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Kidney Problems


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Hey guys, I have been busy with work but I have been having some trouble with my left kidney. I saw a doctor and she says it isnt an infection and probably isn't stones.

I have pain near or around my kidney and abdominal pain most of the time so they are doing an ultrasound tomorrow. I won't know the results until next week but I am pretty nervous. I have a history of Kidney cancer in the family.

I will let you know how it goes when I get the results. I am hoping that since I have no other symptoms but pain, it is a stone and not something worse.

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So sorry that you have to deal with this. My kidneys have shut down 3x in 6 mos. Remember if this helps, they will do the ultrasound, but if they find anything disturbing they will call you doc right away. blessings Miriam

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So glad that thus far it's looking OK. It is so hard when you have a family history of something like that ... hard to get it out of your head, I imagine.

Hope everything goes well and that the pain goes away soon. You and your brother weren't out togethe droing some new sport or activity recently, were you? Sometimes muscle pain can masquerade in odd ways.


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Well not sure if this has anything to do with your problem. But my 15 yr. old daughter was just diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and when I told my neuroligist that they we're checking her for this he said that it would all make sense and fall into place with my having pots and ncs. Not sure why I have not talk to him since her results. Her dr. had my husband and I do the kidney ultrasound but found nothing. What is really weird is all of a sudden now my blood pressure is going way up just like my daughters does. They say that the pkd does not show up till like 40's and I am 41 I have to wonder are the cyst just not showing but I can't have a MRI with my pacemaker oh what else can be wrong. :rolleyes:

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Hey Timbo,

I was just checking to see if you got your ultrasound results on your kidneys? I hope everything is okay.

I've been having pain in my left kidney off and on for several months and I'm thinking about going to the urologist to request an ultrasound too.

Hope your're doing okay. Let us know how things went when you're up to it.

Take care,


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