and eventually got back to brisk walking and more vigorous yoga. I have to admit that I don't do it everyday due to being back at work 3-4 days a week (on those days I try to make up for it by using the stairs at work, since I work on the 3rd floor).

For moms of young children out there--there are some nice yoga for kids videos available. My daughter and I enjoy doing these exercises together.

I think you're allowed a few cookies! :P

Congratulations and hope you are able to keep it up and keep getting stronger!


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Hey, tea, you're on the cusp of underfat and normal! (I always knew you were on the cutting edge of ... something. :o ) Listen, that's just great. Mazel tov! Congrats on getting off your butt--or on it--and motivating the rest of us to do the same. (I wish I had some cookies to celebrate with you but it's better that I don't -- I'm on the cusp of normal and overfat and I don't want to head any more in that direction...)

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Gena, there are exercise videos specifically for people with MS, cancer, osteoporosis etc so why not dysautonomia????

Tearose, I, too am inspired by your messages but so far the cookies/sweets discussion is winning over exercises (LOL).....last night after reading messages, I ate 2 pieces of chocolate candy and I NEVER eat sweets!!!!

I think we will need to put a warning on messages -- warning, severe cravings for cookies may result as a result of reading this message. (just kidding in case it isn't clear!)

I start my yoga classes again in 2 weeks....I like to think I have been on my winter break. I do much better going to a class than getting an exercise done at home so I applaud all of you who can put in a video and do your workouts.

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Guest tearose

(geneva, supplements besides cookies? :o )

Okay, For all you inquiring minds, I'll get serious now.

This is what I have been doing slowly since my big setback in December.

I allow for fatigue, family needs, and off days. (Okay, I even had an off week!)

the tearose plan to a (more) slender caboose by May.

(or at least fitting back into one of my six pair of jeans!)

...oh, let's make it sound official and do the disclaimer...

I use a heart monitor so I always know what my limits are.

I also always wear compression garments.

I suggest you check with your doctor before starting or changing your diet or activity...

First, the vitamins and supplements

one daily multivitamin (Centrum)

two calcium plus vitamin D ( 600mg calcium 200iU vit D per tablet)

two Omega 3 softgels (180 mg EPA 120 mg DHA)

Second, the exercise and food plan:

5-6am real coffee, milk and splenda or real sugar

small yogurt or a piece of cheese or scrambled egg (optional toast or crackers or muffin)

8am floor exercise time:leg lifts, arm stretches and most fun, scooting on the floor kinda walking on my butt forward and back

tons of water

10am tea

Oatmeal with added oat bran

(I always, always have this)

12ish tuna/ green salad or chicken/protein and vegetables

any pasta or bread of my desire

any beverage

1ish If I can, I get onto the treadmill and watch TV for one hour...or I lay down on the floor (mat or towel or rug) and try to move some part of my body and watch TV.

2ish Last Chance for Obnoxious Carbs for the day...One two or okay, I'm being honest no more than 3 cookie(s) or some chips or a healthy bar or some dried fruit... No starch or pasta after this for the rest of the evening! I'M SERIOUS!

4ish water, water, water

fresh fruit as needed

dinner Soup or broth

meat or fish protein or beans


if needed canned or fresh fruit

I don't have the exact start date but when Merrill was talking about her new scale I decided to rededicate some energy to being a bit more loving to me and do what I know deep inside I "should" try a bit harder to do. I don't know why we put off what really helps us...I guess it always seems harder and bigger than life after coming out of a virus, cold or up from the depth of the potshole...

Anyway, since that topic I've gone down from a high of 28% body fat to now, 23% body fat and I've started feeling a tiny bit more endurance during my day.

I've learned a lot from Gena, who often gives us so much valuable nutritional information!

So, my motivations are: feeling better, fitting into my clothes better and a yet undecided trip away for a weekend. Too bad the DINET spa only exists in our imaginations. If anyone wants to suggest a summer meeting place for all those working on the "improved caboose plan" count me in.

take care and tell me what you're up to!

in friendship, tearose

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Tearose, thanks for being so generous and sharing your plan with all of us. Clearly you put a lot of thought into what you want to do...very impressive. I was shocked/thrilled to see that you can do an hour on the treadmill..really, that is a long time. Considering your visit in the potshole not that long ago I am really pleased for you. Makes me think I need to get back up and DO something! I am one of the fortunate ones who doesn't have to worry about weight but I need to get my endurance back up there.

I hope you come up with somewhere nice to go for your weekend. A little travel is my personal goal for this year but to do so requires me to build up some endurance for the car ride so I don't collapse on arrival.

Anyway, tearose, keep up the good work! 28% down to 23% in a relatively short time is WONDERFUL!

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Guest tearose

What is interesting is that I wasn't totally sedentary before. I guess I just wasn't working hard enough till I made it more a routine.

I never thought of myself as "de-conditioned"! Maybe "not as active as I could be" but NEVER de-conditioned! (It is drilled into us, POTS people are not allowed to get de-conditioned!!!)

About the treadmill. I don't always make the full hour but it is a goal, and I don't care about my speed. I find as long as I am distracted with the TV I will train myself slowly to endure the standing position first and then increase speed in the future.

I am finding that movement in the standing position is easier than being still in the standing position.

good luck with your goals ya all, tearose

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I am finding that movement in the standing position is easier than being still in the standing position.

You are so right!

I'm so proud of you for starting an exercise program. It is so helpful. I've been on my own little exercise program for about 2 years or so. I mark everything that I do down on a special exercise calendar and I keep every year's calendar. It's amazing to see the improvement. Now, the little spaces for each day are getting very full. :blink: I started out with all strength-training stuff and now I do that every day and the treadmill about 4 times per week.

Exercise helps sooo much! I was homebound for 2.5 years and now I'm attending college. Last semester I took 6 credits and this semester I'm taking 9 credits on-campus and 3 online. In the fall semester, I'm planning on transferring so that I can live on-campus and attend on-campus full-time. Yay! The exercise has helped tremendously, but nutrition is what truly gave me my life back.

Anyway...I just wanted to say I'm with you and I'm proud of you! :o



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Guest tearose

That encouragement is great Kristin!

I think POTS people are found to benefit from resistance training I hope to work my way there eventually. I figured I'd start lifting books and work my way up to a light weight. Is that what you meant by the strength- training you are now doing? Any suggestions?

I'm trying to turn the last 5% of my current body fat into muscle or at least loose it.

thanks, tearose

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Dear Tearose,

Thank you so much for sharing. This thread has inspired me. I have been reading about "walking meditation" for many months now and always thought -- that's good but not for me. But if I start VERY SLOW, just around my tiny cul-d'sac, then maybe I can begin to introduce some movement into my healing journey as well.

It is SO good to hear you are feeling a bit better. It sounds like you are at least enjoying the adventure.

Good thoughts and gentle hugs your way.


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i have started just walking up and down my driveway. still dizzy and heart pounding, but doing it anyway. i have a friend to boost me along.(ks) and i can't let her down.

i have possibly found a husband/wife tag team of docs that understand dysautonomia, thru a referal by a local parish nurse. if so, my gp is so "outa here!" :D

the neurontin has been wonderful. though still some pain in my neck, i've begun to add on to my daily regium and thou sore and more tired, i'm still trying. :blink::huh::P

keep it up all,


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It is good to see so many getting motivated!

Sunday, I dusted off my recumbent bike and rode for 10 minutes!

Today, I decided to walk to the end of my driveway. I was alarmed when I heard and saw our neighborhood hawk let out a warning cry to his mate who came rushing back to what must be a nest. So, now I must brave the wildlife to take a walk!! Tearose and Merrill, do I get an extra cookie for exercising in hazardous conditions????

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Guest tearose

wow, everyone has such a great attitude! Everyone is helping each other!

I had blood tests done this morning so I wasn't going to exercise, but when I saw everyone was trying to do something, I decided to lay on the floor and do some leg lifts. I even did ten jumping jacks!!! I don't remember the last time I jumped and here I was with my arms a flailin' legs a flailin'...it was funny and fun. I just don't consider bouncing my body around like those step aerobic folks but you would have laughed to see me just twenty minutes ago! I was like a little windmill. I managed ten and then my monitor beeped. I bet in time I could do more. It was fun while it lasted! I put the wind in windmill! (yeah, that was a bad joke)

I think we really ought to come up with goals...like do your personal best and reward yourself with a -------.

Fill in the blank.

I want to treat myself to a new pair of jeans!

take care, tearose

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I figured I'd start lifting books and work my way up to a light weight.  Is that what you meant by the strength- training you are now doing?  Any suggestions?

I lift 5-lb weights and target the muscles in my arms and back. I don't do any more than 5-lbs because I don't want to look like a bodybuilder! :)

For my legs and butt---I do different exercises, one of them is squats (without any weights).

For my abs--crunches. Crunches are easier to do if you have an exercise ball that you lean against. If you use that, then it is not such a strain on your neck.

Other than that, I walk on the treadmill. Our treadmill came with 2-lb weights and sometimes I hold onto those to get a better workout.

So...that's what I do! :lol:


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Tearose, I am sure you will make those new jeans and thanks for starting this thread. It is so true that when we see someone else who is trying some exercise, even modest amounts, it motivates us to get moving, doesn't it? It is also nice to have Kristin as one of our official been-there-done-that cheerleaders! My personal goal is to build up endurance so I can enjoy my first real vacation in almost 5 years this summer!!

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Guest tearose

Just wanted to check in with all of you and see how it's going.

Thanks for the encouragement Katherine, Angela, Gena and Kristin!

You all are role models for being constant with you exercising!

avais, so did you give it a whirl? I'll whirl with you! What is your goal? Come on, Spring is round the corner, you are not alone!

Earth Mother, were you able to walk out to your cul-d'sac? I live on a tiny one too! I'm at 11 o'clock on the cul-d'sac. Where are you? Meditative walking sounds purposeful...I like that! Let me know when you start. Oh, will you walk clockwise or counterclockwise?

blackwolf, how are you managing on your driveway route? Is it on an incline or is it a straight walk? Is the weather cooperating so you can go out more now?

Geneva you are also doing the driveway route! And you even dusted off your bike? Wow, that counts as doing some housework! I hadn't realized this was a goal of yours. I am happy for you too! I don't think a cookie is out of line but remember to use moderation!

I want to say how happy and proud of all of you I am! I am honored to be part of this determined group! Now let's try really hard to keep up with what we have started. It will probably get hard as life challenges creep in. I will surely need your continued help and you can count on mine!

anyone else out there want to join us?

take care, tearose

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